December 31, 2008

On Finding Love

I remember very well how my office mate became excited for her single friend having a blind date. It turned out the the blind date was an employee of the agency we are auditing. The guy was nice, but I guess it is his nature being a tight-lipped person (is that the right word?) - - because he usually does not open up his feelings to the lady despite how obvious his actions are.

The girl is already over 35 and really wanted to meet her match and settle down, she is not getting any younger. She has been active in Singles for Christ (a Catholic organization for singles) for a long time now. All her batch mates have already found their sweethearts, to which she is most envious of. I told my office mate to relay the good news to her friend that Catholic Chat City exist in the internet world where all Catholics are welcome to meet each other and build friendships through chat rooms.

Hmm . . . let's see what the future of this lady in terms of lovelife would be.

Thank You Droppers!

Despite the hiatus, I am pleased to know that this blog is still visited by friends and fellow bloggers. It is an overwhelming feeling that even though how busy people are, this blog still have a fair share of visitors.

The past few days has been very busy for me, with so much occasions and wonderful events to attend to - - christmas parties, weddings, birthdays, etc. - - that I was not able to look after my blogs and somehow update once in a while. As of this writing, I am still busy, with no nannies to take care of my babies, with the New Year coming up in just a few hours (yippee, I love a New Year eat out!).

Whew! Enough on my ramblings about how busy I have become . . . but allow me to extend my heartfelt gratitude to everyone who never failed to drop by and make your visit known, especially to the top droppers for December.

Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart and have a blessed 2009 to everyone!

Holiday Eyeglasses

I am kind of feeling the anxiety all over me right now. My two nannies were all out to celebrate the New Year in their respective homes, so that left me to look after my three kids. One of the nannies (see pic on the right, together with my three piglets) asked permission to take a vacation of at least two weeks, because aside from taking a breather from work, she needs to rest her especially since she is complaining of being dizzy at times and blurred visions.

Well, there is no better explanation for what she is undergoing, so I told her that I would get eyeglasses for her as soon she comes back from her vacation, that is, if she will come back, haha! I planned to have her eyes checked and if proven to have some problems, then it is time I would get Holiday frames to go with the required lenses.

I will give her the pleasure of browsing through the wide selection of eyeglasses from Zenni Optical. They have wonderful quality frames at very affordable prices. Since my nanny likes the color blue, then I guess this choice would perfectly impress her.

Of course, I would still give her the liberty to choose. This might be my holiday present for her (grin).

December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas!

In just a matter of hours, my most favorite time of the year would soon be here. . . hmm. . . this would be my 31st Christmas ever! For sure, I would enjoy this wonderful season, I hope you all do too.

Have a blessed Christmas everyone. . . and a fruitful New Year ahead too. Mwah!!

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December 17, 2008

Taking Care of Your Hands

We do all our work with our hands. Whether we are doing a very physical task, or just simply blogging, our hands is always involved in the process. So, wouldn't you like to pamper it once in a while and give them a treat? There are a lot of services that offers the best treatment for the hands, but we can also do it on our own, right at the comfort of our abode.

Here's the basic simple recipe . . . and all you need is tablespoon of sugar and a lemon. Give it a try and here's how:

  • Pour about one tablespoon of granulated sugar in the palm of your hand.
  • Squeeze enough lemon juice from a fresh lemon wedge to make a paste.
  • Rub your hands together in a rotary motion, either clockwise or counterclockwise.
  • Continue rubbing. The heat of your hand will melt the sugar to become a candy glaze.
  • Work this glaze up and over each finger and over the back of each hand.
  • Leave the glaze in your hands for 5 minutes.
  • Rinse your hands with warm water. Pat your hands totally dry with a soft paper towel.
Due to some hectic schedule that I am in at the moment, I was not able to try this procedure yet. But I will. In the meantime, you can do so and see for yourself the results.

December 14, 2008

Number Plates As Christmas Gifts

Christmas is just a few days away and if you still have not made up your mind on what to give your loved ones, then there's one thing that is uniquely impressive to give - - number plates.

At Northumbria Numbers, they offer a great selection of private plates which you could easily search through their database with just some few clicks. And when you're stuck with ideas, they simply aid you with a number of suggestions.

And for Christmas, they provide number plates transfers so you wouldn't have a hard time undergoing through the processes just to give your Christmas gift in time - - both the number plate and tax disc!

Isn't that grand?

Got Sore Eyes

The past few days has been unkind to me because I got sore eyes. Fortunately though, it did not have the chance to become full-blown, thanks to the antibacterial eye drops that I used.

What I hated about sore eyes are the inconveniences they bring - - those watery discharges that eventually become some mucus-like thingy that blurs my vision, the redness and the sting, especially when exposed to direct light. I really don't have any idea if this is a common illness right now, since I could not pinpoint anyone who have passed this on to me.

Anyway, I am in the recovering period and in a matter of days, I am sure I would be back in shape. Happy Sunday!

December 9, 2008

Search It At ReviewKings

Have you ever wanted to search some information about something but you can't seem to pinpoint or figure out where to look for it? That happens to me often and now I am thankful to have found this website which offers varied information about a lot of things. provides great details about pets, weight loss, guitar playing and even Forex Trading. Name it and they will guide you to the right direction.

Got Inflicted With Twilight Fever

Guilty as ever!

I am very much aware that the Twilight fever has been raging on for some time now and I must admit that I got inflicted with it too! I have already watched it twice on the theaters and tonight, I am going for my third, together with my close office mates.

I haven't read the book yet when I saw the movie. And right after, I was determined to read the novel to understand the whole plot further. Fortunately, a very kind person sent me the four ebooks of the Twilight series over email and so there was no stopping me, lol! I have even managed to read New Moon (the second of the series) for only about 9 hours. I was already so engrossed, maybe that explained why I haven't posted much on this blog last week. Now I am reading the third book, Eclipse, and I am more than halfway.

Oh well, talking about Twilight releases all the excitement within me. I just love Edward and Bella.

Personal Fund Management

I received an office order yesterday with an instruction to attend a seminar on Personal Fund Management, which would be in line with our office's Gender and Development Awareness Program. This was something new to me, since all our seminars being conducted are work-related. This time, it is about personal finances but I am thankful and glad for this.

We are 50 in the said office order being directed to attend, which would take place tomorrow - from 8am to 5pm.

As my thoughts lingered on what the seminar would be all about, I tried to understand what fund management really meant and how I could apply it in my personal life. I have been through that phase in my life before, when there was no other way I could think of. I am glad that I now have a reason to breathe, although I am not yet completely over with that phase yet. Since we are all living in the world of crisis, it is difficult to make ends meet and so we resort to avail on debt consolidation loans. The moment when every solution seems to be so far away, debt consolidation is the most logical alternative to take.

So how do we go about the debt consolidation program? I am yet to learn every thing about it and hopefully this would be included in the discussions during the seminar.

December 8, 2008

Christmas Gift Idea

There is no denying that Christmas is the happiest time of the year. It is the time when people never bother to care about their economic status, or worry through their problems. It is the time when each one of us thank the Lord for everything, especially in sending down His Son to save us. It is the season to be jolly, so we are left with no choice but be merry and joyful amidst crisis and worries.

Well, have you felt the joyous season yet? On my case, I surely do and I am pretty much excited to shop for items that would be perfect as gifts to my loved ones. My kids would probably get new wardrobes and shoes. Of course, Christmas wouldn't be complete without new toys, so better check check out some great toys too. For hubby, well, I was thinking of giving him a wallet. Not that he has lots of cash to put it to, but he already have lots of ID cards and so a wallet would help him organize them. Plus, there's no effort needed in finding the best wallets over the internet. They are very much easy to find, especially at Stylehive.

He has already told me what his Christmas gift for me would be, but I haven't told him yet what was on my mind. Anyway, I am a hundred percent sure that he would love my gift idea.

Music Monday: Sailing

Last Monday, I was not able to join the Music Monday because I was on a trip. Well, I went with hubby to a nearby city four hours away from ours, to watch the live concert of Christopher Cross. It was my first time to watch a concert coming from a foreign artist and I am really glad that I did! I like the songs of Christopher Cross and he has such smooth and soft voice, which has never faded across time. Watching the concert was just like listening to his CDs, the voice was still all the same.

My most favorite Christopher Cross song is Sailing, hence, my feature for this week's Music Monday.


December 7, 2008

Acne, Acne Go Away!

Long before I gave birth with my three kids, my friends and acquaintances have always admired my fair skin. It has been very much of a compliment to my shiny and glorious hair back then. Sigh. . . those were the days and it is just frustrating to think that they are over now, or are they?

Aside from the problem with my hair, I also was having a hard time figuring out some ways for an acne treatment. There's not much success really and if only you could see my face at this moment, the adjective "smooth" is far from the description. Some of my friends say that i may be allergic to some chemicals I put on my face, but I really am not fond of wearing make-up so that is out of the question. I guess all these small circles growing on my face are due to the fact that I sleep late at night. Oh well, whatever the causes are, I have got to search for acne treatments that work so that to resolve this dilemma.

Without a doubt, the internet has a lot of sites that offer acne treatment reviews. I should be lucky when I find the best solution for my face very soon for Christmas!

December 6, 2008

Pacman Won!

The whole of Philippines stood still as every Filipino watched the fight of Manny Pacquiao against Oscar Dela Hoya, which has wrapped up just very recently. And I can very seem to tell that all are rejoicing for another victory coming from the number one pound for pound king of boxing.

We were pretty much excited to watch this fight, so excited that hubby cooked lunch early so that we could have it before the main event takes place. True enough, right after lunch, everyone in the house were already glued on the TV sets and there was no wonder what was going on their heads.

My heart goes out to Oscar Dela Hoya. Hubby said he was such an exceptional boxer, but he wondered how come he is not himself today...hmmm. Oh well, we liked him too because of his good-natured personality. And one more thing, I almost couldn't stand the sight of his beautiful face being punched and turning blue.

We salute Manny for another job well done! He is indeed a great boxer! Congratulations and thank you for marking another glory for the Philippines.

Web Hosting Pal

The Roicynatics, where I am one of them, is planning to put up a website of our favorite tandem (Robert-Saicy). We already have an exclusive forum but unfortunately it still has no own domain name. We have so many pictures of the couple, courtesy of the various mms messages, as well as screen captures from the TV. We found it necessary to put up a gallery within the website so that we could be able to display what Robert and Saicy are like as individuals.

My friends were not that internet savvy as I am, and so I was left with the task to look for the best web hosting sites that could cater to our concern. Luckily I have found the Web Hosting Pal, a great guide on choosing the best web hosting services. They are willing to offer information on where to host multiple domains with just a single hosting account. I was really amazed with that idea and we thought we could also put up individual sites for Robert and for Saicy.

Well, at web hosting pal, they provide guides for beginners about web hosting, domain name, email hosting, and so much more. They have listed up some of the most reliable and the best web hosting providers all throughout the web and have ranked them accordingly based on reviews and other factors.

We are truly excited for this endeavor of ours and hoping we could realize it soon(wink!).

December 3, 2008

Tired of Climbing The Stairs?

One reason why most of people don't come too often to our office is because it is situated on the third floor. The office of our audited agency has three storeys and we were unfortunate to land on the uppermost floor. Anyways, it is the most logical place to be in since our job requires confidentiality.

I have been assigned to audit this certain government agency for more than 5 years, so I am already used to going up and down with the stairs. In fact, I owe it to these stairs that I was able to have normal deliveries with my kids. I got enough exercise just by walking up and down, especially when I needed to interview some employees, or inquire about transactions.

However, being a little overweight that I am, I always get shortness of breath every time I get to my table. Even the employees of this agency avoid coming to our office as much as possible because they're already out of breath as soon as they set foot to the office, haha! Well, I don't blame them really.

If only I have the courage to suggest to the agency head to install a Stair Lifts so that climbing up the stairs going to our office would be an all-ease experience. I could just imagine those pensioners and retirees doing inquiry with our office smoothly go up to us through those pieces of helpful and innovative lifts. Not only my office mates and me would benefit from the stair lift, but also the agency's employees and clients, guests and visitors. Plus, all the people's safety while using the stairs is very much assured.

Stay Safe with Stair Lifts

This is also very convenient to use, both with the AC and DC power. So, even when there's no electricity, it could still function through the use of batteries. Isn't that grand(wink)?

December 2, 2008

November's Top Droppers

Once again, this is the time of a month when I extend my heartfelt gratitude for the people who dropped by this blog. So here are the top droppers for the month of November:

There you have it! Congratulations to the top droppers and hoping for your continued dropping!

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