December 6, 2008

Web Hosting Pal

The Roicynatics, where I am one of them, is planning to put up a website of our favorite tandem (Robert-Saicy). We already have an exclusive forum but unfortunately it still has no own domain name. We have so many pictures of the couple, courtesy of the various mms messages, as well as screen captures from the TV. We found it necessary to put up a gallery within the website so that we could be able to display what Robert and Saicy are like as individuals.

My friends were not that internet savvy as I am, and so I was left with the task to look for the best web hosting sites that could cater to our concern. Luckily I have found the Web Hosting Pal, a great guide on choosing the best web hosting services. They are willing to offer information on where to host multiple domains with just a single hosting account. I was really amazed with that idea and we thought we could also put up individual sites for Robert and for Saicy.

Well, at web hosting pal, they provide guides for beginners about web hosting, domain name, email hosting, and so much more. They have listed up some of the most reliable and the best web hosting providers all throughout the web and have ranked them accordingly based on reviews and other factors.

We are truly excited for this endeavor of ours and hoping we could realize it soon(wink!).

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