October 8, 2010

Plants In Our Home

Having just recently moved in, we certainly needed some greens around our new home. Aside from 'pretty-fying' the house, plants are indeed necessary since they absorb most pollutants and gives off oxygen. Moreover, plants literally bring food on the table, since we reap their produce if we just take good care of them.

For the past three months we have been in our new home, I am happy to notice that certain plants have started to grow on their own. I don't claim myself to be a green thumb, but I am glad that some of the seeds I have thrown on the ground have eventually grown. I remember when I was still with my parents, my father loves gardening and every time he is in the house, we know where to find him - - in the yard. Now that we are on our own, I delight to the fact that I could actually make a seed grow.

I am looking forward for these plants to fully grow, that is why I am personally taking care of them. Here's an inventory on what spurted out of our soils for the months:





Aren't they fine? Well, for me they are exquisite! The watermelon has bore two lovely fruits already but we have yet to wait few more days before they could be harvested. Unfortunately though, one fruit (the one on the picture) was stolen and now we have only one. Hope there will be no more theft this time, otherwise we won't be able to taste the fruits of our labor and anticipation.

I am planning of putting more plants into our home, unleashing the gardener in me!

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KlayeBlayk October 8, 2010 at 6:46 PM  

Ooooh, they look really good. Good Luck! :)

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