November 15, 2008

Family Get Together

Hubby promised the kids for a swim at the swimming pool but unfortunately, my youngest son's stomach was not cooperative, so we ended up at Jollibee. What made the plan all the more impossible to push through was the bad weather (it was said that another typhoon is coming up and it is signal no. 1 in our place).

Anyways, they all had fun at Jollibee, where they get to play around at the play corner. All the three kids were so overjoyed and I could really sense their enjoyment in everything that they were doing. The disappointments they have felt earlier have been vanished to thin air the moment they entered the food chain.

There was one problem we encountered though, the parking space. Hubby already parked the car several meters away from the diner. Since it was raining hard, it was difficult for us to walk through the pathway from the car to the food chain. The children got a little wet and their bodies are just so sensitive to such forces they might get sick now.

If only this place is like London or Manchester, then there wouldn't be a problem at all because we just have to rent parking spaces and maybe we could be able to park just in front of Jollibee. Hubby was awed when I told him that UK has such online services for parking space rentals, with over 15,000 parking spaces and garages available for rent.

Despite everything, we came home safe and sound.

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