March 5, 2008

Beware of an Angry Boss

Each worker has a boss. Lucky for some who have a very nice boss, but lots of luck for those who have otherwise. Bad and difficult bosses can really be a complex situation in a workplace. According to William Krug, a professor at Purdue University, "Although there are many different kinds of bosses, bad boss behavior usually stems from the supervisor throwing his or her power around. Some even take a certain delight in being difficult."

There are ways on how to deal with a bad and angry boss:

* Make sure you are accurate. Always make sure that you are familiar with what you are saying and that your facts and figures are right. If what you are saying is inaccurate, it gives your boss an edge, even if the way he or she is treating you is wrong.

• Always document. Presenting facts is a great way to circumvent the emotional thought process that often goes on between boss and employee. Documentation has been made easier with e-mail because it gives you a clear trail of what happened, when it happened and what action was taken, which can help prove you are not at fault.

• In a dispute, allow your boss to be the decision maker. If you say, 'The only thing we can do is this,' that can make a boss angrier. But if you can offer a few options, that can help diffuse the situation.

Got a bad experience with an angry boss. I should say the experience is something not really terrible but makes me say "grrr..." just by thinking about it. Do you think being shouted at on the phone and then slammed is just okay? If being followed up with nonsense things when I am in the midst of a very busy work and beating deadlines is okay, then I don't want to even imagine what a bad boss can do.

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Jen March 6, 2008 at 10:01 AM  

Hey girl!! I got the tag, just haven't had time to do it, with kids, work and life!! Hope all is well and I will let ya know when I do the tag! :)

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