November 12, 2008

New Wardrobe

Hopefully by the end of this month towards the first half of December, I am planning to get some new wardrobe for myself. My office uniforms are no longer pleasant to look at (plus the fact that they were not really stylish in design) and I got one of my slacks burned by the iron. Some of my blouses have gotten old while others were already large on me (geez, did i really lose weight?). I ned to have new clothes for office and maybe that is what I will give myself for Christmas.

So what kind of dresses will I look for? That I am still confused. I am still looking for the right styles for my physique, that is, my large frame. I have always wanted to wear dresses, but I always end up with jeans and tops because at least they cover the bulges of my tummy. But since I have already lost some few pounds, I will now dare to have those whole dresses.

I have already bought two dresses, but I think they are just for casual functions. And so, I am browsing further through the web on dresses that may possibly look good on me. It amazes me so much that there are a lot of clothing in style, but at the same time frustrates me every time I learn that such style will not match my large frame. Oh well, but I found some Women's Coats and there's no doubt that I will look good on them! Now I am being assuming but I am 80% sure that trench coats will give me the favor and they are indeed great for office.


How about you? What style do you have in mind?

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Mariuca November 13, 2008 at 9:56 PM  

Naomi! Thanks so much for visiting B at my blog YAY! :):):)

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