November 27, 2008

A Developmental Pediatrician's Diagnose

I brought my second kid to the developmental pediatrician yesterday because I finally got an appointment. The pediatrician is not from our place and she comes here twice or thrice a year only, so getting to the list of patients for developmental evaluation is not easy.

Well, the moment I have been waiting for finally came and I was quite delighted that my son would be the first one to be examined (that meant I won't have to wait very long). The evaluation went out smoothly and much to my relief, the doctor's diagnosis are as follows:

"Mixed Receptive and Expressive Language Delay, Mild with Heightened Level of Activity, Inattentive and Impulsivity . . . at risk to develop Attention Defitcit Hyperactivity Disorder"

Not that I desired this kind of findings, but I was worried before that my son may have some signs of autism, as what the occupational therapist previously observed.

The doctor listed out some things to do around the house, to control my son's restlessness and impulsivity. Likewise, I have to constantly correct his articulation problem to improve his language and speech skills. She further added to expose my son to lots of familiar objects to enhance his vocabulary.

Whoa! Seems like a tough task for a mom like me. I am afraid ADHD is a lifetime condition, so guidance and support is much needed by my son.

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desperateblogger November 28, 2008 at 7:47 PM  

si michael phelps super adhd that he used to take medications. ok lang yan. control lang sa junk food and guidance at home and in school.kaya mo yan.=)

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