May 27, 2009

Can't Wait For New Moon!

Whew! It has been very long since I have posted something on this blog. Now I am feeling guilty for not being in the blogosphere for several days, and not having to visit your blogs too. Anyway, I am back and I hope nothing gets in the way again. Life has been very busy the past days which left me feeling dead tired and lazy all the same.

Well for Twilight fanatics like me, I would like to share some photo still from the upcoming movie New Moon. I think these were already released few days back, but might as well post it here since Edward and Bella have already become part of my fancies, lol!

Currently, they are filming in Italy and I am super excited for the appearance of the yellow Porsche! Oh, and they are gonna feature a never-before-seen video clip of the movie on MTV Awards this Monday (Phils. time - - Sunday in US). Enjoy the pictures and one thing is for sure . . . I can't wait for November!

May 16, 2009

Phone Ringtones

Cellphones has become a necessity nowadays. It is the best means of communicating a loved one, since it is portable and convenient to use. Well, it could not also be denied that cellphones also has become a status symbol, with its prices ranging from the affordability of the unfortunate ones up to the wealthy and affluent.

But whatever type of cellphone each and every one of us has, it is a requisite that it has a sound for message and call alerts. Ringtones has become popular at present and are sought after by many hip and modern people (and I think I am one of them, lol!). My ringtones right now is a voice-over of Big Brother and so far I am enjoying it a lot. It was sent to me by an office mate and now most of our volleyball team is using it, through the wonder of bluetooth.

While others find it easy to look for the coolest tones for their cellphones, others had a hard time finding where to get or download the tones. A lot of websites have been up already and offer a wide selection of tones according to the phone's sound features. Ringtones now have either true tones, polyphonic, monophonic or real music. Real music is very preferable, well in my opinion, and I have yet to find the best tune I would use, haha! These sites also offer downloads on games, wallpapers and video clips.

Aside from communication, cellphones have also been very useful for entertainment and documentation. Cameras are already installed in most of the models, while game applications make one's boring moments full of fun. My kids love playing games on my cellphone as well as take pictures and videos. No wonder I always get a notification alert for low on battery!

What's your tone now?

May 11, 2009

Music MOnday: Who Am I?

There are a lot of things I should be grateful to God about, and that includes the wonderful life I am living right now. Complaints often comes out of my lips every time pain and anxieties are felt, never realizing that I am lucky compared to the many unfortunate individuals around the globe.

Great things have come my way lately - - the championship, extra income, bonus, and well, I lost weight! Salary increase is said to be on the way again for all government workers, so what more should I ask for? God has truly blessed me and my family.

The song featured for this week will detail my gratitude to Him, for all He has done. Without Him, I am definitely nothing.

Have a blessed week everyone!

May 10, 2009

Mother's Day

As I look at myself, I can't help but feel overwhelmed that I am already a mother of three kids. I still feel young, but when I look at those three angels playing around, all I could do is smile and thank God for giving them to me. Motherhood is a lifetime commitment for me, an ongoing challenge I have to take, and a skill I have to forever master.

happy mothers day daisy Pictures, Images and Photos

"A mom's heart is the biggest, a mom's smile is the sweetest, a mom's hug is the warmest, a mom's love is the best." HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all moms!

May 4, 2009

Success In Business

Amidst the global financial crisis we are faced at the moment, we come to wonder if we could put up a successful business. The question goes on as to whether it will survive competition and be able to sustain profitability. Even the very big establishments suffer a great dose of failure, the very least that we expect, right? Only then we come to realize that the business world is also round, it is difficult to determine who is on top.

However, the knowledge one could get over periods of training will no doubt equip every entrepreneur and businessman with the right tools. Trainings are offered at any business schools near us, but if that will already be an effort then there are also a lot of virtual academies we can turn to. Take for instance the online training offered by Martin Lightbowne, which guarantees aspiring entrepreneurs into mighty networkers and business tycoons.

So what does it take in order to stay put in this difficult times? Taking courses would surely go a long way. Everything is learned and when you master the art, it would be very easy to conquer the field. Strategies would be easy to implement, teams and time would then be easy to manage.


Music Monday: Only Hope

It has been several Mondays already that I have not participated in Music Monday. It was because I haven't got the time to look for videos of those songs I wanted to feature brought about by the hectic schedule of volleybll practice and tax season. Now I am making amends and to kick it off, I am going to feature Mandy Moore's Only Hope.

A Walk To Remember is the all-time favorite movie of mine. It is one film that never fails to make me cry over and over again. It touches my heart to the core, which made me wonder why until at present. Anyway, the story is simple, yet so heart-warming. The video above is just part of the movie. Enjoy and fall in love!

May 3, 2009

Belated Greetings

My absence during the past week has disabled me to greet some people on very special occasions. Well, it's better late than never, so here goes my delayed greetings to concerned individuals:

Happy Birthday to my youngest son! He just turned three years old last April 29, which was sad for me because I was in Davao that time. Hubby told me they went to church and had a very simple celebration. The kids were very happy with cake and ice cream hubby got for them. If only I could bring back time and spend the day with them, I could have witnessed their jolly faces!

Next special occasion was the National Labor Day last May 1. Wishing all workers, both in the private and government sector, a continued motivation for excellence in everything and increased incentives too.

Lastly, just before lunch time today, Manny Pacquiao fought against Ricky Hatton of England. It was a fight deemed by many as the fight of the year but Manny proved otherwise since the bout only lasted 2 rounds. And in these two rounds, Hatton was downed three times! Congratulations Manny for another exemplary boxing performance. Truly a world class individual and the number 1 pound for pound boxer!

Here's a video of their reently concluded fight:


May 2, 2009

Hot Summer and Air Conditioning

The weather at present is very unpredictable. One moment the sun was shining so hot, another moment passed it is already raining hard. To think that it is summer time here in the Philippines, there are still raindrops scattered all over the nation. But one thing is sure about the season, it is extremely hot even during night time. It is already expected that electric bills will be high during this period, as electricity consumption will be frequent with the use of airconditioning units.

As I am writing this, I could just imagine my kids sweating profusely, like wet chicks, every time they play around home. It was a policy of our house then to switch on the aircon only in the evenings during sleeping time. But now, we have no choice but to have them turned on once in while during day time.

Well, airconditioning units should be well taken cared of. They are very essential in this hot weather we have right now. We have to clean them regularly from dusts and other particles, since they will be emitted once they are turned on. That is why hubby always sees to it that our aircon is cleaned at least twice a month.

Repairs and installation of our home cooling systems could be extended to us by a lot of contractors specializing in this area, like the Riverside HVAC. HVAC stands for heating, ventilation and air conditioning.

Back And Tired!

I am so happy to be back in the blogosphere! It has been a week since I went to Davao City for the Mindanao Palaro our office has been organizing, to which I was a part of our Regional Office's volleyball women team.

Mixed emotions and a series of overwhelming sensations were felt by us during the said event. It was truly one thing that we will never forget. Although we lost in the championship game to Zamboanga City (Region IX), we are still declared the Over-all Champion. We are definitely proud and happy for the achievement. - Glitter Graphics

Meanwhile, I am overly exhausted and in need of rest for the next couple of days. I was injured during the championship game and got a sprained ankle, tsk...tsk...tsk.

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