March 11, 2008


My daughter was taking her entrance exam yesterday for grade one. Since the exam went whole day, due to a series of tests (IQ, Psychological, Creativity, Multiple Intelligence, Diagnostic and Interview), I was stucked in the school waiting for her to get through.

Well, while waiting for her, I was having a chat with a fellow mom named Anne. We hit it off well, since our daughters are both named Nicole. After some casual chit-chats, our conversation went serious when she relayed some of her past marital experiences.

In her story, she told me that her husband once has an affair with another woman. What made the matter worse was that… that other woman had the nerve to bother and threaten her with text messages!

I wonder how come women are becoming more and more confident nowadays to come out in the open and declare their being “the other woman”. Just where did all those decency go? It may not be completely their fault for falling on married guys but the least they could do is make a peaceful exit from the picture.

I remembered this story that truly happened… Diego*, who has been married for over ten years had an affair with Lea*, his officemate. Their relationship blossomed because they were constant companions on the office, belonging in the same division. Lea is single, and although her looks are not that really pleasant, her shapely figure did justice to her over-all appearance. Since Diego’s wife was away (working out of the country), their rendezvous did not just end inside the office but made its way to a much more intimate liaison. Soon, Lea was transferred to another branch but the transfer did not hinder the ever-growing bond that they already had.

The wife learned of the said affair and immediately found her way back to their home. Sad enough, the illicit affair still continued, and worst, Lea got pregnant. What further complicates the scenario was when Diego called it quits with Lea and the latter threaten the former to commit suicide should he go on with the decision. What could a man do? So he just gave in as if nothing happened. When Diego avoids Lea (meaning, no longer returning her calls, not replying to her text messages, et al.), Lea would courageously go to Diego’s house with some dangerous weapons, and creates a scandal of herself… informing Diego’s wife that she came to get Diego and their kids. Thanks to management intervention of their office, the case has been observed. The spotlight for Lea has died down and everything is quiet now. Recently, Lea gave birth to the baby, but the relationship is still going on....discreetly.

With that story, I was really appalled with the way “other women” are acting. I should be thankful that did not happen to me…because frankly speaking I really don’t have the idea how to go about it. The sad thing here is that, the loyal wives, who are the victims of the situation, were eventually made the outlaw because of their behaviors. My heart reaches out to them. Tsk…Tsk…Tsk.

* not their true names

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