October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

Well, it's the last day of October and now people are off to celebrate the Halloween (really?!). I don't do the celebration myself because I am scared of such things. Anyway, to those who do, let me extend my greetings and hoping that you have a nice one! Haha!

Phone Number Search In Canada

Good news for people based in Canada! If you get to worry about annoying and prank calls, then it is now time to check on them because a website that provides a reverse phone lookup canada is here to offer their services.

You do not need to be anxious anymore every time the phone rings, just visit their site and be informed about the phone number that has called you.

October 29, 2008


Would you like to live on this unusual homes? Scroll down to have a look at them.

A double purpose dwelling... a house and a bridge!

If you don't want visitors, just unhook the cable!

Want to be featured on the Inconvenient Truth? Better talk to Al Gore now about global warming!

Just push the panic button if you hear a branch crack!

I wouldn't risk living on these places, even if I am to be paid a million dollars. No offense to these houses' owners. I love to live my life simply and hassle-free, especially for my children, so I'll give them up.

How bout you?

October 28, 2008

Office Lunch Break

Our audited agency's office has three floors and we are located at the 3rd floor. The 3rd floor consists of the conference hall, a mini gym, our office (auditor's office) and records room. A big space is still available and so they placed a billiard table just outside our office.

Notice that the picture seemed so quiet, well it is! This photo is taken at 10 o'clock in the morning, 2 hours before the lunch break. But this will not be the scenario as soon as the clock strikes 12, instead, the agency's employees (usually men) would grab those pool cues on the side, gather up in the table above and play the great game of billiards. Playing billiards during lunch break has become a routine among the boys in the office. They played the game with fun, using cards as score (pardon me for not elaborating further, because I myself don't have any idea yet). Well, I noticed that their pool cues were quite old already. Wonder if they would think of replacing those old pool cues with new ones. They could get a Pool Cue of any variant at Pooldawg.com at a great value.

For pool enthusiasts, a wide array of choices could be found at pooldawg and if only I could expertly play this fun game, I would have one for myself too. Here's my pick:

What's yours?

TV Lift

I always wanted a spacious environment and luckily my parents must have read my mind, so they were able to provide that to us. Now that my siblings are no longer staying in the house, it made the area all the more spacious.

We live in a different abode, but still located inside the compound of my parents. Our house is not a big one, only enough to accommodate the five of us (hubby, our 3 kids and me). It is still a bit spacious for us, but since we have purchased some appliances and other items, those large spaces have already been occupied. We even placed our TV on top of the kids supplemental closet, just so to provide space for them to play around.

Oh well, maybe it would be time for us to look for Nexus21 TV Lifts and get one! In that way, we could be able to save space and be reassured that kids won't run into the TV and have it damaged. The Nexus 21 is another invisible technology that could fashionably conceal our TV monitors to wherever we wanted them to, with only a touch of a button.

Interested too? They even offer a 5 year warranty on their products so we can best be assured that we get the greatest quality of TV lifts!

October 27, 2008


Hubby recently purchased a wallet over at eBay. It has been 4 years (I think) since he got one. I liked what he bought, which is a Nike leather bifold passcase wallet. It has a slip-out mini-wallet with 4 extra card slots, in addtion to its usual 8 card slots inside. It has double bill compartments and measures 3.5 x 4.5 inches. And on top of it, this great wallet comes with a beautiful black Nike box! Well, hubby is not really particular about the box but I am the one who was so thrilled.

The item is still in transit and while waiting, let me share its preview:

What got me more excited all the more is the bonus purchase he has made, which is another wallet. This time, it's for me! A black Girbaud long wallet. . .

Am very happy with these purchases and can't wait!

October 24, 2008

Interested in Gadgets

I am always amazed with great gadgets because they always give surprise no matter how plain and simple their appearances are. Although there are some designs that are complicated, still they never fail to have me in awe.

That is why I checked on a gadget advisor website to check on some great gadgets I could make use of. Saw a great universal remote and I know we really need one like that now, because our TV's remote has been broken (thanks to my youngest son!). Here's a preview of the Logitech universal remote.

And there's more! They feature online backup service and top extensions for Firefox. Customize your Firefox according to your preferences using these extensions, while identifying the best online backup for your PC.

Aren't they great? Do check them out!

Water Cooler Safe

If you are using water cooler at home, keep it safe for drinking by cleaning it regularly - - at least once a month. In that way, it drives the bacteria away.

Here's how: Run a 50-50 mixture of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda through the reservoir and spigots, then remove the residue by rinsing the cooler with four or more gallons of tap water.


Encourage Your Man

Marital problems are becoming extensive nowadays. It is becoming a normal event in the lives of many that we often don't become shocked anymore. Lots of problems are due to irreconcilable differences, infidelity and even financial difficulties (ugh!).

I remembered a story hubby told me few months ago, which really got us thinking why it happened. Well, it was about his office mate (a male). I really admired their marriage, having blessed with three wonderful and smart daughters. His wife was the ideal wife, taking care of the kids full-time, although I sensed that she often 'over-demand' (is there such a word?) him. He was already a talk of the office, because every time his wife calls, he immediately sneaks out just to go to her.

And so it became a shock for us that she left him. I mean, he risked his reputation at the office just to please her and his family. Now, it became worse and I think there's no more chance for a reconciliation (and to this moment he is still trying to win her back!) We later learned that she's off with another man, someone from her past. Poor him really, if he could only do some male enhancement within himself, then maybe his wife would reconsider.

Not that we sided on his wife and we think that what she did was unforgivable. But this office mate of hubby is not an Adonis at face value (sorry!). The other man his wife left him for is an ultimate campus crush way back in their college days, so he is way off the competition, well on the physical aspect.

One thing I could suggest to hubby's office mate is to enhance himself, his appearance, well-being and even sexual health. And to better equip hm with knowledge and understanding on how to achieve them, he must visit The Mens Choice [dot] com, where lots of reviews from various programs, treatments and pills are on file for him to browse through.

Having the same problem? Save your relationship and save your man!

Free Skype Calls For A Month

Wow, Skype is feeling Santa nowadays and decided to grant free calls to landline phones in over 30 countries worldwide for a period of one month. Better grab this opportunity now and start calling your loved ones.

October 23, 2008

Who Shall Take Care Of My Son?

As of this writing, I am physically exhausted. Well, not really very exhausted, but I can feel the soreness of some parts of my body, especially the back. You see, it has been more than 2 weeks since I fired one of my nanny. And now, I have to help out at home so as not to tire my other nanny.

I pity my second son now, because he has no more nanny. We have made serious efforts already in finding a replacement, but to no avail. Until now, we are still searching and have already asked every person we could think of and we are not giving up. It is really important that we find one, because my second son needs special attention although he is already 4 years old. My other nanny looks after my 2 year old youngest son and it is difficult to care for both of them. They are so much fond of running around the yard and even climbing on those high furniture! Yesterday my youngest son climbed on our gate which has sharp points at the top that could be dangerous. I could not stand the idea of them climbing high areas and make a fall. That would be so much.

If only there's a medical alert gadgets available here in our place, then I wouldn't be worried that much. There's this fall detector gadget which is placed inside the home and alerts us whenever they detected a fall by someone. Then there's also this GPS tracking device system, which would aid us in locating the kids, especially in the parks, or in the malls.

These devices are very great for the old ones too. You could use these medical alerts for your parents of grandparents who can no longer help themselves.

October 22, 2008

Shield From the Rainy Days

The weather nowadays is so unpredictable. One minute the sun was shining so hot that could make you sweat in an instant. Then the next minute, rain come pouring down so hard that you could get soaking wet in seconds! Think how unlikely that would be, but it's really happening (sigh!).

One weapon for such a uncooperative weather is the umbrella. I see a lot of people (ladies especially) bring one with them wherever they go. That is such a wise thing to do since we do not already know how the skies perform.

I am also going to bring along an umbrella with me then. I have already suffered a number of times (getting wet and hot in one setting) because of the weather. I wanna buy the sprout umbrella because it is so convenient to carry. The canopy and all its hardware are all enclosed in the handle and a knob on its face turns to unlock its insides. Here's a preview:

Any idea where to buy this one? Hope its affordable.

Political Forums

Lots of political issues have emerged nowadays ranging from mild to complex ones. We often wonder how our government officials address these issues and would eventually ease out everything.

Well, we can discuss some of these issues through online political forums, like "Argue With Everyone". This forum is unmoderated and imposes just a few rules so everyone can freely and openly talk about everything!

Who knows, you could give insights to our officials and be able to help our community (winks).

Rubiks Cube MP3 Player

Saw this from my inbox today and boy! I am so amazed by it. Not that this particular item is extraordinary but it is something that I liked to have both and now it comes in only one piece! This is the Rubiks Cube MP3 Player designed by Hee Yong.

To activate the player, one must turn the cubes just like the usual Rubik's Cube. Solving each layer has a specific function, like play, pause, forward or back. It is indeed listening to your favorite songs while playing and having fun!

I wonder if this available here?

October 21, 2008

Getting A Credit Card

It has been awhile since I had a credit card. I think it was already three years ago. The reason I cut it down because of its big interest rates, annual fees and sometimes rude representatives. Plus, hubby really didn't like the idea of it because he feared we might not be able to meet up the bills.

I have again started to entertain the thought to apply for a credit card. Hubby said he has got many credit card offers from various agents but haven't applied for any one yet. He said it is now safe to have one because things are quite lighter now financially. Well, there are a lot of things to consider in making credit card applications, like the interest rates, finance charges, other fees and even fast approval. It has to weighed in first before jumping into the world of credit.

When it comes to financial matters, we have to be extra cautious and must know all there is to know about getting credit. It is important to get to know each card's features and offers and compare credit cards, so in that way, we could be able to determine which one is the best. One site that offers various information about any credit card is the gettingacreditcard.com, and they provide applications for all sorts of cards, even bad credit credit cards! If you want to have one right away, they also have instant approval credit cards to choose from.

Want to have one? You can easily browse their site according to which category you are interested in.

Items To Shop

October is almost over and Christmas is drawing very, very near! Well, my excitement for this special season is increasing, and I could very well see my kids' excitement too.

There are some few things that I plan to have and I hope they could materialize soon. I am keeping my fingers crossed that Santa (haha!) would still bring me more opps so that I could finally have these items on hand.

And for my kids, I want to buy them DHA Junior, which is not available here in our place. Good things the internet is here, but I still have to figure out the shipping.

Oppss, seems that there's nothing for hubby yet. I still have to think...

October 20, 2008

Interested In Poker

There is no casino here in our city. And whenever I get the chance to travel to cities with casino, I usually take a tour on them. Not that I am a certified player, but I really love watching the people play.

Hubby has grown a fascination on poker, which I have come to become interested in. Watching him play online was a pleasant undertaking and now I think I have to learn more about it to fully enjoy what hubby enjoyed the most.

So I checked on some online casinos over the net and guess it must be my lucky day to have found a great site, the Online-Casinos[dot]com. This is a great venue for me to learn more of the basics and play casino like a pro, because they provide visual instructions and trainers that gives great tips and strategies. Plus, they've got hundreds of online casino sites to choose from, so one will surely have a blast.

One of these days, I will surprise hubby and who knows, I would get to play poker against him, haha!

Proud Mommy

I am beaming with pride today as I witnessed my eldest daughter savor her triumph at school. They have their mathematics festival and she was her class' representative for the sudoku challenge for grade 1 level. It was the eliminations for the District level and whoever wins will go on to the Division level.

Well, she got the top spot, for having completed the 4 x 4 sudoku puzzle correctly and fast (the contest was time-pressured). I was so happy for her, super!

And with that, I am off to prepare her for the Division level, where she will compete with the students from other schools in the city. Hoping she could still make it.

October 19, 2008

Our Ideal Bathroom

We are often asked in the past who would be our ideal mate? We have answered those questions again and again, especially in autographs and slum books ( I remembered so well the goosebumps that I felt while jotting down the answers).

But that was the past. I have found the ideal man 10 years ago and has been married to him for 7 years. That is no longer our main concern for the moment as we have each other to cherish. Now that we have a family, it is imperative for us to find our ideal home. We are still living with my parents and the thought of having our own home is a priority that we have to attend to.

Hubby is particular with a great kitchen, because he loves to cook! But I would really want to have a great bedroom and bathroom, because I consider them my private nook. I could have a peaceful rest and relaxation in the bedroom while I do most of my private things in the bathroom.

Now the question lies on how to obtain my ideal bathroom. That is not even a bother since bathroom suites are available on a lot of stores, even online. With great sale discounts, one could have big savings from wonderful bathroom suites and fixtures. And betterbathrooms.com have just got the splendid items fit for my ideal bathroom, at sale!

Personhood Development

Both men and women were created equal, would you agree? We are created in God's own image and likeness, so why would there be someone who is superior than the other?

It has become a paradigm that men are more powerful than men, especially in the physical sense. In most situations it may apply but we should not restrict our perception to that only. When we say personhood development, there should be a balance between masculinity and femininity in every individual, whatever the gender.

That balance is called Androgyny. For every man and woman, there's masculinity and femininity within them, which should be balanced. Let us have the symbol triangle represent masculinity while the circle as femininity. This is what I am right now.

It is so because the masculinity within me has not yet reached its full growth. I can do some masculine tasks, but not that much. But the triangle is not small either, because I also do what men of the house do, that is to earn for the family's basic necessities. And while hubby is away for work on weekdays, I stand as the kids' mom and dad in concurrent capacity.

Martyr women would have a symbol looking like the one below, and needs to improve her masculinity in order not to be manipulated.

Dominant men would have this symbol and for them to be more sensitive to others, must increase his femininity.

But to have the optimum personhood development, one must be like this (for female and male, respectively).

So, how do you symbolize yourself?

October 18, 2008

Weight Loss Update

It has been awhile since I posted about my journey to weight loss. It's either because I am pre-occupied with other things to write about, or there are just no major results in this endeavor of mine. As of yesterday, still only 2 kilos was lost (after 6 months!) and that is indeed very unnoticeable.

I sometimes think if there is something wrong with my body. Well, I go to dance exercise twice a week (although not religiously), but again, maybe the weight doesn't want to let go because I am more of a rice person, and rice is so carbs. If I think of doing double time and more diet, it makes me give up all these weight loss thingy.

My deal with hubby is only two months away and still there's no great transformation taking place. But there is hope for everything and I am going to learn more how to lose this excess weight. There are diet reviews available on the net to guide me to the right direction to weight loss.

Lots of weight loss products have emerged on the market today and they have their own strengths and weaknesses. Thousands of health and beauty products and services awaits us and we have the right to know how well and satisfying they are before we grab them. Even exercises and treatments are becoming numerous, that I sometimes get confused which is the best one. All that confusion will be no longer felt as I go over the reviews and updated information at Sensational dot com, a truly helpful guide to healthier living.

Rubik's Cube

The Rubik's Cube has been the craze at my daughter's school. You see, they even have a contest for this, that is, the person who could solve the puzzle at the fastest time wins. Now my daughter wants me to teach her how to solve it (omg, how shall I teach my 6 year old daughter then?).

I already forgot how to solve this, and it has been way back - - about ten years ago - - that I have been crazy about the cube. Luckily, hubby still knows it, and he gladly taught my daughter the basics, but it is really difficult to teach her.

The Rubik's Cube has been so popular as soon as it was released in the 1970's, by Erno Rubik. And the people's craze about it became so immense in the mid-1980s where more than 300 million cubes were sold worldwide! It was called 'The Magic Cube' then, but Ideal Toy Corporation renamed it to Rubik's Cube in 1980.

Have you been with this fascination before? If so, then you're irresistibly not alone. Happy weekend everyone!

October 17, 2008

My Drive

This is it. I have to take up driving lessons starting this Monday. Although I already know the basics, I still have to learn driving on the road, with all those traffic rules and regulations applied. Hubby is not around to teach me those rules, dos and don'ts, and my father don't have the patience to teach me either. Pardon me, but I guess my footwork when it comes to driving is not yet that superb.

Oh well, that means I have to spend at least Php2700 just to learn how to drive well (good for 7 hours). Have to deal with that or else, I wouldn't be able to hit the road all by myself. Likewise, I wouldn't be able to drive this magnificent toyota avalon if given the chance!

What is special with this car? Take a look at the picture below and see how amazing it is? I would definitely want to have one like that one of these days, haha!

The toyota avalon is a front wheel drive vehicle with four passenger doors. With luxurious features that surely cater to every people's delight, this car is well-designed and at par with other vehicles. Especially for music lovers like me, their various speakers would really be a great entertainment. What more could I ask for with this car on its rain-sensing wipers, memory side mirrors, heated and ventilated front seats as well as anti-theft system.

Wish me luck guys!

Breath For Good Health

Breathing gives a lot of beneficial things. When we are stressed out, it is suggested that we take some deep breaths to relieve ourselves. It is very good for our lungs, and breathing brings forth goodness for our bodies.

It is also good if we breath from the abdomen, instead of from the chest. In that way, we would be able to take in more oxygen which is essentially absorbed through our bloodstreams. Shallow breathing is not advisable because it does not completely eliminate the carbon dioxide within the body.

It is good for cell metabolism and respiration, as well as proper brain function. Proper breathing increases energy levels and lung capacity.

So, how do we breath deeply? Here are some ways:

  • Slowly breath in through nose and from the abdomen as deeply as you can. Hold your breath for about 10-12 seconds.
  • Place your tongue between your front teeth and the roof of your mouth. Then slowly breath out through your mouth.
As easy as that. So breath now for good health!

photo from visionmagazine

Finding Court Records

My aunt-in-law (hubby's maternal aunt) works for the DOJ as a clerk. I wonder how they organize their records there huh? I mean, there are a lot of court cases going on, including those that happened ages and ages ago. Maybe one of these days they could come up with a great system in keeping their court records for easy retrieval later on.

Well, in the US, that concern is no longer a worry because anyone could search for any case record from home. That is, with any nature of the case and from any state.

October 14, 2008

Sexy Saicy

This is Saicy Aguila, one of the housemates of Pinoy Big Brother season 2. We have the same birthday, she turned 25 last Sunday while I turned 31, haha!

This photo is taken last Sunday at the dressing room of PICC, where she had a show with Rodjun Cruz of Anime. Isn't she sexy? For me, she has the perfect body. Oh well, when can I have one like that?

Belated happy birthday Saicy!

October 12, 2008

My Special Day

Today is a very special day for me. We have just been from the beach and our family had a blast especially my kids. Not much food was brought but it was so much of a clelebration for me. . .(you know why?). Because it's my birthday!

Whew, 31 years of thrilling journey and still continuing doing so. Thanks to all the people who became a part of that journey, and that includes all my online friends.

I didn't have a grand party today but it was all worthy. And so, without further delay, let me greet myself again...

Curvaceous Chic Woman Curvy Plus Size Fashions

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