December 10, 2010

My Christmas Wish This Year: A Nokia C7

I am just simply amazed how technology has fared nowadays. A lot of remarkable items are circulating around the market and I could only stare at them in awe on how significantly they render all the conveniences to consumers.

With every new technology introduced, it is such a delight to learn they have a number of impressive features - - although it may come to a point when we get confused already which one deserves the most praise. Anyway, as far as features are concerned, I am quite keen on the camera and the data. A camera is very useful for capturing moments especially when you least expect them and a handy cellphone with an 8 mega pixel camera and high definition video could very well do that job. Likewise, I also go for gadgets that are capable of 3G and Wifi connectivity. That way, I could check on my emails and other internet related matters anywhere very conveniently. Remarkable entertainment features like Web TV, DivX players and much more certainly add flavor to my overall kind of menu. I found all these features on the new Nokia C7, which was recently launched few months back. It also has a full-touch glass display, something that I have not used yet and is therefore a must have for me.

Unfortunately, I was not born with a gold spoon in my mouth and have to work my way to acquire such a very exquisite phone. Budget has been tight as well as most of our monetary inflows went to our daily expenses for the kids and new home. This Christmas season, all I could do is wish for a heavenly intervention and that before I know it, this amazing product is already within my grasp. I couldn't ask for a more astounding phone!

Have a blessed Christmas to everyone!

November 25, 2010

Uh-Oh, White Hairs

I have lots of white hair. There may be a huge quantity of factors leading to this kind of state but there is only one thing I am sure why I have them - - hereditary. Most of my relatives on my father's side have white hairs. Not that they are very old, but even my cousins who are still young have them already.

I can no longer fight off what's hereditary and so my best remedy for this dilemma is hair dye. I personally suggested to myself that it is ideal to have a regular dye at least every quarter of the year. As much as I wanted to implement this hearty suggestion of mine, I am sorry to admit that I have been failing immensely in this area - due to a number of reasons (procrastination, budget or busy schedule). But maybe if I could have a loreal professional do it for me, then I guess I could have it done on a semestral basis only. Time and money is practically saved then!

One thing I really do hate about my physical self is my hair. It tends to get messy easily, even just the slightest gush of wind. I know I have to make an effort to make it healthy-looking.

November 23, 2010

On Web Hosts And Opportunities

This may have been on for long, but I just have noticed recently that most blog opportunities go for blogs having their own web host. Free hosted blogs like this one has very limited number of opportunities received nowadays. Of course, I don't have the right to complain because it is the advertiser's prerogative to choose which blogs they wanted their links on. If I were in their shoes, I would also simply go for blogs with high page ranks and own hosts as well.

Anyway, a number of opportunities still prop up once in a while for this blog, to which I am still thankful. The monetary values I received were no longer as high as before but at least they were not gone. That is what's significant, and still worth this blog to keep.

It has been three years since I created this blog and during those years, it has been my great solace online. I am grateful for the great things it has derived for me, like friends gained, income generated and insights gathered. There is just one thing though that I felt I should have done from the beginning, and that is to have its own domain and web host. There sure are a lot of budget host providers which I just have to scout for.

I guess it is still not late then . . .

November 15, 2010

Raining Cold and Christmas

As I am writing this post, rain is pouring hard outside. The sky is gloomy and I could not see a trace of the sun's mighty rays or any indication whatsoever that it will come out later today. The weather is so cold, which I am loving it.

The cold rain is a clear reminder for me that Christmas is not too far away and will come knocking our doors in no time. I have been looking forward for this kind of weather so I could cozy up in our room, face to face with the laptop with a brewing hot cup of coffee on the side and a pack of Cheetos perhaps. I would be listening to Glee's Christmas album on the background which I enjoy very much while maybe doing some Christmas shopping online at

Well, I expect this cold weather to linger on for months. How would you spend it then?

November 10, 2010

Bathrooms In Style

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I am very certain that most of us really do want to have the most comfortable toilet and bathroom in our homes. The most personal things we do are done inside this four-walled portion and it is just imperative that we do it on the most convenient way.

If I could only have it my way, I wanted a toilet and bath room that is modern and stylish at the same time, aside from being clean and fresh. It may cost me much amount of money but I know it will be worth it since all the conveniences in the world go with it. Especially for hubby who often reads inside the toilet, I also wanted it to be conducive too.

Since our home is still new, having the wonderful bathroom that I wished for is still far off the priority. But if we are to realize it right now, we would surely grab those sophisticated suites from and put them in place in our home. I could really make a show off to friends with their great and wonderful designs. And what made them more of a steal is the fact that they are affordable with the great discounts and sales offered.

Well, if you think you are in need of a new and stylish bathroom suite, then please head on to and be amazed at their great products that suit your budget.

November 5, 2010

New Couch

We need a new couch.

I pity the one we have right now because some portions of it were already torn, courtesy of my two sons who always jump, stomp, glide and run through it. It is another hand-me-down item I got from my parents since they bought another set for their living room. It still looked very neat and great when we have it transferred to our new home though, but now rips and tears were already visible.

I will still try to save it, there are a number of furniture shops out there who offered repair and upholstery services, otherwise we will get a new one. Those rips and tears were clear indication that a new western furniture should be in place at our living room this time. This therefore calls for another money-saving endeavor, and with bonuses coming forth in the next days, maybe this will be quite possible at all.

Oh well, I'm keeping my hopes up. This couch replacement surely is included in my wish list for Christmas.

October 27, 2010

Entrecard And Blogging

I have been blogging for three years already. The nice thing about blogging is that I get to express my emotions, thoughts and insights about things, and everything about the world we live in. I am not a very outspoken person and therefore I express things through writing.

I could not believe years have already passed and I am still into this. This endeavor started out only as my personal outlet on my fancies and fascinations, now I am happy to note that this blog has earned me already a lot, in monetary and social terms. I have not counted the financial inflow this blog has brought, but I could say it was already considerable (for me). I have gained a lot of acquaintances too through this blog and that is something important which I hold dear.

One thing that helped this blog reach out to the rest of the blogosphere is the Entrecard. It's been years since I signed up and I am reaping good results. I have to admit that most of the visits here could be attributed to Entrecard. They brought great traffic to this blog through returning my drops or clicking on my adverts. What is nice about Entrecard as well is that they serve as a venue for easy browsing of blogs. I get to read other interesting posts and enjoyed it a lot, aside from dropping. Moreover, I also came to know a lot of other great bloggers. And now, they are giving out credit to anyone who joins their contest!

Anyway, I am grateful for the things Entrecard has done for my blog, to which I am hopeful that they will continue indefinitely.

October 23, 2010

Healthy Teeth And Smarter Kids, Is There A Link?

by Dr. J. Saladin

Pediatric Dentist

As you likely already know, our Greater Sacramento public schools have responsibly informed parents of groundbreaking legislation effective since 2006 which requires children entering public school in either kindergarten or first grade to present proof of having obtained an oral health assessment. So why is the law so concerned about our local schools? Well, this new legislature is actually a national policy. Nationally, over 51 million school hours are missed annually to dental disease, the most widespread chronic childhood disease. Only prevention, as this policy promotes, can help keep our children healthy and help keep them in our schools. As a local pediatric dentist specializing in children’s oral and dental health, every little thing counts towards a child’s overall well being. Therefore, in the spirit of prevention, I would like to contribute a little education to help parents understand the importance of baby teeth.

Many people ask me, why are baby teeth so important if they are all going to fall out regardless? The notion that our own legislature feels so strongly about children’s oral health has much to do with the cost associated with the complications that arise do to dental neglect. The costs are not only fiscal but also social. These complications reach far into a person’s lifetime, effecting learning, speech, physical growth and self esteem. This domino effect of complications is clearly understood by dental professionals, especially those who have specialized in pediatrics. Yet, our public may be less informed of these issues. The personal effects on a child can be briefly addressed below:


Baby teeth are an important component in maintaining the space for permanent teeth to erupt normally. Premature loss of baby teeth due to cavities can yield detrimental effects on the growth and development of a child’s face and profile development.


A healthy mouth is important towards maintaining a healthy diet. It’s common to see children who suffer from chronic untreated dental cavities also suffer from malnutrition. Children simply can’t chew food if they suffer from premature loss of teeth, chronic infections or chronic pain. This has a long lasting impact on how a child physically develops through adulthood.


Premature loss of teeth can lead to poor speech development because certain teeth may be missing that aid in proper pronunciation. As a result, many children are not only delayed in their speech progress, but are also delayed at their schools.


Healthy smiles can help a child feel better about themselves and the way they interact with others.

Ultimately, our children’s education depends on a number of factors from good parenting to good health. This legislature is a step in the right direction towards awareness and prevention, helping our children stay healthy and confident in our schools.

October 19, 2010

Financial Freedom

Aren't we all want financial freedom?

We all have our respective hopes and wishes, be it for the family, career, social relations, or personal growth. We hope that we can be able to meet our daily expenditures or set aside a proportionate amount for the future, but however simple these wishes are, they still require that we have enough financial resources. Every concrete thing we wanted could easily be acquired if we have them.

I came across a website that promises a freeway to success. They offer a whole new way of attaining the financial freedom that we deserve. Here's a video that shows you how:

You can check out their site for more details by clicking HERE.

October 18, 2010

Getting Fit

I have decided for the nth time that I would lose weight and be fit again. I don't know if I could make it through this time but I am certainly praying I would. Last Friday marked my first day of the new diet I am doing. What prompted me to do this diet is my brother, who has lost a considerable amount of weight while undergoing the same diet. He is slimming down so much that I could say he lost about 15 lbs. So, I asked him to email me the diet plan and now I am on the fourth day of struggle!

I am glad to have undergone this diet anyway. It makes me feel light although I haven't noticed yet if extra pounds were actually shed off. I am still halfway of this 7-day plan, so I guess I just have to wait until the 7th day to see for myself if I actually lost the targeted 10 lbs. The diet consists of mainly fruits and vegetables, and I am thrilled to note that I have stayed away from rice for 4 days already (being an avid rice eater myself!). I hope I will lose about 10-15 lbs of excess weight, just as what the diet plan promised.

On top of the diet, I thought of doing regular physical exercises as well to make myself fit. I haven't been playing volleyball for over a month now due to my busy schedule but I planned to have at least 30 minutes of dance exercise daily at home just to sweat out. I already have a lot of dance songs ready, all that is lacking is my time, lol! As soon as my hectic schedule goes light, I may go over those personal training business cards I have on file and choose which one would best suit me.

I will update soon on the outcome of this endeavor. Best of luck to me!

October 13, 2010

73 Days Before Christmas and I'm 33!

We are nearing the half of October and before we know it, it will soon be Christmas! Well, there's 73 days more left before the awaited Holiday arrives. This last quarter of the year certainly fills up my daily life with fun and excitement.

I turned 33 yesterday too! I didn't get to celebrate it with a party or the like, budget was just tight nowadays that it would be impossible to throw a party for friends. Sad as it may seem, it was a happy one anyway since I have my family with me intact. They greeted me first thing when they woke up and it was already overwhelming. My daughter gave me a card she personally made and that made my birthday all the more meaningful.

I could certainly say that this is the first time I haven't celebrated my birthday. Well, it's the first time I haven't invited friends over, or made a treat for everyone. I then realized that celebrations don't really matter, as long as you are happy and satisfied from within. I was worried at first because I very much wanted to invite friends or treat them but financial constraints prevented me from doing do. Nonetheless, a lot of friends have greeted me through text messages on my cellphone and wall/private messages on my Facebook account. Those greetings were enough for me to feel blessed with good friends and be special on my birthday. I feel like I've gotten myself a short term insurance already!

Well, my kids still have the party they wanted since my cousin and her baby (whose birthdays fall just like mine) decided to celebrate their special day at my parents' house. So off we went to our former abode and had a blast with the children's party. The kids enjoyed the games being played, what with their countless prizes received. It was indeed so fun-filled.

Life could very well be so meaningful as long as the people that matters to you are there for you too.

October 8, 2010

Plants In Our Home

Having just recently moved in, we certainly needed some greens around our new home. Aside from 'pretty-fying' the house, plants are indeed necessary since they absorb most pollutants and gives off oxygen. Moreover, plants literally bring food on the table, since we reap their produce if we just take good care of them.

For the past three months we have been in our new home, I am happy to notice that certain plants have started to grow on their own. I don't claim myself to be a green thumb, but I am glad that some of the seeds I have thrown on the ground have eventually grown. I remember when I was still with my parents, my father loves gardening and every time he is in the house, we know where to find him - - in the yard. Now that we are on our own, I delight to the fact that I could actually make a seed grow.

I am looking forward for these plants to fully grow, that is why I am personally taking care of them. Here's an inventory on what spurted out of our soils for the months:





Aren't they fine? Well, for me they are exquisite! The watermelon has bore two lovely fruits already but we have yet to wait few more days before they could be harvested. Unfortunately though, one fruit (the one on the picture) was stolen and now we have only one. Hope there will be no more theft this time, otherwise we won't be able to taste the fruits of our labor and anticipation.

I am planning of putting more plants into our home, unleashing the gardener in me!

October 5, 2010

Monday's Blessings

I would just like to round up how my Monday went yesterday. This is something I seldom do (the rundown, I mean), but it was just so overwhelming for me that I need to jot it down here.

You see, a number of wonderful things took place yesterday, and these are not concrete things. I now realized that great blessings do not come in tangible forms, they are seen and felt from within.

So to start off, I received a great email message from God through Bro. Bo Sanchez, which was about conflicting wishes. He explained that we often do not get what we want because of conflicts in our desires. We have to be firm with our wishes and not be confused whether we really wanted them or not. He added that we have to pray for these wishes constantly, not because God does not immediately hear us, but because constant prayer would help us be firm in our wishes.

This message is very timely for me because I wanted for several things to happen in our life and that would definitely be realized if I don't have conflicting faith towards these wishes. With the number of wishes I have in mind, I guess I have to document them down through a Dreambook, which Bro. Bo did with his wishes.

Another blessing I received was the improvement of my daughter's academic rankings in their class. It was not a major jump in the ranks though but I am very glad she made it to the list of recognition-worthy pupils for their Grade 3 class. Many have congratulated me, since they very well know how my daughter struggled to get to where she is now. And for that, I am proud of her and still hoping she could maintain it and improve even more in the coming days. (I'm pretty sure those classmates of hers she has stepped on on the process would strive hard as well to topple her again).

After I learned about my daughter's academic standing, we proceeded to a birthday party my cousin has organized for her grandchild. We had a blast thereat and had a little chitchat about life in general. Out of the blue, our topic went to matters about health and my cousin's husband testified how good his body is right now since he stopped smoking and drinking. While he was sharing his stories to us and as if God has touched him in some way, my husband, who is a heavy smoker, suddenly decided to give it a try on quitting. I was so grateful about his realization and this is another wonderful blessing indeed! He gave me the remaining cigar packs for my disposal and today is his Day 1 towards bondage freedom.

Thank you very much Lord for the blessings!

October 2, 2010

Daily Giveaways From Georyl

I am counting myself in at's wonderful contest, to celebrate another blogging achievement. This will be my first contest participation in a very long time - - like two years. This is quite exciting because every day a winner is announced and will be receiving a prize, of course.

Anyway, what's at stake on this contest are as follows:

Daily Draw (1 winner per daily draw)

Draw dates: October 1 – 2, 4 – 9, 11 – 16, 18 – 23, 25 – 30
One winner of 1,000 Entrecard Credits

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One winner of $5 Paypal Credits and one winner of 2,000 Entrecard Credits

Grand Draw

Draw Date: October 31
Three winners of $5 Paypal Credits,
one winner of 5,000 Entrecard Credits
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Special Prize

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If you feel that is contest is so cool, just like the way I do, click on the badge above to further learn the details.

Have a happy weekend!

October 1, 2010

Movie Marathon

Since we moved into our new abode, I started to love watching movies over my laptop. Since I can't get through our common television set to watch the shows I like (there's just too much traffic considering three kids are watching cartoons), I am left with no choice but to settle down in our room and face the laptop.

I happened to watch one movie one time and after that, it was already a series of movie marathons. Thanks to some websites that offers free movies online, I was able to watch a number of amazing movies that I failed to watch on the big screen, like Slumdog Millionaire.

I enjoyed watching the movie Slumdog Millionaire. It is about a young lad who joined the popular game show 'Who Wants To Be A Millionaire' and won. But his win is questioned by authorities, but was able to justify them nonetheless. Along the way, his experiences have molded him to be knowledgeable about life and love and eventually it all coincided with the questions being asked of him during the show. The movie's setting was in India, and I could very well feel how hard the lad's life must have been; being an orphan struggling his way to live a wealthy life.

Other movies I have watched online are as follows:


The Ugly Truth

Curious Case of Benjamin Button


Do you enjoy watching movies too?

September 29, 2010

When It Rains

. . . it pours.

photo credits to dry icons

I have always been optimistic that this phrase would one day take its toll on me. Unfortunately, it still hasn't, or maybe I haven't noticed it yet because I was preoccupied with things. But for the moment, I am sincerely hoping that one of these days (and it's better be sooner) I could actually say this line to myself.

The rain hinders us from doing outdoor things, and that made me hate the rain. Well, that was still way way back when my body was still very youthfully active. But now that I have already matured, I have subsided a bit and is surprisingly realizing the splendor of staying at home spending quality time with the family. I already love the rain, and every time it pours hard on the ground, I usually find myself staring at those tiny dews falling down from the sky. It is such a delight to behold this wonder from up above together with the kids and feel the cold air brushing through our skins as we laughingly hug one another tight.

I know most of you have already been saying the above phrase over and over again. I always hear that from friends, colleagues and strangers. Right now, things have been quite difficult for us and so I am very much longing for some financial blessings. Of course, I know this dilemma will come to an end, but I just don't know when. At this point, I can't see the light coming from the end of the tunnel I am in, which makes me think that the end is still so far.

Oh well, now that the rainy season is here, I hope the 'when it rains, it pours' line will slowly dawn upon me. Please pardon this post, but I just can't help but express out the glitch that has been bothering me for days.

Have a great Wednesday!

September 23, 2010

GT: Black Is Beautiful

This is my first time to participate in Girl Talk. I have been planning for ages to join this meme, but due to some time constraints, it took me so long. Finally, I am glad to share myself to everyone through Girl Talk.

I always find myself smiling with the saying "black is beautiful" because every time someone says that, my husband oftentimes followed it with "but too much black is charcoal". Hubby is not blessed with fair white complexion, that is why we have this joke for a long time now.

Well, since the color black is up for the talk right now, I am very pleased to feature the black items I have in my possession. And here they are . . .

This is currently my main phone, a Nokia e72. This is still four months old, and was bought as a replacement to my damaged Nokia e71. The camera application of this phone is not functioning though, much to my dismay and I have already brought it to a Nokia center for repair since it is still covered with warranty. Unfortunately, they couldn't fix it at their end and needs to be sent to the Nokia main center in Manila, which would take about three weeks to get fixed! Without the camera, I still enjoyed it anyway.

I bought this bag online through Facebook. I instantly fell in love with this shiny tote from KC Reaction, and it has become a favorite. I used this bag almost daily.

No matter how big my arms are, I always liked wearing racer tank tops since they keep me fresh. This black top is a favorite of mine.

What I liked about the black color is that it is neutral. It can be paired with any color and surely enough . . . it never goes out of style.

September 18, 2010

Bathroom Ideas

Our office has made a grand reshuffling of employees few months ago, as a consequence to the organizational restructuring our new Chairman had imposed. From auditing a government corporation, I was thrown 360 degrees into the pit of a local government unit. Thus, from the corporate life that used to be my working environment for the last 10 years, it suddenly shifted to a humble office of the province.

My transfer of office was no longer a shock for me, since I have already expected the inevitable. I am a very flexible person, so it poses no problem at all whether what government office I would be in. However, I am particular with the comfort room and quickly made a good look at the office's. I am quite impressed that the CR is clean and satisfactory. I later learned that it was recently renovated.

If only I could get my way, I have some few ideas to put into the comfort room. I know a new bathroom suite would not be possible at the moment as budget is tight, but it would be pleasant alright. I would love to see some of these wonderful items inside but I guess that would have to wait until I have the authority as a head:

illuminated mirror

wash stands

toilet storage cabinets

All these items are readily available at a website called Betterbathrooms. I was simply amazed at their wide array of bathroom products that is why I was having this thoughts of toilet make over. They have great sales at the moment too and offers a 7 day money back guarantee, very tempting indeed!

Thinking the same thing? Well, better browse through their site now!

photos courtesy of

September 14, 2010

Glee Season 2

In just a week, the second season of FOX's musical-comedy show Glee will have its premiere. I feel excited about it because a fellow Filipino in the person of Charice is going to be part of it. She will be playing a foreign exchange student named Sunshine Corazon, and is expected to be Rachel's (Lea Michele) rival in terms of vocal chords.

Well, aside from Charice, this show is making me thrilled to see Mr. Schuester once again. I doubt it if he will ever get back with his ex-wife here but I do hope they will. As much as millions of fans hate Terry for being a villain that she is in Will's life, I am longing that one day they could be together again. I just believe they look good together. Anyway, I look forward for more song and dance numbers of him in the show and as always, the perfect teacher McKinley High could ever ask for!

Then, there is Sue Sylvester, played by award-winner Jane Lynch. She is the school's cheering squad coach who strives for excellence. Well, who wouldn't excel then, she is so strict and particular as far as her cheerios are concerned. I really find her amusing, despite her efforts of crushing down the Glee club. And her lines, they are just so funny - - I liked it the way she said them, it's just so natural. There may be times that I get annoyed with her, but hey, I understand that it is her role anyway.

Kurt is also a favorite of mine, played by Chris Colfer. He is a wealthy gay member of Glee, who is so refined in many ways. I also am thrilled to see Rachel Berry once again, and I should say I really admired her voice. Her love story with Finn (Cory Monteith) is interesting to follow, although I wanted her to end up with Jesse, a glee club member from a rival school.

Well, I love to see most of them once again. It will be on TV starting this 21st of September, which is exactly a week from now. This excitement is really getting into me, that I wonder if this will be available through Online TV, because if it is, then there is no reason for me to miss it. For sure, all GLEEks out there are tuning in the boobtube at this day.

Here's a sneak preview by the way and Charice is on it.

How about you? Are you familiar with Glee? Who's your favorite character?

September 12, 2010

Last Glass Standing

Few months back at the height of the World Cup Football's eminence, McDonald's has made a marketing strategy of selling FIFA glasses from Coca-Cola at Php25.00 each for every value meal purchased. I was then so responsive to the said promotional offer that I collected all six glasses with colors namely: blue, pink, lime, charcoal, green, and purple. Actually I had seven of then, since hubby also got one during a visit at the said food chain.

Since we are also seven at home (me, hubby, the three kids, and our two house helpers), we assigned each color to each one of us for personal use. I got the green one then, and over the days that went by, enjoyed a great deal using the glass. I came to love it much already that I wanted to buy more but unfortunately, the said promo is over and stocks were no longer available.

One by one, the glasses broke. And what was left of the seven wonders from McDonald's was only one pink glass. The pink one used to be my daughter's glass, but she gave it to me knowing that I really loved using the glass. I don't know how the other glasses broke, but oh well! Here is the lone survivor . . .

I do hope this last glass standing will not break into pieces yet, otherwise it would really make me sad. But if McDonald's would have another promo like this, I would be glad to grab one again and never hesitate to have another order of french fries and coke float!

September 8, 2010

Bedroom Furniture

If I were to give myself total relaxation, I would definitely hop into the bed and doze off. Whenever I am at home and have nothing to do, my kids would surely find me in our room lying in the bed either taking a nap or reading a book.

If only we have the monetary resources right now, I will purchase a new bed for our room. Not that I don't like the bed we have right now, but I am very much impressed at other beds every time I find myself in a show room or on online furniture shops. Every time I do some browsing for a Bedroom Furniture, I am always drawn to beds and can't help but imagine the comfort they bring as I sleep, rest, play games, read books and etc.

Well, I instantly fell in love with this bed from Spacify. It is just very unique yet glamorous and stylish with its round and modern design. This bed includes slats, upholstered headboard and round mattress. And what's more, it has an electrically operated motor that would enable the bed to rotate. Seems like fun huh! I just wonder what the kids might think then, if this would become their new trampoline.

This Empero-Queen bed is also very nice. I like its classy touch which comes in all white. I know this would look good too in our bedroom since white has no contrasts as far as clashes of colors are concerned. It looks so huge and spacey, I could very well go on a deep slumber even when hubby is around or even the kids. Even just by looking at it, I could already fully relax. The design and style is so modern for me, it just exudes beauty despite its simplicity. It comes with a great headboard and two wonderful night stands.

Oh well, these two items are surely going their way into my wish list . . .

September 4, 2010

A Woman Can

A long time friend of mine posted this quote on her Facebook wall and I am so loving it, so I thought of putting it here as well.

"Whatever you give to a woman, she will make it greater. Give her a sperm, she will give you a baby. Give her a house, she will give you a home. Give her groceries, she will give you a meal. Give her a smile, she will give you her heart. She multiplies and enlarges what she has given . . . so if you give her crap, be ready to receive a ton of shit!"

I also re-posted this on my wall and got a number of likes. The quote may sound so ordinary, but it may happen to be true to a majority of women. As far as I am concerned, this quote only applies to me for about 80%. Why?

I can have a baby if given a sperm - check! I can very well make a good home too - - so another check! I can offer my heart if given a smile - a triple check! Surely, I can also shit out if given the crap! I failed on the giving meals category since the kitchen has took no fancy on me.

But nonetheless, I am a woman after all because I have the major qualities then, lol!

You can re-post this quote too if you agree!

September 2, 2010

Say Hello To The 'BER' Months!

September is here once again and do you know what that means? The last quarter of the year is gradually nearing, and before we know it, we will bid goodbye to 2010. This is the time when we have to expect cold weather to surface in our midst, and I am quite glad about it since we won’t be using air conditioning units that often then. Although not massive, we can thus be able to save on energy bills.

The 4th quarter is something that I look forward to because it promises a lot of events and activities which I am sure would be enjoyable and memorable.

As soon as October hits the atmosphere, there goes my son Justin’s 6th birthday; and my 33rd birthday as well. The United Nations celebration also falls on this month and I am quite excited for my kids to have the full exuberance of participating on varied activities.

Come November, as we celebrate the All Soul’s Day, we will also be celebrating my mother’s 60th birthday. This is special since this day will mark her 1st day as a senior citizen, lol! Moreover, this humble blog will turn three years old on this month, to which I am contemplating of availing its own web hosting.

I know I am not the only one who is so thrilled about December. A very considerable percentage of the world's population is looking forward for this month since it is the time of merriment as we scurry around the area doing Christmas shopping, preparing for Christmas parties, and other Christmas endeavors. This surely is a very busy month ~~yet happy!

Are you also excited?

August 27, 2010

Scottie Pippen

While everyone was so engrossed with the royal airness of Michael Jordan at the height of the Chicago Bull's fame in the NBA arena, my eyes were all set for Scottie Pippen. He may not be the best player the Bulls team has ever had, but I was a big fan of his for reasons that I don't even know.

My fancy for the NBA materialized when I was in college. I don't even remember how it all started (the fancy , I mean) but I was hooked into it that I took note of every game schedule the Bulls had for every entire season and was willing to skip classes just to watch those games. I collected magazines, trading cards, posters and other NBA items especially those with Pippen on them.

As I have said, Pippen's playing prowess was not at all at par with Jordan's but that didn't matter to me. But I just hope you will agree with me when I say that he has contributed a handful too for the success of the team. As Bulls Chairman Jerry Reinsdorf puts it, "Not only is Scottie Pippen one of the greatest players to ever wear a Bulls uniform, but he's among the best players in history of the league to play the game. He had a tremendous impact in bringing six world championships to Chicago and there is no better way to pay tribute to him than with a permanent statue that honors his inspirational career."

I was so overjoyed upon learning this great news. Scottie Pippen is getting a well-deserved bronze statue from the Chicago Bulls, which will be permanently displayed at the United Center at some point towards the end of the 2010-2011 season. A major wow!

August 25, 2010

Frame Needed

As much as we wanted to beautify our new house at once, we were not able to do so for a couple of reasons. Aside from the short funds we have at the moment, we were also unable to find the great materials yet that we would be making use of.

One thing that we also need to have are big picture frames that will be placed on the walls. This is one way of expressing that I am proud of my family and so it is just imperative that I put our faces before the bare walls for the visitors to see, right?

One area that I would love to hang a picture frame on is our bedroom wall. As you can see on the picture above, it is still unadorned and needs a little flair. And because of that, I am tasked to browse through our photo album and look for the picture that deserves to be blown up in size and be placed in a frame.

Unfortunately, I was having a hard time choosing one and eventually have chosen 8 pictures instead! I made a little editing to merge those pictures into one and this is what I got . . .

This edited version is just waiting to be printed. But we were still contemplating on having it on photo paper or tarpaulin cloth. Oh well!

By the way, do you think this would look great on our wall?

August 17, 2010

Off To A Conference

Finally, I have received my authority to attend the 19th Philippine Institute of Certified Public Accountants (PICPA) Joint Mindanao Regional Conference. This conference will be held on August 19-21, 2010 at Cagayan de Oro City.

I am excited about this event for several reasons: (1.) our chapter will be participating in the cultural night dance contest and I am one of the dancers of the said delegation; (2.) it will be my first time to attend an event held at Grand Caprice Hotel, which is just a few walks away from CDO's famous Limketkai Mall; (3.) I will be able to update myself with current issues and trends relating to my accountancy profession, considering that one of our big bosses from our Central Office is the speaker; and (4.) I will be off to a Nokia Center and have my cellphone's camera repaired when it got corrupted few months back.

To all CPAs in Mindanao who will be attending, see you there!

August 11, 2010

The Last Song

Hubby and I watched 'The Last Song' the other night, a movie that starred Miley Cyrus, Greg Kinnear and Liam Hemsworth. I was not really keen with Miley but since the movie is based on a best-selling novel by Nicholas Sparks, I have no doubts whatsoever that the movie would be indisputably very remarkable.

The movie is about a teenage daughter Ronnie, who got estranged with her father after the latter moved to another place since the divorce. Ronnie became all the more angry when her mother decided to let them stay with their father for the summer. Eventually, their strained relationship was mended through one thing they commonly love - - music.

The movie unfolds a story about family, first love and second chances.

For me, Nicholas Sparks has made another mark in his career through this creation. The story itself is so touching, so emotional ~ it really made me cry toward its end. This is the second Sparks story that made me cry (the first one was A Walk To Remember). Well, I haven't read the novel yet but I will definitely secure one soon.

By the way, I was thankful hubby was not able to notice the tears rolling down my eyes, otherwise I am now flooded with mockery, lol!

August 9, 2010

Bare Window

We have been around our new house for three weeks and as I was looking the area for possible beauty enhancements, I realized our windows are bare. Just take a look at a picture of our bedroom's window which I took last night . . .

Oh well! Aside from the lack of beauty of it, I wonder how visible we are inside the house with these bare windows, especially at night when outside is already dark and the lights are on inside. I find it important to put something on the windows to have our privacy as a family and to protect us in times when we do our private moments.

Some action has to be taken about this and so I called up a neighbor who is a great curtain seamstress and I was happy to know that she is ecstatic to make some pretty curtains for us. Now I am tasked to scout for some nice curtain cloths if I have the time. At the moment, my busy schedule doesn't allow me to do those things yet, and hubby was suggesting we could also opt for some blinds for our windows.

Well, this is making me confused already. Blinds are also very elegant and versatile to look at and they make perfect protection against sunlight too. Plus, there have been lots of new colors being introduced in the market that made our mouths open in awe, like the one below:

Isn't it stylish? Well for me, it is! And it would surely go along with our bare window.

August 4, 2010

Our Marriage Turned 9!

Today is August 4, 2010.

Well, you probably know the date today but I would just like to emphasize it here this important date of my life.

Today marks the 9th wedding anniversary of me and my husband. I am so overwhelmed that we have reached this stage, considering the fact that our arguments and misunderstandings were ceaseless. A lot of common friends have made negative predictions long ago but at this moment, I am proud to say that they have been wrong. We are looking forward for a celebration next year, which will be our 10th year.

The year 2001 was not yet a digital era (well, certainly here in our area), so our wedding pictures were taken using a camera film. I scanned a few of them to make a collage and thinking of sharing it here. Here it is:

To hubby, thank you for all the wonderful things you have shared with me. The joys, sorrows, thrills and anxieties that we have gone through just molded us to be strong and together. Thank you for making me the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. I love you always.

July 28, 2010


Are you familiar with the now defunct TV show called Friends? Well, it was one of my favorites.

Are you familiar with these people then? They have been my favorite characters since way back and I follow them until now even on their separate projects, especially Jen Aniston and Matthew Perry. I am incredibly missing the show. Who wouldn't miss those hilarious antics, funny lines, amusing clashes and happy get-togethers? The numerous awards the show and the casts' have garnered were proof enough that this show was indeed loved by many.

It has already been a long time since their last airing. I do hope the people behind this wonderful show would decide on bringing it up back to air or maybe make a movie, just to get the six of them back together. That would definitely be outstanding!

By the way, what's your favorite FRIENDS episode?

July 25, 2010

On Being Overweight

Imagine a lady weighing 148 lbs and only 5'3 in height . . . yep, that is me. These stats are already alarming for me since I have a history of hypertension. I am already overweight, so to speak.

To refrain you from making imaginations about myself, well, here's a picture of me.

I usually don't share my pictures to everybody that easily for fear that I may be laughed at. It hurts to know that I am not fond with my physical appearance. The idea that it is so difficult for me to fit in or look good with a beautiful dress frustrates me. But I also know that is not a healthy thought. I have to love and take care of myself.

Anyway, as I have said, I have to watch my diet now in order to avoid from getting heavier and heavier. It pains me to look back on my old pictures when I was still slim. I have engaged myself to a lot of sports activities just get back in shape - - volleyball, badminton, dancing - - to no avail. Those extra pounds just won't let go off my system. I just don't know yet if Protein Supplements for diet and weight loss would make an effect on me. That I gotta try but have to consider the negative effects, if any.

I am not losing hope then. This is a battle I have with myself that needs to be won.

July 24, 2010

Schwarzenegger Nominates 1st Filipina-American Chief Justice

This news is such a welcome surprise! I admire Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger for believing in Justice Tani Cantil-Sakauye's credentials and qualifications. This is definitely another moment to be proud of, when another Filipino is making waves abroad.

"Justice Tani Cantil-Sakauye has a distinguished history of public service and understands that the role of a justice is not to create law but to independently and fairly interpret and administer the law," the governor has said.

If confirmed by a three-member commission and voters in November, the nomination consequently would put Cantil-Sakauye the 1st Filipina-American Chief Justice of the state, as well as replace Chief Justice Ron George.

More details of the news could be read here.

July 22, 2010

Finally Moved In

Yes, we have finally moved in to our new home!

Last Saturday, July 17, 2010, we have settled into our new abode. Just when the clock went 5 in the morning, we were up to load all our things into the truck. We arrived at the new house around 6:30am, and began putting the things in place. The kids were still left at my parents' house since we have yet to put everything in order. They got to their new home late in the afternoon already and they were so excited.

The house blessing followed the day after. It was just a simple affair, no guests - - just us, hubby's and my parents and siblings. It was one event that we would surely cherish, because after almost 9 years of being married, we finally have a place of our own.

the living room

the dining room

the kitchen

Shown above are some pictures of the house' interiors, taken very recently. Our living and dining rooms are still bare, and we are planning on buying some additional furniture and appliances for enhancement. I was thinking of putting some rustic furniture, since they are timeless. They would definitely place the bare areas of the house a classic touch and scenic look.

Now that we are on our new home, we realized that we lacked a lot of items. We gotta have them already so we could have the house warming then. ***wink***

July 21, 2010

Brangelina on Salt Premier

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie showed up before the public during the Los Angeles premier of the movie Salt last July 19. Well, Salt is one movie that I am looking forward to, given its mixture of action, drama and thriller. I just hope the movie's showing here in our place would not be delayed.

Here's a picture of Brangelina on the premier:

Brad is still looking very handsome despite the age. Especially now without the beard, Brad just never ceased to put me to awe. Angelina, on the other hand, looked skinny to me, seems like she lost some weight here. Well, she still is sexy and they really look good together.

I am finally accepting the fact that these two Hollywood royalties are a match made in heaven. I am a huge Jennifer Aniston fan, and will always be. But life has to go on for Jen, so I should stop being bitter against Brangelina now. Actually, this famous couple amazes me in different ways and their relationship is quite a great example to many.

I also admire their passion for kids. They have already done a lot of good things for the less fortunate. Talking about sharing their blessings indeed!

July 14, 2010

I Am Sick

Whew! I haven't made a post for a week already! That is because a lot of circumstances have bothered me physically. The past days was difficult and has rendered me weak that I ended up staying in bed and unable to go to work.

Well, my appetite was lost and it made me sick to the core just by looking at any food. I was forced to take energy drinks just to have anything inside my stomach and even those liquids have gone out few moments after they have entered. I was lucky though that I was not dehydrated.

Anyway, I am slowly recovering right now. I had a body massage yesterday and I can feel those unwanted air leaving out my system. My head is no longer groggy and my stomach no longer hurts so extremely. Hoping this will completely go so soon.

July 7, 2010

Wanting Eclipse.

I am looking forward for two Eclipses - - yes, the movie and the phone.

The third installment of the Twilight saga - Eclipse - is not yet showing here in our place and I am already very anxious for it. It has been more than a week since the official first day showing of the movie and not even a single poster is found on the cinema's lobby here in the area. All my twilighter friends online have already seen it and it breaks me to the bone knowing that I am left behind. Oh well! I am so thrilled to see Edward and Bella again on the big screen. They told me the Bella-Charlie sex talk and the tent scenes are epic and they enjoyed every seconds of it. They also said that Riley is cute and were joking to form another team for him. Oh, and the meadow scenes!

And being a Twihard that I am, I have come across a very nice phone that is a tie-up to Eclipse. The phone is called Eclipse Windows, from Cherry Mobile. This made me excited especially upon knowing that it is already available in the market at a low price, being a smart phone, that is.

Here are the features of the unit and I hope to have one when the budget permits, lol!

  • Windows Mobile 6.5
  • Touch Screen
  • 2.0 Megapixel Camera
  • Dual SIM/Dual Standby
  • Wifi / Bluetooth
  • Multimedia Player
  • FM Radio
  • GPS
  • Micro SD Card up to 8GB
The Eclipse trailer and some great wallpapers are embedded in the phone already. Wow!

July 3, 2010

High Quality Video Chat

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of faceVsion Technology USA. All opinions are 100% mine.

Before I became active in blogging, I did a number of online jobs on a part-time basis. The employers usually require an interview, in order to know more about me and my qualifications. During those times, my yahoo messenger and skype accounts were more than active, since they were the modes of communication between me and the various job offerers.

Thanks to my brother, I was able to show up on video interviews, whenever some of the employers require. He had a web camera then, but of low quality. I have not minded it at first, as long as I could get face to face with the person I am talking with, that's fine. But as time went by, the importance of high definition web cameras dawned unto me. Some employers complain of the poor reception of my camera, to which left me no choice but be declined. If only I knew about the FV touchcam N1 earlier (like the one below), then that problem wouldn't have surfaced.


FV touchcam N1 is the first internet streaming true HD webcam for skype video calls, which is available through and other value added partners. faceVsion takes pride of this amazing gadget which features embedded hardware H.264 encoding and squeezes the video into a stream small enough to be sent over a typical internet connection. Likewise, its wide lens of 78 degrees enables several people to fit into the picture.

I am sure this camera could have been very useful, if I have purchased it during my online interviews. A visit to faceVision on line store would be better then, so that I could get more info about the touchcam N1 or even the FV ExpressCombo. Who knows, video chatting with my cousins in the US, or with a future online employer, would then be a very pleasant experience.

Visit my sponsor: faceVsion TouchCam N1 HD Video Streaming Webcam

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