November 23, 2010

On Web Hosts And Opportunities

This may have been on for long, but I just have noticed recently that most blog opportunities go for blogs having their own web host. Free hosted blogs like this one has very limited number of opportunities received nowadays. Of course, I don't have the right to complain because it is the advertiser's prerogative to choose which blogs they wanted their links on. If I were in their shoes, I would also simply go for blogs with high page ranks and own hosts as well.

Anyway, a number of opportunities still prop up once in a while for this blog, to which I am still thankful. The monetary values I received were no longer as high as before but at least they were not gone. That is what's significant, and still worth this blog to keep.

It has been three years since I created this blog and during those years, it has been my great solace online. I am grateful for the great things it has derived for me, like friends gained, income generated and insights gathered. There is just one thing though that I felt I should have done from the beginning, and that is to have its own domain and web host. There sure are a lot of budget host providers which I just have to scout for.

I guess it is still not late then . . .

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Barb November 24, 2010 at 2:49 AM  

Hi, You are right about the opps. I am seeing a lot more opps since I dropped the blogspot after 2 years months ago! You will start back to zero page rank but it's well worth it. It's only $10.00 a year to keep it on blogger & get your own domain & it only takes 5 minutes to do,blogger automatically redirects all your links. I highly recommend it. I'm getting a lot better pr offers now.

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