April 25, 2009

One Week Hiatus

On Monday, our team of players will be in Davao City for a week for the Mindanao-wide sports fest our office is organizing. At this point, my heart is already beating fast as I am not used to huge competitions like this. The pressure is all the more existent on every one of our team since we have to defend our championship title. But nonetheless, we were grateful for all the support our superiors have extended to the players like us. We all had fun during the practice and it was all a great learning experience as well.

Anyway, I am also pretty excited for this travel. It is a breather from work and I am looking forward for fellowship with my co-workers from the other regions in Mindanao. This is definitely a fun trip since we are about 150 or more delegates who would go from our region.

One thing that I am apprehensive about is that I am going to leave behind my three kids. With that, I could not personally ensure for their safety at home. We all know that the present times could no longer be relied upon as far as personal safety is concerned. Well, I have to research for some home security information first so I could make further instructions with the helpers and hubby.

April 20, 2009

Bridal Bests

I was browsing the internet for sports apparel and accessories since our sports fest is getting nearer and nearer by the day. I was overwhelmed with lots of items and got confused which one to pick, considering that I have a tight budget, lol!

Browsing can really bring some amazement unto my senses and before I knew it, I was brought into the bridal kingdom. I was impressed with the best bridal prices the website offered, aside from the stylish and grand designs of their products. Plus, they also offer free shipping. I always have high regard for fairy tales and wedding gowns are just one sign of a good and happy ending, like the one below:

Now this makes me wish to get married all over again!

April 12, 2009

Tramadol For Pain

I had a gall bladder stone before, and the pain I went through every time it attacked was unbearable. It was comparable to the pain I felt when I had labor during the time when I delivered my three children. My doctor had given me some medications to take away the pain, and if I remembered it right, it was called Tramadol.

I had my bladder removed and so the stones were already taken away. But in a matter of months, I was suffering from acid reflux, the bile causing some irritations on my stomach. Again, for that predicament, I was given Tramadol for the pain.

Tramadol has been difficult to purchase here in our place. It took me a series of trips to different drug stores just to have one. Sometimes I waited for days until the stocks of the medicine arrived. If only I had known before, I would have visited the internet and buy tramadol - tramadolbluebook.com. It could have been easier for me then. At the internet, I could buy discount tramadol too. It would be so hassle-free because I could have them delivered through tramadol fedex, haha!

Now at least I would have something for the pain when my acid reflux strikes again, knowing that I could have them through the internet *winks*.

Happy Easter!

The Lord has risen! Let us be merry and grateful for He loved us so much!

"The stone was rolled away from the door, not to permit Christ to come out, but to enable the disciples to go in."

April 9, 2009

Women's Eyeglasses

I recently came across an online optical store and enjoyed browsing through their wide selection of products. The website is Visions King, and what I liked about the site is that I can have a virtual try on with their glasses by uploading my pictures. It's like I am trying the eyeglasses on, without having to go to the said optical shop in person! I even tried the eyeglasses on the right with Jennifer Lopez and here's the resulting look:

I may not have a bad vision at the moment but I really would like to recommend their items to most of my closest office mates who are in need of eyeglasses. The store has lots of eyeglasses with different materials, like metal, titanium, and plastic - - with different designs that go full frame, semi-rimless, rimless or eyebrow. Creating a fashion statement would never be a problem for people like them who have poor eye sight, haha!

Now I am excited to show this site to them this coming Monday. I am pretty sure they would enjoy trying on the various eyeglasses with just some few clicks, as if they have stepped into a real optical shop. They could have great savings when they purchase because Vision's King offers free shipping.

April 8, 2009

Gummy Candies

Gummy candies are just heavenly - - well, for me. I came to like these pieces of swee things way back five years ago, when an office mate of mine introduced it to me. We had a special audit assignment on a remote area then, and she brought along with her a pack of gummy candies.

Unfortunately, the pack's contents were short, to our utmost satisfaction and so I vowed to indulge myself with gummy candies when I get back to town, which I really did!

I admire these kinds of candies because they are creatively done, with different colors, shapes, sizes, designs and flavors. It's one thing the kids would really enjoy to consume, because they are like elastic toys waiting for some play mates. I also introduced gummy candies to my kids and they too loved them, especially the haribo gummi bears.

Haribo gummy candies have already been in existence for a very long time, so their products are already proven to be tasteful. That is why they have become popular with my kids. Too bad they are not readily available here in our place, so I still have to go online to purchase.

Wonder how those colorful sweet little things taste? Try them now!

April 7, 2009

It's Officially Summer!

Summer is finally here! That would mean a break for me from sending and fetching the kids from school, aside from answering countless assignments. The sun is always up nowadays, which is so hot, lol! With the volleyball practice I am seriously undergoing, I feel several tones darker than usual. I wonder if the sun block I applied worked, haha!

Anyways, to kick off the summer season, let me share with you this music video by the Kanto Boys, which the ABS-CBN used in their summer station ID. I liked this video because it has John Lloyd in it, plus the fact that my youngest son loved the beat so much. Every time he hears this song, I wouldn't fail to witness how his head or hips move. (Thanks to Claire for the link and Lucky who uploaded the video.)

Now this is giving me the idea of making a video too featuring my office mates doing summer sports practice, haha!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

What made my summer all the more thrilling and happy is the Twilight DVD a friend sent to me. It is a two-disc DVD, featuring all the "behind the scenes", as well as the deleted scenes from the movie. I am so indebted to this friend because she has never forgotten to include me in the reservation, since our place here has no video store! Now I am happy to see Edward again, and it's making my summer days.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Oh by the way, I love John Lloyd's shirt! It's so colorful and summer-ish!

Enjoy your summer!

April 4, 2009

Losing Weight Through Lap Band

Have you heard of the lap band system of losing weight? Well, it is my first time to hear of such term, thanks to the information supplied by the world wide web. It has gradually obtaining its popularity as treatment for obesity. This is really good news for obese people who are suffering a number of illnesses brought about by their physical weight condition.

I was going over some lap band testimonials from patients and I was amazed by their stories. They get to stick to their diet since their stomach get full early once they eat, because of the band fastened in their upper stomach. I saw some lap band before and after videos and was impressed.

Thankfully, I am not yet obese but as I was calculating my body mass index, it turned out that I am overweight. This is such a bad sign. Guess I have to inquire my physical weight status then with 1-800-GET-SLIM, so I could have any idea on the right thing to do.

Seems like my rigid volleyball practice is not making any good huh!

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