August 9, 2010

Bare Window

We have been around our new house for three weeks and as I was looking the area for possible beauty enhancements, I realized our windows are bare. Just take a look at a picture of our bedroom's window which I took last night . . .

Oh well! Aside from the lack of beauty of it, I wonder how visible we are inside the house with these bare windows, especially at night when outside is already dark and the lights are on inside. I find it important to put something on the windows to have our privacy as a family and to protect us in times when we do our private moments.

Some action has to be taken about this and so I called up a neighbor who is a great curtain seamstress and I was happy to know that she is ecstatic to make some pretty curtains for us. Now I am tasked to scout for some nice curtain cloths if I have the time. At the moment, my busy schedule doesn't allow me to do those things yet, and hubby was suggesting we could also opt for some blinds for our windows.

Well, this is making me confused already. Blinds are also very elegant and versatile to look at and they make perfect protection against sunlight too. Plus, there have been lots of new colors being introduced in the market that made our mouths open in awe, like the one below:

Isn't it stylish? Well for me, it is! And it would surely go along with our bare window.

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niko August 11, 2010 at 3:01 PM  

thats a nice window.. i think it will be fab to put on some blinds :D those white blinds :)

thanks for dropping by my blog!

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