December 29, 2009

Unwanted Hair

Do you have any problems with unwanted hair? Some friends I know never fail to wear stockings every time they wear knee-length skirts, which happens to be a prescribed office uniform. They wanted to hide away those unwanted locks since they seem unsightly and a no-no for 'most' guys (well, I know some men loves hairy women). If only our legs could look as flawless as the picture on the right, then who needs those stockings or tights by the way?

I don't encounter this kind of predicament since my legs are free from unwanted hair. But, I would definitely get a IPL hair removal treatment for my underarms. I am hesitant to have this treatment at first since I have a very sensitive skin. I get irritations from even the mildest form of chemicals and pressures, so I was a bit anxious about undergoing laser. I was wrong though, and there are treatments that can be tolerated by sensitive skins, like the IPL.

The prices can are quite affordable too, which starts at around £70. This would be a perfect pamper for one's self. Likewise, this is a wonderful gift for female loved ones as you witness their transformation to flawless and radiant skin.

photo courtesy of Knightsbridge


I have been very busy with the office the past weeks. We had a contest during our Christmas party, where we have to showcase our varied talents, hence dubbed as the Christmas Variety Show 2009.

For two weeks, we had rigid practice, since we all aimed to get the top spot ~ ~ which we did (hurray!!!). I will be sharing some pictures of the party as soon as they are available.

How was your Christmas, by the way? Ours was merry, we made sure the kids get to open their presents few minutes before the clock hit 12 midnight. We are now looking forward for the New Year and for sure, this special occasion will be fun-filled and joyous.

Happy New Year everyone!

December 12, 2009

Search Marketing

Before I was drawn into and became hooked with the blogoshere, I have been a virtual assistant for some months. My work then was varied ~ ~ data gathering, comments posting, file conversion. I have also worked for a SEO expert and I was glad that I did; the things I learned from him as I went through those online tasks has contributed a lot. It was from him that I got the idea of blogging, which led me now to this.

Sadly, my SEO job was cut short when I got busy with work (my real work as a government auditor, that is). If only I have continued doing them until now, I could have known a lot about search engine marketing already. The things that I would further learn could have spared me from going through sites and books just reading about how to do the best SEO. Sigh!

Well, there are some experts who offer services for the improvement of a site's search engine marketing. They help in the generation of leads, instantly direct traffic to the site, provide valuable information on keywords, and even on converting leads to sales. They also devise some Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns which are cost effective as much as possible.

It is really amazing to learn SEO. If only I got the time, I would want to know more about it. Happy weekend!

December 9, 2009

Rosacea Cure

Are you suffering from rosacea? It is a long-term skin disease manifested by the following symptoms ~ ~ frequent redness of the face (or what they call flushing), swollen nose, red and dry itchy eyes, small red lines under the skin, and acne. This case is most likely to occur on women than men and usually with ages between 30 to 60.

Well, that does not exempt me anymore since I am over 30 years of age. I am hoping that rosacea won't make its toll against me and further add problems to my oily and acne-prone skin. Good thing though, rosacea treatment is readily available from various renowned skin care experts, like Zenmed, so if ever the dreaded condition happens, we have someone to run to for help.

Zenmed has formulated two skin care systems to treat rosacea- dry skin and oily skin. The systems may be different but they both manage your skin condition and aren't irritating to your sensitive skin.

Since I have oily skin, I will be opting for the oily skin system of rosacea cure. The system consist of three items namely, facial cleansing gel, anti-redness gel, and the support serum. The set is quite affordable too, not to mention the savings or discount they offered online. I guess their services are really effective as well. After reading some testimonies of previous customers, I was simply amazed and they got pictures to prove too.

Some people may wonder the constant redness of their faces. They may not know it, but maybe that is rosacea already. Get the best treatment now.

December 8, 2009

Back Again

I am back again . . . well, from being on hiatus for about a week or more. I was away from the blogosphere for a bit because my laptop got repaired (I had a new windows system installed) and of course, there's my brother's wedding that made the family busy and frantic few days before.

The wedding (last December 4) went very smoothly, although there were minor details which came as unexpected for us. Anyway, it is over now and those are placed behind our backs already as part of the past.

What made the occasion very special for me is the reunion with the relatives. My uncles from Luzon flew their way here to celebrate with us. It is also very delightful to see their happy faces as they see each other (the old ones, lol!) after a long time.

The official wedding pictures are not yet available at the moment as the photographer has yet to give the complete set of pictures. But I will be sharing here some images which we have taken during the special day.

my family

with my sister

I have no photo yet of the wedded couple, and so to give you a preview, I am sharing some pre-nuptial pictures they took few weeks ago. They had a vintage concept and it's really nice.

Congratulations to my brother and his wife.

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