August 11, 2008

US Beats China in Men's Basketball

Last night at 10pm (Philippine time), the Olympics has showcased the most awaited event of the season - - men's basketball between the United States of America and China (at homecourt). It was the highlight of the day indeed, with so much spectators from the different parts of the globe in eager to witness the versatility and skills of the US players led by Kobe Bryant as well as that of Yao Ming, China's basketball pride

I, for one, also stayed up late and waited for the game to begin. Too bad my husband has dozed off to sleep already since he has to wake up as early as 1am for his travel to his work station. But watching the game on the television alone did not lessen the excitement and thrill that I felt.

Well, the US won with the final score of 101, against China's 70. It was a huge variance but China has put up a great fight anyway. The crowd has been very energetic as well and the US players have so much felt them too. The final scores were broken down as follows:

Dwyane Wade led the US in scoring with 19 points, while Yao Ming expectedly contributed to China's score the most with 13 points.

Ohh..can't wait for the other games. Wonder if Argentina could keep up their championship. It is really a never-ending excitement!

**photo credits to yahoo

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