October 5, 2010

Monday's Blessings

I would just like to round up how my Monday went yesterday. This is something I seldom do (the rundown, I mean), but it was just so overwhelming for me that I need to jot it down here.

You see, a number of wonderful things took place yesterday, and these are not concrete things. I now realized that great blessings do not come in tangible forms, they are seen and felt from within.

So to start off, I received a great email message from God through Bro. Bo Sanchez, which was about conflicting wishes. He explained that we often do not get what we want because of conflicts in our desires. We have to be firm with our wishes and not be confused whether we really wanted them or not. He added that we have to pray for these wishes constantly, not because God does not immediately hear us, but because constant prayer would help us be firm in our wishes.

This message is very timely for me because I wanted for several things to happen in our life and that would definitely be realized if I don't have conflicting faith towards these wishes. With the number of wishes I have in mind, I guess I have to document them down through a Dreambook, which Bro. Bo did with his wishes.

Another blessing I received was the improvement of my daughter's academic rankings in their class. It was not a major jump in the ranks though but I am very glad she made it to the list of recognition-worthy pupils for their Grade 3 class. Many have congratulated me, since they very well know how my daughter struggled to get to where she is now. And for that, I am proud of her and still hoping she could maintain it and improve even more in the coming days. (I'm pretty sure those classmates of hers she has stepped on on the process would strive hard as well to topple her again).

After I learned about my daughter's academic standing, we proceeded to a birthday party my cousin has organized for her grandchild. We had a blast thereat and had a little chitchat about life in general. Out of the blue, our topic went to matters about health and my cousin's husband testified how good his body is right now since he stopped smoking and drinking. While he was sharing his stories to us and as if God has touched him in some way, my husband, who is a heavy smoker, suddenly decided to give it a try on quitting. I was so grateful about his realization and this is another wonderful blessing indeed! He gave me the remaining cigar packs for my disposal and today is his Day 1 towards bondage freedom.

Thank you very much Lord for the blessings!

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