May 26, 2008

Terminal Fee

Palawan is such a beautiful place. It is indeed a great place to relax, with all its natural scenery where one can find peaceful disposition, fresh air and exciting adventures.

But then, I guess, beauty is not handed over with all its perfect entirety. There seems to exist minor flaws that needed some room for improvement.

I got pissed with the lady who collected the terminal fee at the Puerto Princesa Airport. After I got my boarding pass, I immediately went to pay for my terminal fee, which is Php40. I gave her Php50, and she told me to give her the exact amount because she have no coins for the change. I said I have none, and so she asked if I have a Php100 bill so that she could give me Php60. Upon checking unto the contents of my wallet, I got a 100 bill and gave it to her, to which she gave me the 60 change in turn. I asked for the Php50 I gave her earlier but she just replied that I didn't gave her any...(what?!) I swear I gave it to her and as I checked through my wallet, there was no 50 bill in it. I was not able to argue with her anymore because there are other people who were also busy getting their terminal passes.

The amount may be minimal... but what really disappointed me was the act of the lady. God bless her.

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