September 12, 2010

Last Glass Standing

Few months back at the height of the World Cup Football's eminence, McDonald's has made a marketing strategy of selling FIFA glasses from Coca-Cola at Php25.00 each for every value meal purchased. I was then so responsive to the said promotional offer that I collected all six glasses with colors namely: blue, pink, lime, charcoal, green, and purple. Actually I had seven of then, since hubby also got one during a visit at the said food chain.

Since we are also seven at home (me, hubby, the three kids, and our two house helpers), we assigned each color to each one of us for personal use. I got the green one then, and over the days that went by, enjoyed a great deal using the glass. I came to love it much already that I wanted to buy more but unfortunately, the said promo is over and stocks were no longer available.

One by one, the glasses broke. And what was left of the seven wonders from McDonald's was only one pink glass. The pink one used to be my daughter's glass, but she gave it to me knowing that I really loved using the glass. I don't know how the other glasses broke, but oh well! Here is the lone survivor . . .

I do hope this last glass standing will not break into pieces yet, otherwise it would really make me sad. But if McDonald's would have another promo like this, I would be glad to grab one again and never hesitate to have another order of french fries and coke float!

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