June 29, 2009

French Fries and Coke Float

. . . . mmmm . . . .

This combo from McDonalds is just so hard to resist. For the past months already, I never failed to grab these two delicious items from the said store, twice a week on the average I guess. I can't think of any adjective to perfectly describe them but every time they pass through my palate, they are just so heavenly!

Well, the photo above is just one instance of my trip to the food chain. All I can say is this fascination I have about french fries and coke float have not yet subsided even a bit (which worries me a little about my diet, by the way). Nonetheless, life is short so grab everything you think are the best.

June 23, 2009

Golden at Accor Hotels

Last Sunday was my aunt's golden wedding anniversary. She is my father's sister and among their siblings, they are closest to each other. I was awed how far she have gone on her marriage and nowadays, seeing a couple together celebrating their 50th year of married life is rare. Of course, courtesy of their nine children, they got married again about two weeks ago, as a renewal of their vows. They even had father's car as the bridal vehicle and a quite large reception followed afterwards.

I doubt that I could reach the age they have now, so I told hubby we celebrate a grand wedding anniversary on our 25th year. During that time, we could still be energetic enough to carry on endeavors relating to the grand celebration, much more travel to different destinations as honeymoon, lol! I wonder if our kids, who would then be grown ups by this time, would give us a trip to Australia as a wedding anniversary gift (dreaming on...).

Well, I just hope that Accor Hotels would still be offering sale rates 17 years from now, like the ones they are offering now. Dubbed as the City Super Sale, reduced hotel rates are being offered in 27 cities across 10 countries in the Asia Pacific and with this, big savings of up to 60% would be taken advantage by travellers! This is a limited time offer for now (June 23-29) and hope they will do this again in the years to come.

Do check out Accor Hotels City Super Sale now!


June 17, 2009

Behavior Improvement

We had a scheduled appointment with the developmental pediatrician last Sunday morning, which is a follow up evaluation of my second kid (Justin) in terms of behavior. I was a bit anxious how the evaluation results would turn out especially since the diagnosis of the first evaluation was that he was at risk with ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder).

Well, I was glad that the doctor said Justin has improved a lot as far as behavior is concerned. "Justin's work behavior is already modified, with better sitting skill, focus and attention span. He could work on his task independently and sustains his attention to finish it appropriately. His hands are still fidgety with difficulty regulating his impulses especially when he gets excited. He listens and responds to prompts appropriately. There is anticipatory and visual distractibility. He has shown good improvements in his cognitive, fine motor and communication skills. He has clearer and longer utterances. He could answer what, who, where questions. Restlessness is evident only when he is off-task but he is already manageable." This is already something that I am more thankful about. The therapy really worked wonders and I hope in time he would fully improve.

Last Sunday's diagnosis was only Mixed Receptive and Expressive Language, Mild with Restlessness and Impulsivity - - far better than the at risk with ADHD previously, lol! One thing that he really needs to improve is his speech. Well, his therapy never failed in that area and I know contant dialogues with him has been initiated by the therapist.

June 12, 2009

If Walls Could Talk

I was wandering around the house this morning and realized that our walls were mostly covered with pencil writings and crayon sketches. I will no longer put an accusing finger to anyone because I know for sure who the culprits are - - my kids.

I can't help but smile to myself, kids are really just kids. They do stuff they enjoy no matter what the outcomes are, and our walls looking like the one below is no exception. As much as I want to reprimand them, the thought seemed futile as these deeds would be repeated over and over again which I would get tired of in the long run.

If only these walls could talk, they would definitely beg me to clean them and bring back their shiny creamy color. Well, we have to make use of baking sodas and toothpastes then in order to take out the works of art inflicted by my kids upon our walls. This will be a tough job for us because as I have said, most of the walls were covered with writings. Good thing though, it is a holiday today and we have a long weekend to work on it then.

If budget is not tight at the moment, then we could have acquired some painting services, just like the ones offered by Albuquerque Painting.

June 11, 2009

New Moon Trailer

My bad! I am a Twilight fanatci to begin with but I forgot to feature here the recently released trailer for New Moon - - the second book from the Twilight saga. During the MTV Movie Awards held few weeks back, the lead casts had the privilege to unveil the first trailer for the said movie.

Here's the trailer:

Oh well, how I wish November is just around the corner but it seems I have to wait up for 5 more months then.

June 10, 2009

On Salary Increase and Saving

Another good news broke out for all the government employees - - and it's about the salary increase that is going to take effect this coming July. Now the government is really making a move to have its employees salaries at par with those executives and employees of big companies from the private sector. Well, a grin is becoming wider and wider on my face since starting this July, I will have a 15.5% increase from my current salary and will continue to increase every July until 2012. Such a blessing indeed!

I just hope that this time me and hubby could somehow save up a certain amount. Saving is very important as we are not getting any younger and in my case, I have my three kids' futures to look after to. A lot of saving options are out there to choose from, with certificates of deposits (CD) being the most popular.

Well, gotta check out for cd rates at banks as soon as the calendar hits July then.

June 6, 2009

Basketball All Stars

More than two weeks ago, a group of actors came here in our city to play basketball against the priests. I guess the said event was for a cause but nonetheless we really had a great and fun time watching it. It was like watching a series of skits at a comedy bar and a basketball game at the same time.

The all star group was composed of Christopher de Leon, Philip Salvador, Joko Diaz, Jhong Hilario, Patrick dela Rosa, Carlos Morales, John Hall, Dennis Padilla, Onyok Velasco and Gene Padilla. Keanna Reeves served as their muse, who performed a song and dance number during half time. Hubby and I watched only on the bleachers and I should say it was all worth it because we have seen quite a number of artists in one setting. Of course, I find Christopher very handsome, with his all glowing pinkish face, while it was something unexpected of Carlos Morales, who is much handsomer in person than on screen.

One highlight of the event was the dance number of Jhong Hilario, which I personally waited for during the night. Being a dance lover that I am, it was such high heaven watching a member of the Streetboys dance live so I was all giddy all the while. Here's a video of his performance. May I warn you beforehand that there's some rated PG along the way on this video, haha!

All in all, it was a fun-filled event. I was pretty sure all the audience got their ounce of air every time they burst out laughing. Hope there would be another show like it.

June 5, 2009

Going Rustic.

Since school is back, I have been thinking of having new furniture around home. I would like to have a new study table for my two students and a shelf for all their books, notebooks and other school stuff.

Anyway, I saw this wonderful bookshelf over the net and I instantly liked its uniqueness. I never thought rustic furniture would be such an amazement to behold. But then again, things never cease to fascinate us, haha! This would definitely be a great addition to our house. I wonder if this shelf is available here in our place.

And how is this for a bathroom sink? This is so nice, with its look of nature and sophistication rolled into one.

Gotta save up now.

June 2, 2009

On Back To School And Hot Weather.

Yesterday was back to school again. My daughter is now in Grade 2 while my second kid is Kinder 1. I was excited because both of them are now in one school, so at least it is easy for them to send and fetch.

As expected, my daughter already has their quiz on the first day and when I checked on her notebook last night, she has assignments for English and Filipino subjects. Whew, this is it! On the other hand, I am grateful my son had no problem with the school, which is new to him. I just hope he won't get tired and would eventually gain the enthusiasm to learn.

Well, here's a picture of my son on his first day of school. They were falling in line for the flag ceremony and yet he is facing us.

I am definitely looking forward to this school year . . .

Meanwhile, the weather nowadays is so hot and draining. Mounds of sweat keep dripping from every part of my body, which makes me think that I could melt on the floor at any minute. It seems like there's no more air circulating around the atmosphere and all I could feel is the scorching heat of the sun penetrating deeply into my skin. The feel is somehow irritating, no wonder my youngest kid is kind of moody the past days.

How come this is happening just when the summer season is already on its way out? Tsk . . . tsk.

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