March 27, 2008


We got an invitation by the national president of the Government Association of Certified Public Accountants (GACPA) to participate in its 3oth Annual National Convention, which will take place in May 12-14 at Puerto Princesa, Palawan. Our first reaction to the invitation was.... "waaahhh, we should attend and get our noses on the sands of Palawan!!!".

GACPA has already taken us places before... in Cagayan de Oro (2003), Iloilo (2005), Baguio (2006) and Cebu (2007). Now, its Palawan and hope we could get the permission from our bosses to attend and off we go....

This will be my first time to land in Palawan, granted that we could be able to attend the convention. And so, to prepare my for my soon-to-be trip, I was browsing through the web to explore more about Palawan.

Palawan has about 1,780 islands and is situated between Mindoro and Borneo. It is declared as the nature sanctuary of the world, adorned with magnificent dive sites, refreshing rainforests, archaic caves and breathtaking coral reefs embellished with colorful and lively marine living things. Countless sea creatures could be glimpsed underwater, that are very pleasant and vibrant to view. Likewise, various flora and fauna are present in the area, with other rare species.

Aside from the living creatures, Palawan also boasts of its awesome resorts and pristine beaches. The place is heaven, and really blessed with all the beauty every person has never laid eyes on...(for me that's not an overstatement). Many tourists have been drawn to this beautiful place and vowed to return to explore more of its wonders. Anyway, Palawan waters are among the best in the world, with its crystal sands. It is also known as the last ecological frontier of the Philippines.

I can't wait to see for myself, with all these information about Palawan. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I will be granted the authority to attend.

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