September 29, 2010

When It Rains

. . . it pours.

photo credits to dry icons

I have always been optimistic that this phrase would one day take its toll on me. Unfortunately, it still hasn't, or maybe I haven't noticed it yet because I was preoccupied with things. But for the moment, I am sincerely hoping that one of these days (and it's better be sooner) I could actually say this line to myself.

The rain hinders us from doing outdoor things, and that made me hate the rain. Well, that was still way way back when my body was still very youthfully active. But now that I have already matured, I have subsided a bit and is surprisingly realizing the splendor of staying at home spending quality time with the family. I already love the rain, and every time it pours hard on the ground, I usually find myself staring at those tiny dews falling down from the sky. It is such a delight to behold this wonder from up above together with the kids and feel the cold air brushing through our skins as we laughingly hug one another tight.

I know most of you have already been saying the above phrase over and over again. I always hear that from friends, colleagues and strangers. Right now, things have been quite difficult for us and so I am very much longing for some financial blessings. Of course, I know this dilemma will come to an end, but I just don't know when. At this point, I can't see the light coming from the end of the tunnel I am in, which makes me think that the end is still so far.

Oh well, now that the rainy season is here, I hope the 'when it rains, it pours' line will slowly dawn upon me. Please pardon this post, but I just can't help but express out the glitch that has been bothering me for days.

Have a great Wednesday!

September 23, 2010

GT: Black Is Beautiful

This is my first time to participate in Girl Talk. I have been planning for ages to join this meme, but due to some time constraints, it took me so long. Finally, I am glad to share myself to everyone through Girl Talk.

I always find myself smiling with the saying "black is beautiful" because every time someone says that, my husband oftentimes followed it with "but too much black is charcoal". Hubby is not blessed with fair white complexion, that is why we have this joke for a long time now.

Well, since the color black is up for the talk right now, I am very pleased to feature the black items I have in my possession. And here they are . . .

This is currently my main phone, a Nokia e72. This is still four months old, and was bought as a replacement to my damaged Nokia e71. The camera application of this phone is not functioning though, much to my dismay and I have already brought it to a Nokia center for repair since it is still covered with warranty. Unfortunately, they couldn't fix it at their end and needs to be sent to the Nokia main center in Manila, which would take about three weeks to get fixed! Without the camera, I still enjoyed it anyway.

I bought this bag online through Facebook. I instantly fell in love with this shiny tote from KC Reaction, and it has become a favorite. I used this bag almost daily.

No matter how big my arms are, I always liked wearing racer tank tops since they keep me fresh. This black top is a favorite of mine.

What I liked about the black color is that it is neutral. It can be paired with any color and surely enough . . . it never goes out of style.

September 18, 2010

Bathroom Ideas

Our office has made a grand reshuffling of employees few months ago, as a consequence to the organizational restructuring our new Chairman had imposed. From auditing a government corporation, I was thrown 360 degrees into the pit of a local government unit. Thus, from the corporate life that used to be my working environment for the last 10 years, it suddenly shifted to a humble office of the province.

My transfer of office was no longer a shock for me, since I have already expected the inevitable. I am a very flexible person, so it poses no problem at all whether what government office I would be in. However, I am particular with the comfort room and quickly made a good look at the office's. I am quite impressed that the CR is clean and satisfactory. I later learned that it was recently renovated.

If only I could get my way, I have some few ideas to put into the comfort room. I know a new bathroom suite would not be possible at the moment as budget is tight, but it would be pleasant alright. I would love to see some of these wonderful items inside but I guess that would have to wait until I have the authority as a head:

illuminated mirror

wash stands

toilet storage cabinets

All these items are readily available at a website called Betterbathrooms. I was simply amazed at their wide array of bathroom products that is why I was having this thoughts of toilet make over. They have great sales at the moment too and offers a 7 day money back guarantee, very tempting indeed!

Thinking the same thing? Well, better browse through their site now!

photos courtesy of

September 14, 2010

Glee Season 2

In just a week, the second season of FOX's musical-comedy show Glee will have its premiere. I feel excited about it because a fellow Filipino in the person of Charice is going to be part of it. She will be playing a foreign exchange student named Sunshine Corazon, and is expected to be Rachel's (Lea Michele) rival in terms of vocal chords.

Well, aside from Charice, this show is making me thrilled to see Mr. Schuester once again. I doubt it if he will ever get back with his ex-wife here but I do hope they will. As much as millions of fans hate Terry for being a villain that she is in Will's life, I am longing that one day they could be together again. I just believe they look good together. Anyway, I look forward for more song and dance numbers of him in the show and as always, the perfect teacher McKinley High could ever ask for!

Then, there is Sue Sylvester, played by award-winner Jane Lynch. She is the school's cheering squad coach who strives for excellence. Well, who wouldn't excel then, she is so strict and particular as far as her cheerios are concerned. I really find her amusing, despite her efforts of crushing down the Glee club. And her lines, they are just so funny - - I liked it the way she said them, it's just so natural. There may be times that I get annoyed with her, but hey, I understand that it is her role anyway.

Kurt is also a favorite of mine, played by Chris Colfer. He is a wealthy gay member of Glee, who is so refined in many ways. I also am thrilled to see Rachel Berry once again, and I should say I really admired her voice. Her love story with Finn (Cory Monteith) is interesting to follow, although I wanted her to end up with Jesse, a glee club member from a rival school.

Well, I love to see most of them once again. It will be on TV starting this 21st of September, which is exactly a week from now. This excitement is really getting into me, that I wonder if this will be available through Online TV, because if it is, then there is no reason for me to miss it. For sure, all GLEEks out there are tuning in the boobtube at this day.

Here's a sneak preview by the way and Charice is on it.

How about you? Are you familiar with Glee? Who's your favorite character?

September 12, 2010

Last Glass Standing

Few months back at the height of the World Cup Football's eminence, McDonald's has made a marketing strategy of selling FIFA glasses from Coca-Cola at Php25.00 each for every value meal purchased. I was then so responsive to the said promotional offer that I collected all six glasses with colors namely: blue, pink, lime, charcoal, green, and purple. Actually I had seven of then, since hubby also got one during a visit at the said food chain.

Since we are also seven at home (me, hubby, the three kids, and our two house helpers), we assigned each color to each one of us for personal use. I got the green one then, and over the days that went by, enjoyed a great deal using the glass. I came to love it much already that I wanted to buy more but unfortunately, the said promo is over and stocks were no longer available.

One by one, the glasses broke. And what was left of the seven wonders from McDonald's was only one pink glass. The pink one used to be my daughter's glass, but she gave it to me knowing that I really loved using the glass. I don't know how the other glasses broke, but oh well! Here is the lone survivor . . .

I do hope this last glass standing will not break into pieces yet, otherwise it would really make me sad. But if McDonald's would have another promo like this, I would be glad to grab one again and never hesitate to have another order of french fries and coke float!

September 8, 2010

Bedroom Furniture

If I were to give myself total relaxation, I would definitely hop into the bed and doze off. Whenever I am at home and have nothing to do, my kids would surely find me in our room lying in the bed either taking a nap or reading a book.

If only we have the monetary resources right now, I will purchase a new bed for our room. Not that I don't like the bed we have right now, but I am very much impressed at other beds every time I find myself in a show room or on online furniture shops. Every time I do some browsing for a Bedroom Furniture, I am always drawn to beds and can't help but imagine the comfort they bring as I sleep, rest, play games, read books and etc.

Well, I instantly fell in love with this bed from Spacify. It is just very unique yet glamorous and stylish with its round and modern design. This bed includes slats, upholstered headboard and round mattress. And what's more, it has an electrically operated motor that would enable the bed to rotate. Seems like fun huh! I just wonder what the kids might think then, if this would become their new trampoline.

This Empero-Queen bed is also very nice. I like its classy touch which comes in all white. I know this would look good too in our bedroom since white has no contrasts as far as clashes of colors are concerned. It looks so huge and spacey, I could very well go on a deep slumber even when hubby is around or even the kids. Even just by looking at it, I could already fully relax. The design and style is so modern for me, it just exudes beauty despite its simplicity. It comes with a great headboard and two wonderful night stands.

Oh well, these two items are surely going their way into my wish list . . .

September 4, 2010

A Woman Can

A long time friend of mine posted this quote on her Facebook wall and I am so loving it, so I thought of putting it here as well.

"Whatever you give to a woman, she will make it greater. Give her a sperm, she will give you a baby. Give her a house, she will give you a home. Give her groceries, she will give you a meal. Give her a smile, she will give you her heart. She multiplies and enlarges what she has given . . . so if you give her crap, be ready to receive a ton of shit!"

I also re-posted this on my wall and got a number of likes. The quote may sound so ordinary, but it may happen to be true to a majority of women. As far as I am concerned, this quote only applies to me for about 80%. Why?

I can have a baby if given a sperm - check! I can very well make a good home too - - so another check! I can offer my heart if given a smile - a triple check! Surely, I can also shit out if given the crap! I failed on the giving meals category since the kitchen has took no fancy on me.

But nonetheless, I am a woman after all because I have the major qualities then, lol!

You can re-post this quote too if you agree!

September 2, 2010

Say Hello To The 'BER' Months!

September is here once again and do you know what that means? The last quarter of the year is gradually nearing, and before we know it, we will bid goodbye to 2010. This is the time when we have to expect cold weather to surface in our midst, and I am quite glad about it since we won’t be using air conditioning units that often then. Although not massive, we can thus be able to save on energy bills.

The 4th quarter is something that I look forward to because it promises a lot of events and activities which I am sure would be enjoyable and memorable.

As soon as October hits the atmosphere, there goes my son Justin’s 6th birthday; and my 33rd birthday as well. The United Nations celebration also falls on this month and I am quite excited for my kids to have the full exuberance of participating on varied activities.

Come November, as we celebrate the All Soul’s Day, we will also be celebrating my mother’s 60th birthday. This is special since this day will mark her 1st day as a senior citizen, lol! Moreover, this humble blog will turn three years old on this month, to which I am contemplating of availing its own web hosting.

I know I am not the only one who is so thrilled about December. A very considerable percentage of the world's population is looking forward for this month since it is the time of merriment as we scurry around the area doing Christmas shopping, preparing for Christmas parties, and other Christmas endeavors. This surely is a very busy month ~~yet happy!

Are you also excited?

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