October 19, 2008

Personhood Development

Both men and women were created equal, would you agree? We are created in God's own image and likeness, so why would there be someone who is superior than the other?

It has become a paradigm that men are more powerful than men, especially in the physical sense. In most situations it may apply but we should not restrict our perception to that only. When we say personhood development, there should be a balance between masculinity and femininity in every individual, whatever the gender.

That balance is called Androgyny. For every man and woman, there's masculinity and femininity within them, which should be balanced. Let us have the symbol triangle represent masculinity while the circle as femininity. This is what I am right now.

It is so because the masculinity within me has not yet reached its full growth. I can do some masculine tasks, but not that much. But the triangle is not small either, because I also do what men of the house do, that is to earn for the family's basic necessities. And while hubby is away for work on weekdays, I stand as the kids' mom and dad in concurrent capacity.

Martyr women would have a symbol looking like the one below, and needs to improve her masculinity in order not to be manipulated.

Dominant men would have this symbol and for them to be more sensitive to others, must increase his femininity.

But to have the optimum personhood development, one must be like this (for female and male, respectively).

So, how do you symbolize yourself?

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