December 10, 2010

My Christmas Wish This Year: A Nokia C7

I am just simply amazed how technology has fared nowadays. A lot of remarkable items are circulating around the market and I could only stare at them in awe on how significantly they render all the conveniences to consumers.

With every new technology introduced, it is such a delight to learn they have a number of impressive features - - although it may come to a point when we get confused already which one deserves the most praise. Anyway, as far as features are concerned, I am quite keen on the camera and the data. A camera is very useful for capturing moments especially when you least expect them and a handy cellphone with an 8 mega pixel camera and high definition video could very well do that job. Likewise, I also go for gadgets that are capable of 3G and Wifi connectivity. That way, I could check on my emails and other internet related matters anywhere very conveniently. Remarkable entertainment features like Web TV, DivX players and much more certainly add flavor to my overall kind of menu. I found all these features on the new Nokia C7, which was recently launched few months back. It also has a full-touch glass display, something that I have not used yet and is therefore a must have for me.

Unfortunately, I was not born with a gold spoon in my mouth and have to work my way to acquire such a very exquisite phone. Budget has been tight as well as most of our monetary inflows went to our daily expenses for the kids and new home. This Christmas season, all I could do is wish for a heavenly intervention and that before I know it, this amazing product is already within my grasp. I couldn't ask for a more astounding phone!

Have a blessed Christmas to everyone!

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