July 28, 2010


Are you familiar with the now defunct TV show called Friends? Well, it was one of my favorites.

Are you familiar with these people then? They have been my favorite characters since way back and I follow them until now even on their separate projects, especially Jen Aniston and Matthew Perry. I am incredibly missing the show. Who wouldn't miss those hilarious antics, funny lines, amusing clashes and happy get-togethers? The numerous awards the show and the casts' have garnered were proof enough that this show was indeed loved by many.

It has already been a long time since their last airing. I do hope the people behind this wonderful show would decide on bringing it up back to air or maybe make a movie, just to get the six of them back together. That would definitely be outstanding!

By the way, what's your favorite FRIENDS episode?

July 25, 2010

On Being Overweight

Imagine a lady weighing 148 lbs and only 5'3 in height . . . yep, that is me. These stats are already alarming for me since I have a history of hypertension. I am already overweight, so to speak.

To refrain you from making imaginations about myself, well, here's a picture of me.

I usually don't share my pictures to everybody that easily for fear that I may be laughed at. It hurts to know that I am not fond with my physical appearance. The idea that it is so difficult for me to fit in or look good with a beautiful dress frustrates me. But I also know that is not a healthy thought. I have to love and take care of myself.

Anyway, as I have said, I have to watch my diet now in order to avoid from getting heavier and heavier. It pains me to look back on my old pictures when I was still slim. I have engaged myself to a lot of sports activities just get back in shape - - volleyball, badminton, dancing - - to no avail. Those extra pounds just won't let go off my system. I just don't know yet if Protein Supplements for diet and weight loss would make an effect on me. That I gotta try but have to consider the negative effects, if any.

I am not losing hope then. This is a battle I have with myself that needs to be won.

July 24, 2010

Schwarzenegger Nominates 1st Filipina-American Chief Justice

This news is such a welcome surprise! I admire Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger for believing in Justice Tani Cantil-Sakauye's credentials and qualifications. This is definitely another moment to be proud of, when another Filipino is making waves abroad.

"Justice Tani Cantil-Sakauye has a distinguished history of public service and understands that the role of a justice is not to create law but to independently and fairly interpret and administer the law," the governor has said.

If confirmed by a three-member commission and voters in November, the nomination consequently would put Cantil-Sakauye the 1st Filipina-American Chief Justice of the state, as well as replace Chief Justice Ron George.

More details of the news could be read here.

July 22, 2010

Finally Moved In

Yes, we have finally moved in to our new home!

Last Saturday, July 17, 2010, we have settled into our new abode. Just when the clock went 5 in the morning, we were up to load all our things into the truck. We arrived at the new house around 6:30am, and began putting the things in place. The kids were still left at my parents' house since we have yet to put everything in order. They got to their new home late in the afternoon already and they were so excited.

The house blessing followed the day after. It was just a simple affair, no guests - - just us, hubby's and my parents and siblings. It was one event that we would surely cherish, because after almost 9 years of being married, we finally have a place of our own.

the living room

the dining room

the kitchen

Shown above are some pictures of the house' interiors, taken very recently. Our living and dining rooms are still bare, and we are planning on buying some additional furniture and appliances for enhancement. I was thinking of putting some rustic furniture, since they are timeless. They would definitely place the bare areas of the house a classic touch and scenic look.

Now that we are on our new home, we realized that we lacked a lot of items. We gotta have them already so we could have the house warming then. ***wink***

July 21, 2010

Brangelina on Salt Premier

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie showed up before the public during the Los Angeles premier of the movie Salt last July 19. Well, Salt is one movie that I am looking forward to, given its mixture of action, drama and thriller. I just hope the movie's showing here in our place would not be delayed.

Here's a picture of Brangelina on the premier:

Brad is still looking very handsome despite the age. Especially now without the beard, Brad just never ceased to put me to awe. Angelina, on the other hand, looked skinny to me, seems like she lost some weight here. Well, she still is sexy and they really look good together.

I am finally accepting the fact that these two Hollywood royalties are a match made in heaven. I am a huge Jennifer Aniston fan, and will always be. But life has to go on for Jen, so I should stop being bitter against Brangelina now. Actually, this famous couple amazes me in different ways and their relationship is quite a great example to many.

I also admire their passion for kids. They have already done a lot of good things for the less fortunate. Talking about sharing their blessings indeed!

July 14, 2010

I Am Sick

Whew! I haven't made a post for a week already! That is because a lot of circumstances have bothered me physically. The past days was difficult and has rendered me weak that I ended up staying in bed and unable to go to work.

Well, my appetite was lost and it made me sick to the core just by looking at any food. I was forced to take energy drinks just to have anything inside my stomach and even those liquids have gone out few moments after they have entered. I was lucky though that I was not dehydrated.

Anyway, I am slowly recovering right now. I had a body massage yesterday and I can feel those unwanted air leaving out my system. My head is no longer groggy and my stomach no longer hurts so extremely. Hoping this will completely go so soon.

July 7, 2010

Wanting Eclipse.

I am looking forward for two Eclipses - - yes, the movie and the phone.

The third installment of the Twilight saga - Eclipse - is not yet showing here in our place and I am already very anxious for it. It has been more than a week since the official first day showing of the movie and not even a single poster is found on the cinema's lobby here in the area. All my twilighter friends online have already seen it and it breaks me to the bone knowing that I am left behind. Oh well! I am so thrilled to see Edward and Bella again on the big screen. They told me the Bella-Charlie sex talk and the tent scenes are epic and they enjoyed every seconds of it. They also said that Riley is cute and were joking to form another team for him. Oh, and the meadow scenes!

And being a Twihard that I am, I have come across a very nice phone that is a tie-up to Eclipse. The phone is called Eclipse Windows, from Cherry Mobile. This made me excited especially upon knowing that it is already available in the market at a low price, being a smart phone, that is.

Here are the features of the unit and I hope to have one when the budget permits, lol!

  • Windows Mobile 6.5
  • Touch Screen
  • 2.0 Megapixel Camera
  • Dual SIM/Dual Standby
  • Wifi / Bluetooth
  • Multimedia Player
  • FM Radio
  • GPS
  • Micro SD Card up to 8GB
The Eclipse trailer and some great wallpapers are embedded in the phone already. Wow!

July 3, 2010

High Quality Video Chat

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of faceVsion Technology USA. All opinions are 100% mine.

Before I became active in blogging, I did a number of online jobs on a part-time basis. The employers usually require an interview, in order to know more about me and my qualifications. During those times, my yahoo messenger and skype accounts were more than active, since they were the modes of communication between me and the various job offerers.

Thanks to my brother, I was able to show up on video interviews, whenever some of the employers require. He had a web camera then, but of low quality. I have not minded it at first, as long as I could get face to face with the person I am talking with, that's fine. But as time went by, the importance of high definition web cameras dawned unto me. Some employers complain of the poor reception of my camera, to which left me no choice but be declined. If only I knew about the FV touchcam N1 earlier (like the one below), then that problem wouldn't have surfaced.


FV touchcam N1 is the first internet streaming true HD webcam for skype video calls, which is available through shop.facevsion.com and other value added partners. faceVsion takes pride of this amazing gadget which features embedded hardware H.264 encoding and squeezes the video into a stream small enough to be sent over a typical internet connection. Likewise, its wide lens of 78 degrees enables several people to fit into the picture.

I am sure this camera could have been very useful, if I have purchased it during my online interviews. A visit to faceVision on line store would be better then, so that I could get more info about the touchcam N1 or even the FV ExpressCombo. Who knows, video chatting with my cousins in the US, or with a future online employer, would then be a very pleasant experience.

Visit my sponsor: faceVsion TouchCam N1 HD Video Streaming Webcam

And We Painted It . . .


Yes, that is the color of our living room. I was so thrilled that the living room is finally having some color, which the painter started this morning. It just means that we are so close to moving into our new home.

Blue is hubby and mine's favorite color. It was also our wedding motif almost 9 years ago. For us, this color is pleasing to the eyes, and its cool appearance makes any room fresh and serene-looking.

Well, the painting isn't done yet. This is just the first coating. Looking forward for the grand finished product next week then.

Happy weekend!

July 1, 2010

Fascinated With Casino

Does casino catches your fancy?

Well, for me it does.

But hey, don't get me wrong. I am not hooked with casino and plans not to be. But what I liked about it is the fact that it entertains me, while encouraging me to discern things the right way. I have played with some slot machines before and just recently hubby taught me how to play poker. He used to watch poker players on tv and when facebook has it on their applications, hubby became a regular.

Now that I have discovered Online Casino Spotlight, I could very well introduce this to hubby. He would be definitely delighted with the various games the online site is offering. They provide a comprehensive guide to online gambling as well as reviews and ratings of different games personally given by experienced players.

Of course, I will be watching him play. This would be a great quality time for us then.

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