September 18, 2010

Bathroom Ideas

Our office has made a grand reshuffling of employees few months ago, as a consequence to the organizational restructuring our new Chairman had imposed. From auditing a government corporation, I was thrown 360 degrees into the pit of a local government unit. Thus, from the corporate life that used to be my working environment for the last 10 years, it suddenly shifted to a humble office of the province.

My transfer of office was no longer a shock for me, since I have already expected the inevitable. I am a very flexible person, so it poses no problem at all whether what government office I would be in. However, I am particular with the comfort room and quickly made a good look at the office's. I am quite impressed that the CR is clean and satisfactory. I later learned that it was recently renovated.

If only I could get my way, I have some few ideas to put into the comfort room. I know a new bathroom suite would not be possible at the moment as budget is tight, but it would be pleasant alright. I would love to see some of these wonderful items inside but I guess that would have to wait until I have the authority as a head:

illuminated mirror

wash stands

toilet storage cabinets

All these items are readily available at a website called Betterbathrooms. I was simply amazed at their wide array of bathroom products that is why I was having this thoughts of toilet make over. They have great sales at the moment too and offers a 7 day money back guarantee, very tempting indeed!

Thinking the same thing? Well, better browse through their site now!

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Verna Luga September 20, 2010 at 9:39 PM  

HI thanks for dropping by On This Side of Town.. my first time here... nice blog too... hope to you see you around..

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