November 14, 2008

To Shop Or Not To Shop

I have so many things on my list to buy for Christmas. Well, it is not really a long, long list but considering my three kids (with two of which are in school), there are a number of items that need to be bought. Christmas parties could not be avoided in the schools and so I have to buy them new dresses and shoes, gifts for their teachers and classmates (exchanging gifts). Aside from the schools, parties are also held in the offices and our office is no exception to that. Again, this entails new stuffs for me so I will look good, geeez.

To add, there's a wedding coming up and hubby is the best man! That means a new wardrobe for him. Both the bride and groom to be are his office mates. In fact, hubby will sponsor their wedding cake because he has made such promise long ago.

My, I have no idea if I could save up some money to meet those demands on the list. Guess I have to avail some cash advance then so I could buy my kids' stuffs. I really want them to be happy this Christmas and not be left out by their friends and classmates.

Gotta finalize my list then! Have a great weekend.

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Dining Tables Gal December 18, 2010 at 6:49 AM  

To shop of course but must be moderate and of most need.

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