March 29, 2009

IT Knowledge

I attended my daughter's recognition day last Friday and was amazed at the students' achievements. Their excellence in mathematics, science, and english were obvious on the number of awards they received during the ceremonies.

I noticed that one of the major awards goes to the best in information technology. It was something unexpected for me, and I though it is quite early for elementary students to learn about computers. I was wrong, and they even have those awards to pupils as young as Grade 1.

My daughter was Grade 1, and if I had known beforehand that IT places a significant impact on their academic studies, then I would have let her learn the basics of the computer. Who knows, she might be a recipient of such award in the coming days, lol!

Everything is so modern nowadays and IT plays an important role in almost all personal and business transactions that we have. It is now deemed best to learn and get updated with the latest technology and undergo IT trainings. Lots of schools are now offering IT tutorials and trainings and for those who don't have time to go out, they can also have all the online training they want. If you just pay attention to their tutorial videos, you are off to acquire the new skills in IT!

Never be left behind, even by small kids.

Physically Tired!

I am so tired right now - - I mean, physically. The past week has been an ordeal for me, it was the first week of our 3-week rigid volleyball practice. I guess I felt all the kinds of body pains; the legs, thighs, arms and neck. Even my feet are aching and I am also suffering from colds. Oh my, I do hope I would feel better soon, since week 2 is about to kick off tomorrow.

How I wish the weekend would extend so that I could still have some rest, while making some reflections for the coming Holy Week. Since today is Sunday, guess I have to interact with fellow Christians and share insights with them through the Christian Chat Room.

Well, it's good to have spiritual nourishment for always, and everything else follow - - including physical strength!

March 21, 2009

Sick is Uncool.

Being sick is so not cool, especially if it's the kids. Last week, my brother-in-law's 6 month old son got ill and was confined in the hospital for three days. Aside from the sleepless nights they suffered just to look out for the child, they incurred expenses relative to the hospitalization, of course.

The problem with my brother-in-law though is that he just resigned from his job recently. He got no money to spare for the expenses and since he could no longer get some cash advance, hubby had no choice but to shoulder them!

Now it is really important to watch out for the kids' health. This is a hard challenge for every parent since the environment and weather nowadays are so unpredictable. Sigh!

Sporting Needs

I am really excited for our upcoming sports fest. We are going to start our rigid practice this Monday, which would continuously be done until the actual event on April 28. What excites me the most is the opportunity that I have to sweat off my largely excess pounds, since we are required to jog daily for 2 hours, plus the actual games for the rest of the day.

One thing is worrying me though and that is my sports gears. Well, I have a pair of rubber shoes but they are already old - - I doubt if they could make it to the last week of April after three weeks of rigid practice. Again, this sports fest is another opportunity for me to buy a new pair, plus other sports stuff that I might need as I go along. I better ready a good budget for these, and maybe avail of some payday loans then.

And without further delay, I browsed through the Nike website and look what I found!

I really loved them and their colors matched! These two items already reached $165, so I need to raise about P7,500. Oh my! I am hoping I could get them sooner.

March 18, 2009

Beauty and Sports

Guess I have to say hello to the scorching heat of the sun again. The last week of April will be our Mindanao-wide Palaro (sports fest), and I am included in the roster of volleyball players to represent our regional office. The last time we had this sports fest, we were the champions then and so we are deeply challenged to defend our title. Our regional director has ordered us to practice daily starting next week until the time of the actual sports fest. Whew!

The last time I played volleyball was six years ago, so I already forgot what it's like to stay under the sun for very long. But one thing I remembered was the unpleasant feeling the heat gave, especially to my skin. I have to ready an acne moisturizer then to protect my skin from the harmful rays of the sun and soothe my skin all throughout the day.

Nevertheless, I am pretty much excited for this.

March 12, 2009

HeroSan's Can This Be Love?

I was lazing around last Sunday and just tossed and turned on the bed. The kids were done watching their favorite cartoon shows then, and so their nanny took the privilege of turning the channel. She watched Cinema One and the featured movie that time was something I have never expected to see. It was Can This Be Love, which starred Hero Angeles and Sandara Park.

So I left bed and got hooked on the TV screen. I realized that I missed watching them, because I have always been amused by their team-up. It's so sad that they parted ways, they really had a huge fan base! I remember those days when they were still in the reality show Star Circle Quest, I was pregnant with my second son then. I never missed a single episode of the show, because they were really cute.

The movie was refreshing. It made me smile and it felt like I was placed back in time when I was still capable of giggling. Haha!

March 10, 2009

Amazing You

Honestly, do you think you are beautiful? Are you already satisfied with how you look that you no longer want to undergo cosmetic surgery even if for free?

We all have different perspective on what beauty is. However one thing is inevitable, we tend to be discontent with our personal appearance the moment we see others who we think are more beautiful than we are.

I am not physically perfect and I am not a beauty expert either. If chances of getting myself a better appearance through plastic surgery would be granted, I would definitely grab one! That is not the question. My concern would be on the competence of these surgeons handling the processes involved, especially on liposuction. I also need to consider their fees, so I could make up the budget. Thanks to a certain cosmetic surgery forum, all these questions in mind were answered.

Do you have questions too?

March 9, 2009

Music Monday: Heart of Mine

Gee . . . I have not featured any song for MM for two consecutive Mondays, I think. Well, I am glad to feature another great song today, which is Heart of Mine by Bobby Caldwell.

This song is old, I mean, it was released way back in 1989. I came to like this song when my brother in law sang this one night on a videoke outing we had. Here's the song:

The lyrics are already embedded in the video. Enjoy and have a great Monday!

March 8, 2009

Pork Chop and Soy Chicken

My diet was put to test last week when we went out and dined. There was no special occasion really, but hubby just thought it would be great to go out once in a while. The dinner was something the kids did enjoy, and with that, I was truly happy for them.

The dinner was not something grand though. We had the usual food on our plates, which we can afford outright. Since the kids love chicken, we never failed to order one - - hence, this:

Soy Chicken

Hubby ordered pork chop. I am not a pork enthusiast to begin with, but I liked what he ordered the instant I tasted it. It was so flavorful and fried just right. I enjoyed it without even dipping them with seasoning, the tastes was so rewarding to my palate, that I vowed to take a bite again next time. Aside from that, it was really affordable.

Pork Chop

Mmm . . .

March 6, 2009

Our Web Hosting Choices

Choosing is one thing that is hard to do. It takes a lot of thinking, weighing things as to their pros and cons. Same thing with web hosting, since there are a number of web hosting providers out there, offering the best service, with great prices and packages.

My online friends at Pinoy Exchange recently decided to put up a website and forum for our group, which shall be tentatively called Robsten Philippines. If you are wondering what Robsten means, it is the combination of Robert (Pattinson) and Kristen (Stewart), stars of the movie Twilight. We thought that we should take this toanother level in order to reach out to the other Filipino fans out there.

So we are faced with one concern right now, and that is choosing the best web hosting provider. Luckily, there are also sites which makes in-depth comparison between these providers. At one glance, one could therefore determine which one is the best.

Hmm . . . now what has the quorum chosen?

Fancy This Boots

I still have not gotten over the ballet flats that I have found in the internet recently. So I visited the website again just to take a little peek at my latest fascination. Unfortunately, after a series of clicks here and there, I stumbled upon another pair of shoes. This time, it's the Mike & Chris low boot in bark. Please take a good look below:

Whoa!!! This is pretty unique for me with its decorative buttons on the sides. This chic pair is part of the collections of Revolve Clothing. It has a leather upper with rubber soles, and a side zipper. At first glance, I admired it already but I was wondering the circumstances when I could get to wear it. The heels measure three and a half inches, really high for me but I would take the risk if I had too, lol! And since the shade of brown is a favorite color of mine, the boot's bark color just made it all the more appealing to me. I would like to imagine myself wearing this with skinny jeans perhaps.

How about you? Do you love boots? This would be a great addition to any fashionista's collection.

Pictures That Tell

I may not be an enthusiast on taking pictures, but I am so fond of looking at one, especially if they were captured in a way that is so heartwarming. I love pictures about nature, it makes me thankful how wonderful this place we live in and that we are indeed lucky and blessed. Take this picture of a sunset at San Francisco for an instance, it looks so peaceful.

I took some good look over the San Francisco pictures that go with the one above, and I fell in love with them!

Well, pictures really tell a lot, no need for words to be uttered.

March 5, 2009

Ballet Flats

Aside from bags, I am also fascinated with shoes. When I go shopping (whether in the mall or online), I usually never miss out to look for the latest style on footwear. I mean, I don't have the feet that are to die for, and I still have to undergo lots of foot spas just to have their utmost presentability, but my heart just cries out every time I see new and stylish shoes out in the market.

Now my heart is aching again because I have seen this Repetto crystal-studded ballet flats online. This flats is from Saks Fifth Avenue, an already renowned brand of clothing, bags, and shoes. Its point toe is covered with sparkling crystals with contrast trim and bow. It is made of soft suede material, and its sole made of leather. And since I am not much of a fan of high-heeled footwear, this flats has surely found its way to my fancy. This would be perfect for any jeans or shorts that I would wear!

If only I could afford this, I would definitely have one. For the meantime, I have to save up and who knows, I may be wearing this lovely thing in no time. *winks*

March 4, 2009

Home Furniture

Browsing through the net for home office furniture is one of the many things I enjoyed doing. It's like window shopping for things I get to put inside our house one of these days. I am looking forward to have our own home soon, that is why looking around for wonderful furniture seems like the best thing to do at the moment.

My personal favorite place at home is the bedroom, of course. And with that, I have found great leather sleigh beds at Furniture From Home to choose from. The bedroom set is just so lovely and from the looks of it, it would stand the test of time. I really like how the pieces matched with each other. A classic and contemporary work all the same!

Well, all the furniture I found on the website were just breathtakingly impressive, even their collection of dining room furniture.

Now I am drooling over them.

Curvaceous Chic Woman Curvy Plus Size Fashions

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