January 31, 2009

Don't Let The Bedbugs Bite.

One thing I really hate to see my children with are insect bites. That is why I have to remind their nannies every now and then to avoid such bites so that my kids' skin would remain flawless and healthy.

Most insect bites my kids usually get are from mosquitoes and small ants. I have yet to worry about bedbugs, as I have to check first their mattresses if they are infected with such. As early as now, I have to make the precautionary measures for bedbug control. It's better to be preventive than not doing anything at all. With lots of guide online, I could do them with all ease.

Sushi On Valentines

There is no stopping Valentines Day anymore. In just hours, January would be over and we would soon embrace February with open arms. February is a special month for me, since there are three special events that comes with it - - hubby's birthday, valentines, and our anniversary (not the wedding though, but as a couple BF/GF).

And since most of us are anticipating for the coming hearts day, we are now on a lookout for the best places to go and celebrate. Well, I wished for a sushi dinner this coming valentines, but I guess that would be difficult since our place is so poor of great diners and restaurants. I could just imagine how full I would be at my heart's content if I could be able to munch some of those sumptuous rolls, like the one above. That is a Hawaiian Roll with tuna at the top, which could be ordered at Yama Sushi on the Lake - - a famous catering in Mission Viejo.

Mmm . . . the food looks tempting enough and I hope hubby reads this post so that he could make one like that, haha! If only we are in CA, he wouldn't have to go through the preparations and we'll just go straight ahead to this wonderful restaurant which also offers food catering in Mission Viejo/Japanese food.

Do you love sushi? You can have the best valentines party ever and order now from the party catering in Mission Viejo, that is, if you are within their vicinity *wink*.

January 29, 2009

I Love My Family

Family is the basic unit of the society. It may be by blood relations, or even of close relationship, as long as there is love and understanding, as well as respect for one another. Just like the other basic necessitites of humans, our respective families poses a significant part of our being.

I have been married for 7 years now and I must admit that married life is not at all times sweet and pleasant. In my own little way, I strive hard in order to keep it going and uphold our promise of love 'till death do us part'.

A lot has happened on our surroundings, which alarmed me in a way. People whom I thought has the perfect marriage in the whole world has gone separated. I even admired those couples for their relationship and held them as personal examples. But to my dismay, all those wonderful years of togetherness were put to waste.

One couple close to us who parted ways even came to a point of filing for child custody. I feel sympathy for their 3 lovely girls who has to suffer the most out of it. They even transferred to another school just to keep out from the shame of it. Isn't that horrible? That case alone was enough lesson and guidance for me.

Well, for those who are having family problems, it is not yet over and chances are still knocking at your doorsteps. Wonderful and experienced individuals are available anywhere to provide you with insights about family law and even provide solutions through their services.

photo credits to National Family Solutions

Pad For Rent

I hope Google would not penalize this blog for this short advertisement I have to make. Well, for one, I was not paid to do this post and is within my free will.

This picture is my parent's bachelor's pad. It has six units and located just beside our house. As you can see, it is kinda cute eh? Well, my parents colored it yellow, as inspired by the house of Pinoy Big Brother, lol!

For now, only two units are occupied. All the six units were used to be occupied before until the start of January.

That's it. Four units are open for rent.

Digital Photo Frames

My wedding happened more than 7 years ago, a time when digital cameras were not yet very popular. Back then, cameras with films were still used, so all the pictures that document that very special event were not stored in any hard drive, but only on some rolls of film. I took a few nice pictures and placed them in a frame. Being in frames make them kind of preserved and I thought everything would still be wonderful - - until the kids were born.

I don't have any idea if kids in general are somewhat destructive in nature, or just my kids. The frames I properly displayed within the confines of our house were now damaged and the pictures crumpled. The pictures of my eldest kid's first birthday were nowhere to be found, I wonder where they put them, and some were already filled with pens and crayons all over. Sigh, those evidences of happy moments were gone.

But fortunately, with the age of technology rising at an impressive pace, special moments can now be captured in digital cameras. At least now i could view them anytime I want, without the worry that the kids might play with them and accidentally get destroyed. And I could put them in frames too - - with Ceiva digital photo frames. Digital photo frames is unique in such a way that they automatically displays photos sent by family and friends and even without PC or internet connection. They have a wide variety of frames, even 8-inch high definition display.

Now here's a good new way to preserve pictures!


Back In Each Other's Arms

Yeah. Hubby and I would be back in each other's arms again and this time, it's official.

But don't get me wrong though. The thing is, we would be together again after 10 months. He would be transferred to the branch office here in our place as a replacement to the one who passed away recently.

His transfer would take effect starting February. The kids are excited their dad would be back, especially my daughter whose school is just in front of her dad's office. *grins*

January 28, 2009

Apparels at Wholesale

For some time now, I have been quite inactive with eBay. I have already bought and sold a number of clothing stuffs, which I enjoyed doing so in its course. There was one time I was surfing through some signature shirts and found them way too affordable than I could imagine. At that instant, I was so excited and an idea came to me that I could purchase lots of them and then sell it here to friends and whoever are interested.

This business idea is still thrilling me to the core and I am hoping I could realize it in due time. With that, I have to raise the necessary financial resources first. But on the other hand, I have to consider other options as well and find some superb sites that offer wholesale clothing. With the discount I could get from wholesale purchases, less finances would be involved.

I chanced upon Wholesale Fashion Square and was amazed at their trendy and quality selection of clothing. I found some wonderful shirts, jeans, dresses, skirts, sweater, and even wholesale fashion jewelry. Hmm . . . they even got plus sized fashionable apparels, which would just be perfect for me, lol!

Oh well, as soon as I could finalize my picks, I have to contact my cousin and ask if he could accommodate me by receiving my orders.

January 27, 2009

Dakota Joins New Moon?

The Twilight fever has not worn out even a bit, especially now that its sequel, New Moon, is about to start filming too. A number of controversies have already ignited up even at the pre-production stage, a clear indication really that this sequel is highly anticipated about.

And as for the latest buzz regarding the casts of New Moon, it seems that Dakota Fanning is going to play as Jane of the royal Volturi coven of vampires. She has been in various great movies in the past - - Hide and Seek (2005), Charlotte's Web (2006), War of the Worlds (2005) - - to name a few. Personally, I would love to see her as Jane, as she herself admitted that she is in love with Twilight and would really want to be portray a vampire in the movie.

"It's definitely possible. I really hope it works out. It would be a really fantastic experience I'm sure." Dakota had said in her interviews. She has already confirmed that she is already in talks with the production.

Well, I'll just keep my fingers crossed that she will be Jane. Talks about Vanessa Ann Hudgens to play Leah the werewolf already died down since the character wouldn't be introduced in the sequel after all. And as for Jacob Black's character . . . hmm . . . no offense to Taylor believers but I really find him short for the role. Tons of height is needed then. For me, Steven Strait is still the perfect Jacob, haha!

File Backup

It is really very frustrating every time distractions come in between your work. The moment you got your momentum, bad circumstances also butt in, which hinders the excellent work flow. Well, that happened to my office mate last week. There was something wrong with her CPU which needs to be repaired as soon as possible. With our deadline coming up in just some few weeks, panic was surely written all over our faces.

Good thing, though, that she had her laptop and could continue her work on it. But since all the files were in her CPU, she has to do some back up to be able to work on over her laptop. If only there is a backup software she can use, so that she can easily restore all the files in her hard drive while the CPU is on repair. Being an internet buff that she is, she came across a site that offers backup software for sale, called the EzBackup. We checked it out and was amazed with its impressive features like generating complete image backup, keeping multiple dated copies of backups, or making the backup to any external and internal drive. Plus, they will be having a great EzBackup promotion, with huge discounts as high as 51% off from the original price. Well, that would happen on the February 9th.

Interested? Download free trial now!

January 26, 2009

Music Monday: Live Your Life

Irresistible Fascination's feature for this week's Music Monday is another dance song from an equally great artist - - Rihanna. Well, the song is really performed by T.I. and Rihanna is just a featured artist.

Well, here's the song entitled Live Your Life. Enjoy!

Lyrics | Rihanna lyrics - Live Your Life lyrics

January 24, 2009

Digital Camera

Two months ago, an office mate of mine had their house robbed. Some of her jewelries were gone and also her digital camera, which she have made a handful of effort just to have one. The said belongings were placed in a cabinet/drawer just beside their bedroom window, so I guess that made them accessible to the thief's hands.

The jewelries also cost something to her, but the camera really made her wary. It is something very useful since she is fond of capturing every moment she had with family and friends. She was starting all over again in the process of acquiring another one, and as a gift to herself, she got one last month during the Holidays - - a 7.2 megapixel Sony Digital Camera. Although the acquisition was on installment basis, but at least she has something of use to document her long vacation.

Now that she has her new camera, she is eyeing for a great and affordable memory card. Well, choosing one would not be a problem at all, because digital camera accessories are sold everywhere within our reach, even through the internet. I have suggested some sites for her to browse through and hoped she could figure out what to buy in no time.

Movies I Watched The Past Week

I have seen three movies during the past week and I should say I enjoyed doing it so. These three films were not a disappointment as far as I am concerned, so I would give a thumbs up for them. Here are the flicks that has entertained me in one way or another . . .

Bedtime Stories

It was a kids' flick alright, with Adam Sandler in the lead role. This movie gave my kids a good laugh and got giddy finding Zack and Cody on TV on one of the scenes. Well, for one Keri Rusell is really pretty and really looked nice on screen. The little kids were so much adorable too, even their guinea pig Bugsley. I also was happy to see Courteney Cox again, looking slim and beautiful as ever. Hmm . . . it brought me back to the time when I was super hooked with the Monica-Chandler love story on Friends. Oh and one more thing, I liked Adam Sandler's cellphone ring tone. I wonder where I could get one like that.

Love Me Again

A local movie here in the Philippines featuring the country's heartthrob Piolo Pascual. This is his first big screen partnership with Angel Locsin, who I came to like so much since she transferred to ABS-CBN. Love Me Again is another romantic film which has never failed to make me feel good, and I like its more mature sense, than the past Star Cinema romantic flicks. It also made me catch a glimpse of Bukidnon, which was indeed very beautiful and scenic. Watching this movie also made me want to catch more Angel-Piolo tandem in the future. They really look good together.

Transporter 3

I saw this movie just today and I am thankful to have watched it. Hubby already saw this film so I was off to watch this alone. Well, it was really entertaining in a sense that there are a lot of action scenes, although at some points I doubt if they could be realistically performed by any ordinary individual. I first came to like Jason Stratham on Transporter 1, and I liked him all the more here in 3 because of his romantic side. I never realized he could be as romantic as Romeo or Edward, lol!

January 21, 2009

Two Day Hiatus

I will be taking a break these next two days. Tomorrow will be my daughter's 7th birthday and she really wanted to follow her Daddy at Cagayan de Oro City, which is a four-hour drive from our place.

I laid down the choices for her on what to do on her big day. It was either go to Cagayan or have a party with her classmates. She chose the first one.

Oh well, so we are set to be off tomorrow and Friday then. Fortunate for my daughter because they have just concluded their 3rd periodical exams, but unfortunate for my second son because their exams are scheduled tomorrow. I have to ask his teacher's permission to take the test next week so that he could come with us. As for my third kid, there's no problem with exams since he was not yet in school, so he is going too.

Sigh . . . I'll be missing everybody. But it's just two days.

Affordable Web Hosting

Most of you might already have your own domain but for those who have yet to get one and are looking for cheap web hosting, please take time to go over this. Here's a great site which offers services for private-label reseller programs and hosting solutions to customers anywhere in the world. A recipient of many hosting awards, Lypha Networks aims at extending the best quality services at affordable rates.

With their powerful and reliable web servers and very skilled team of web hosting experts, Lypha promises for your peace of mind in budget web hosting. They have 24/7 support through phone, email and live chat, so they could easily address all your concerns anytime of the day.

You can also host a number of domains under one master account, under the reseller web hosting. This has been made easy by Lypha so starting a business over the internet would just be a piece of cake with them.

Hmm . . . it looks so enticing alright! Got to check them out.

January 20, 2009

A Mother's Dilemma

If I am to name an activity that my kids do the most, it would be watching television. Especially my youngest son, who is not yet in school, they really love to watch cartoons which left me not being able to watch my favorite television shows at night.

I worry too much about their fascination with cartoons - - not that cartoon shows are bad but there are some shows which were advised by my son's developmental pediatrician to avoid watching. Unfortunately, the shows to avoid were the ones my kids fancy the most, and that is Mr. Bean (both the animated and human ones) and Tom and Jerry. Mr. Bean is a representation of an autistic personality, which could be imitated by its viewers. Sad to note though that my kids are fond of imitating is every action, gah! Tom and Jerry may not be something autistic but its lack of dialogue may attribute to speech delay on its viewers. Actually, the doctor indicated to avoid those cartoon shows which has no dialogue and violent in nature because they do not enhance the child's speaking abilities and triggers the hyperactivity of those kids having ADHD.

My second son has already been diagnosed with at risk to ADHD and I am really having a hard time forbidding them to watch Mr. Bean. Now my youngest would cry his heart out every time I change the channel. I worry about him too because he is going to be 3 this April and yet he still can't speak coherently!

Ahh . . . a mother's dilemma indeed.

Forever Dawn - Unpublished Twilight Sequel

So much about the Twilight hype . . . but I still have not gotten over with it. I have already read the four books again and again, going back to those wonderful and romantic quotes and lines Bella and Edward spoke in the story. I even listened to the audio books too, and I never get tired doing so. I was even through with Midnight Sun too and it was way too better than Twilight because I get to understand Edward's perspective and reading it hyped up all the excitement because Edward could read any person's mind, for that matter.

Well, I learned just recently that Stephenie Meyer was writing a sequel for Twilight, long before New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn came into conception. It was entitled Forever Dawn and it comprised a story that passed over Bella's high school experiences and skipped ahead of time to a more mature theme.

Hmm. . . I could handle that. But unfortunately, Meyer isn't planning of publishing the book at all. To think that it has 700 pages or so, that must be a very good read! I bet Meyer's big sister had a great time reading it, since she gave it to her as a birthday gift.

Forever Dawn seems like a combined forces of the three books following Twilight, that is, minus Jacob Black on the centerstage. Gee, isn't that great?

Dental Care

My teeth were no longer the same since I became pregnant with my first baby. It became worse all the more when I became pregnant again and again with my second and third. I really don't know the actual fact behind those conditions, but I just observed that my teeth were at their weakest during the times of my pregnancies.

My teeth are one part of me that I am so much anxious about. I have undergone orthodontic procedures when I was still in college, but everything came to naught since I could not do the regular visits due to reasons I already now forget. Guess I have to avail another round of dental services all over again.

I came across a website and was amazed at the services that they offer, like TMJ treatment, teeth whitening, cosmetic dentistry, tooth fillings, dental implants and bad breath treatment. Cosmetic dentistry interested me the most, especially since my front teeth have moved far apart, which is the reason why I hardly give a flashing smile to people. This Beverly Hills dentist has got a number of very competent ans skilled staff. For over 25 years of dental practice, the experience they acquired are already deemed outstanding. Plus, they got the state of the art equipments, a guarantee to clients on their great services.

If only I am near them . . .

January 19, 2009

Music Monday: Single Ladies

Okay, this song is not applicable to me since I am very much married. But for this week's Music Monday, I would like to feature this new song from Beyonce because I just thought it would be nice to post some dance songs once in a while. The past MMs I have featured were mostly mellow songs, and this is something for a change.

So stand up single ladies, raise your banners high!

All the single ladies (7x)

[Verse 1]
Now put your hands up
Up in the club(club)
Just broke up(up)
Doing my own little thing
You decided to dip (dip)
And now you wanna trip (trip)
Cuz another brother noticed me
I'm up on him (him), he up on me (me)
Don't pay him any attention
Done cried my tears (tears), for three good years(years)
Ya can't be mad at me

Cuz if you liked it then you should have put a ring on it
If you liked it then you should put a ring on it
Don't be mad once you see that he want it
If you liked it then you shoulda put a ring on it
Uh oh oh Uh oh oh oh oh oh Uh oh oh(x2)

[Verse 2]
I got gloss on my lips (lips), a man on my hips(hips)
Hold me tighter than my Dereon jeans
Acting up (up), drink in my cup (cup)
I can care less what you think
I need no permission, did I mention
Don't pay him any attention
Cuz you've had your turn (turn)
And now you gone learn
Wat it really feels like to miss me

[Chorus x2]

Don't treat me to the things of the world
I'm not that kind of girl
Your love is what I prefer, what I deserve
Is a man that makes me, then takes me
And delivers me to a destiny, to infinity and beyond
Pull me into your arms
Say I'm the one you want
If you don't, you'll be alone
And like a ghost, I'll be gone

All the single ladies (7x)
Now put your hands up

January 17, 2009

Enjoy Paintball

There are times when we really want to enjoy and have fun but we don't have something in mind what to do in order to achieve a certain degree of entertainment. Well, here's a great suggestion to people who love adventure and thrill, and yet fun is sprinkled all over it - - paintball.

Paintball is an exciting game where players eliminate opponents by shooting them with paint from a carbon dioxide or compressed-gas powered paintball gun. It can be played indoors or outdoors and the game has its varied forms. Two opposing teams are usually involved, so that means you can get to play it with your friends and family. Just imagine yourself pointing your paintball sniper at a friend you caught off guard, haha!

To make the game more enjoyable, put on those paintball gear and have the necessary equipments. You can do so by visiting Ultimate Paintball and browse through their numerous gears and equipments of different brands. Plus, they offer free shipping. For more inquiries about paintball, you can throw them to their online representative through live chat.

January 14, 2009

On Crashed Gate and Awards

Before I readied myself for work this morning, I happen to pass by our gate and can't help but feel the guilt on the small scratch it acquired. Well, a scratch is just an understatement, since it was really slightly disformed. Hubby have to kick it back so it would not crack open on the side.

So, what caused the gate's crashed state? Hmmm. . . I may be held responsible but I have to put all the blame to this.

I'm only human . . . born to make mistakes. I was just thankful that my dad forgave me for both damages, lol!

Notwithstanding the mistake, I got an award! And this time, it is from Liza. This is my first award for the year. Please take a glimpse below.

Here are the rules for the recipients:

1. Put the logo on your blog or post.
2. Nominate at least 10 blogs which show great Attitude and/or Gratitude!
3. Be sure to link to your nominees within your post.
4. Let them know that they have received this award by commenting on their blog.
5. Share the love and link to this post and to the person from whom you received your award.

Now I am thrilled to pass this award to these wonderful and outstanding blogs: Lalaine's World, Life's Sweets and Spices, Girl For All Status, My Own Utopia, Windmill On The Hill, The Domestic Goddess, Complex Life, My Everything, Honey's In Love, and Rosilie: My Blog.

January 13, 2009

Don't Be Left Out With I.T.

I admit I am not an expert in information technology. As much as I wanted to get well-versed with computers, the internet and the new technological innovations, I really haven't got all the time to familiarize them by heart due to time and financial constraints.

I was just a little fortunate with the office that I am employed because they usually conduct information technology seminars and workshops for their employees. I was able to attend a seminar on Basic IT and was able to understand its basic and intermediate features. It really helped a lot in the course of my work, especially those more enhanced courses that were conducted subsequently.

I guess I am like father. He is very much interested in IT. I mean, he was not born in the modern world, but he seems to be in awe with what those new technologies bring. He has no qualms obtaining new knowledge despite his present age, and I wondered if he could absorb everything. Anyway, he is gradually applying these new IT enhancements on his business. The thing is - - our place happens to be a little bit backward as far as technology is concerned. And that is why my father is pretty excited for the innovations he applied on his business because that meant he would belong to the pioneers in his field. Well, if only manhattan it consulting is available here, he would have gotten their services.

Oh well, the best of luck for my father.

January 12, 2009

My Prom

I still have not recovered from the infliction Twilight has made upon me. I bet this will still go a long way, especially that the sequels to the first movie are yet to be released - - or even filmed. Anyway, Twilight has a lot of scenes that I fell in love with, and that includes the prom scene. Who wouldn't love a very romantic night with your loved one with a great music and atmosphere, right? Not to mention the wonderful prom dresses you get to wear for the occasion.

Watching the movie just turns me back in time. Well, I may not have a love life in my early years but my heart was not made of stone either. And I have to admit that the most exciting part of being a high school was the prom. It's been 16 years since I went to my first prom. This was when I was still a junior in high school. We did not get the chance to wear beautiful prom dresses because we were made to wear a gala (for uniformity, said our administrator). But that did not stop us from having fun, as we danced the night along with the favorite songs and tunes that we had way, way back. At least we were not having a competition then, as to who would emerge the grandest. I remembered very well how shy I was, especially to the seniors but I happen to overcome it as soon as fun and thrill were painted all over the venue.

Prom is only just around the corner. January would soon be over and before you know it - - it's prom night! I just can smile every time thoughts about the past come to mind. I wonder how I would like if I have just worn those classy prom dresses. Would I be beautiful and breathtaking? Haha, in my dreams! I could have worn something like this.

Well, I also realized now as I matured that we only get to experience those kind of things once or twice, so better enjoy them to the fullest while you're still there. Be the best of who you can be and wear a prom dress Jovani, if you must. The internet offers a lot of great prom dresses and prom advice, so I guess anxieties over these ocassions should be erased to thin air then.

Pinay Chef Stays At The White House

Now here is something Obama has done impressive, and that is retaining the Fil-American chef at the White House. Such a delectable representation indeed!

Here's the news (from Perryscope.org):

Some prominent foodies have been clamoring for change in the White House kitchen. But President-elect Barack Obama and his wife, Michelle, have decided that Cristeta Comerford, the executive chef at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, will stay put, a transition official said on Thursday.

Ms. Comerford, the first woman to hold the executive chef post, has been in the job since 2005. And some gourmands have argued that that is long enough. Ruth Reichl, the editor of Gourmet magazine, sent a letter to Mr. Obama, along with restaurateurs Alice Waters and Danny Meyer, offering to help him select someone new for the job. Ms. Reichl said the White House could use a chef who cooks local and organic foods and picks some of it from the presidential garden.
But a transition official said that First Lady Laura Bush spoke very highly of Ms. Comerford and that the Obamas, who have two young daughters, also liked the fact that Ms. Comerford is a mother herself. Mrs. Bush’s office has praised Ms. Comerford in the past for creating “original dishes with American flavor.” “They had heard a great deal about her from Mrs. Bush,’’ said the transition official, who spoke on condition of anonymity. “The Bushs just loved her. There’s no need for making a change.’’

Ms. Comerford is a naturalized citizen who came to the United States from the Philippines when she was 23. She has a bachelor’s degree in food technology from the University of the Philippines and has studied classic French cooking and worked in Austria. She also worked as chef at two Washington hotels. She joined the White House as an assistant chef in 1995.

Her predecessor, Walter Scheib III, who was hired by Hillary Clinton when she was first lady, was fired by Mrs. Bush in 2005. He said at the time that he had been unable “to satisfy the first lady’s stylistic requirements.’’

He did a wonderful decision. Keep it up!

January 11, 2009

Caring For Your Toe Nails

When I was still a kid, I don't usually show off my feet. Every time my mom and I would shop for a footwear, I always go for those closed shoes. The reason why I disliked the use of sandals way way back was because I was afraid to show my toe nails, which were not really taken good care of. I really envy those classmates of mine before, whose feet were all so tidy and white. Well, that was the past and all behind me now.

Now I am so much in love with flip flops, that I sometimes even wear them in the office. Not that my feet is now so heavenly-looking, but at least it has improved a lot as far as cleanliness is concerned. I now go to foot spas and pedicures but thank God I don't have to undergo toenail fungus treatment in my case.

I had a friend once who had this fungi problems and whose nails were in yellow. Some of those nails got thicker and really bad to look at. Well, if only I had known about the nail fungus treatment long ago, then I would have given her such advice.

It is said that nail fungus takes a long time to be removed. Therefore, it is best if we take precautionary measures and spare from the dilemma. Here are some tips:

  • Keep your nails short, clean and dry.
  • When using public facilities, always wear protective shoes.
  • Eat a well-balanced diet for a strong immune system.
  • Don't pick at the skin around your nails.
  • Use anti-fungal powders and sprays in your shoes.
  • See a doctor and get a toe fungus treatment.

January 10, 2009

Eye Make-up

I don't usually put on make up too often, not that I dislike the use of it, but laziness always strike me sometimes. But if there is one thing that I will not miss everytime I went out of the house is to enhance my eyes and brows. I am not physically gifted in this area, unlike my kids and hubby, so I see to it that my brows were applied with the eyebrow pencil and my eyes with eyeliner.

Eyes are somewhat our frontliners when we come face to face with people. It is something they take notice and observe the first. I may not have the best st of eyes in the whole world but that does not place a problem to me at all because there are lots of alternatives to beautify my eyes, and that includes eye makeup.

I use eye pencils all the time, and I should really be thankful for their existence. My brows were really very thin, and without the pencil, it would seem that I don't have any brows at all, haha! And oh, those pencils really helped me enhance my eyes and appear deep-set. I may get teary-eyed sometimes while applying them but I never mind as long as the end result is wonderful.

Oh well, my friends suggested that I go for a tattoo, but I am scared about that. So, I'd rather stick with my eye make-up.


This past week has been unfriendly to me healthwise. Aside from the menstrual period that I had, I was always experiencing heartburn. For the week alone, I think I had the heartburn attack of about four times. I don't know if that is something to be worried about so I made a little research about it on the internet.

So what is heartburn? According to webmd.com, heartburn is an irritation of the esophagus caused by stomach acid. It is something that you feel within your chest, a burning sensation to be exact, like some sour and hot acid melting within from chest to throat. It was really very uncomfortable and I could very well remember that I could not relax. It also feels like some food were stuck in my throat which I would really like to throw off. Heartburn happens because of a relaxed lower esophageal sphincter (LES), which do not tighten as it should.

Hmmm... guess I have to avoid eating foods that tend to relax the LES, which are as follows: tomatoes, garlic, onions, and chocolates. My, that might be really hard to do. I am just lucky though that I am not that crazy over coffee, alcohol and smoking becasue they also make the LES relaxed. Too much acid, just like in my case, also contributes heartburn.

January 8, 2009

Men Can Have Cosmetic Surgery Too

Given the right financial resources, we ladies tend to include beauty in our priority of activities. The processes may involve surgical or non-surgical, as long as we get our desired appeal and look. It is but natural for women to feel the need to be always beautiful and attractive, and luckily, there are a lot out there who professionally provide those services.

But wait . . . cosmetic surgeries are no longer limited to the women species anymore and has increasingly becoming a hit among the male population too. I guess with the universal concern about gender equality, cosmetic surgery for men came to birth in order to address the men's need for beauty. Now that they too could be able to correct those features that they deemed imperfect, men can feel confident about themselves.

For fat elimination or a great body, men can also undergo the processes of liposuction, or pectoral implants. Free consultations are available so it would be easier for them to get an idea about looking great. Well, surely they are the stronger sex, so they could endure all those surgical procedures without effort :: winks ::.

So to the boys of our lives - - make yourself amazing!
photo credit to mya.co.uk

Mr. Angry and Ms. Calm

I have never opened my yahoo email inbox during the long break until today. Well, as expected, the unread messages piled up to more than 300 hundred already and I immediately felt lazy to check out each of them.

One thing caught my attention and that is, the title of this post. It is a forwarded message about optical illusion pictures and so, I thought it would be great to share it here.

Here's what you shall do...

Watch the picture from your seat and you will notice Mr. Angry on the left and Ms. Calm on the right. Get up from your seat and move back for about 4-5 feet. What will you notice?

Happy Thursday!

January 7, 2009

Losing Weight For the New Year

I was kind of disappointed with myself for not being able to resist all those delicious but fatty foods during the Holidays. What made it all worse was the fact that I was also not able to go to my dance exercise sessions anymore for a month or more.

Now I am worried how much I weighed and that is why I dreaded having to take a look at it on the scale. Well, I have to go over the process of losing weight again, since I have lost track during the long break. Guess I have to put effort again in sweating out, and maybe include the best diet pills in the process, huh!

I have come across with Proactol reviews in the past and I wonder if they are really effective. It is the first thing that came to my mind upon thinking of doubling my effort in losing weight, especially since they were made affordable with Proactol discount.

Again, wish me luck!

photo credits to bestdietpills-1.com

January 6, 2009

My Daughter's Hairdo

I have mentioned a few time already how crazy I have been with Twilight. Well, the craze have not yet subsided from me and I do not have any idea how long I would be hooked with this unique romantic story and its characters.

Aside from Bella and Edward, my next favorite character is Alice Cullen. I just love her tandem with Jasper and got the more excited upon knowing that they are together for real. What I liked about Alice is her outgoing personality, her sense of fashion and of course, her hair. That is why I cut my hair short and had her do during our office's Christmas party.

Well, guess my daughter Julianne Nicole (Nikki) has been caught up in my craziness too because she asked me to have her hair done just like Alice's for a birthday party last December 30. I was really amused by her request but I did it anyway. Hubby said I did a great job but I thought otherwise.

Anyways, here's my daughter and mind you, she refused to wear a party hat during the party because it might ruin her hairdo, haha!

How's that for a fascination?

Unsecured Loans for a Tight Budget

Now that the Holidays and shopping is over, everybody is off to sweat it out and make some money. Of course, situations like this could not be avoided and we really tend to spend as much as we can to make our Holidays happy and fun, no matter what lies ahead afterward. Well, there are lots of alternatives in order to have the cash needed for unavoidable expenses after the Holidays and that includes unsecured loans.

In fact, getting a loan has been a very famous way to have money and I know a lot of friends who availed unsecured personal loans just to produce the money they needed for their various expenses. Of course I am not spared of this, as I also went over this alternative every now and then whenever I am short of cash.

Now, worry not for you can still pay for your bills and pending projects for the new year. Availing a loan doesn't hurt as long as you know your capacity to repay them. There are great plans to choose from, according to your needs and income. But there are also some personal loan interest rates that are low and affordable, very flexible indeed. You wouldn't have any trouble with your budget.

January 5, 2009

On Search Engine Optimization

I once worked as a part time virtual assistant long before I became a blogger. I worked for a nice person, who happened to be an expert in search engine optimization and that experience somehow gave me an idea about the said field. Of course, SEO is important in order to get one's website up in the rankings, which goes with it the prized unique visitors, the good name, and the monetary gain from leads and clients. For now, I guess this is the foremost solution for any website to be known and attract visitors, to keep up their reputation, to increase their revenue and strengthen their network.

There are lots of things to learn to, so that one could be able to fully understand search engine optimization. It is one broad area needed to be dissected and explored in order to master the skill, not to mention that once in a while new updates emerge on the net and so new researches have to be made. I am amazed how SEO experts devotedly learn everything and mastered the art. It seems like there has so much to do in order to get to the bottom of it and that I don't have the perseverance that they have. It's a good thing that a lot of them have extended their services to everyone, so websites would no longer have to go through some headaches just to be on top.

photo credits to iMajestic.com

2009: Moving Forward

Yay, it's the new year! How time flies so fast indeed, one moment everybody was fussing over the Y2k problem as the new millennium was about to unfold, and now it's already 2009. But no matter how fast these times pass by, we could simply enjoy them if we take and live each moment positively. New year is here, it means new hope and new dreams, so as we brace ourselves to the new horizon of 2009, here's hoping for a more fruitful and more blessed living sprinkled with more love, peace and harmony in the family.

Anyways, the 2008 Holidays had been a blast for our family. It was such a joy watching the kids open up their Christmas presents as soon as the clock's hand pointed 12 midnight. We have not prepared much food though, but we never failed to prepare the kids' favorites so everybody still had fun munching. The kids attended a number of Christmas parties and their excitement were written all over their faces. Whew! At least they were happy during the long break.

Here's a view of my family's faces during the Holidays:

So we are off to the new year. As early as now, I have to jot down my wish list for the year 2009 and once in a while I will come back in this post to see if each of them have materialized. Most of them are neccesities at the house. Here's the partial list:

  • Washing machine
  • Study table for my daughter
  • New closet for the kids
  • New shoe rack
  • DVD player
  • Rubber shoes (for me)
  • New cellphone (for me)
  • New cellphone (for my daughter)
  • A hot and cold water dispenser

Hmm . . . I wonder if hubby would be interested to see this list?

Once again, Happy New Year guys! Mwah!

January 3, 2009


I got married seven years ago, in the church. I remembered very well how radiant I was (well, not maybe on the outside but inside). But since the facilities long ago were not that impressive like nowadays, there were a lot of things I wished I had during my wedding which could have been very possible now.

Now that I'm on my 7th year of married life, hubby and I planned to undergo another wedding ceremony on our tenth year. Wow, I never thought he could still be that romantic but I simply liked the idea very much. That would be two years away from now since we will turn 8 years this year.

I am still contemplating on whether I have to be a dashing bride once again for that matter, or just be the plain wife I have been and grab this one opportunity to look gorgeous. As excited as I was, I came across some wonderful bridal stuffs and immediately got fascinated with them. Here are my favorites at the moment (and subject to change without prior notice, haha!).

Take notice that both are in contrast, with the first one looking very grand to project myself as every inch a bride while the second one is very simple yet neat and beautiful, depicting my journey as a wife but looking happy and contented after a decade.

Well, which one do you think is better?

January 1, 2009

Greetings For The New Year

It's finally the year 2009! And as this very first day unfolds, let me wish a very fruitful and blessed 2009 for all of us . . .

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