August 30, 2008

Tired of Annoying Callers?

I have my fair share of experiences on annoying callers. Most of these callers are from various credit card companies making follow up calls on payments, introducing new offers and promos, etc. While they may be tolerable at first, but their persistent calls could really get into you, right?

Well, these callers were not just from credit card companies. There are those who are from various telemarketing businesses, while others are just plain nosy people who are looking for phone pals. There are telemarketers who insensitively won't get tired of calling you again and again making annoying promotions of their products.

Well, for us to be aware of annoying telemarketers or callers, there's a website called which discloses the unending list of phone numbers these annoying people called from. They have a great stock of information about those particular numbers which were used by the annoying callers and at the same time, one can also share his or her experiences and submit the phone numbers to the site. They have a search box for you to inquire about whether the phone number that has been bugging you is in their list, and get further details of such number.

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