March 29, 2009

IT Knowledge

I attended my daughter's recognition day last Friday and was amazed at the students' achievements. Their excellence in mathematics, science, and english were obvious on the number of awards they received during the ceremonies.

I noticed that one of the major awards goes to the best in information technology. It was something unexpected for me, and I though it is quite early for elementary students to learn about computers. I was wrong, and they even have those awards to pupils as young as Grade 1.

My daughter was Grade 1, and if I had known beforehand that IT places a significant impact on their academic studies, then I would have let her learn the basics of the computer. Who knows, she might be a recipient of such award in the coming days, lol!

Everything is so modern nowadays and IT plays an important role in almost all personal and business transactions that we have. It is now deemed best to learn and get updated with the latest technology and undergo IT trainings. Lots of schools are now offering IT tutorials and trainings and for those who don't have time to go out, they can also have all the online training they want. If you just pay attention to their tutorial videos, you are off to acquire the new skills in IT!

Never be left behind, even by small kids.

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