March 24, 2008

Be Fit n Right

My husband and I made a deal last night. It is not something big though but it's about our bodies. Well, we agreed to get that fit n right body and our target date is on the 31st of December, 2008. He will be going to transform his skinny body into a muscular and hunky physique, while I will be kissing my overweight body goodbye and work on to be slim.

Sounds petty but I am really worried that I might not make it on the target date. I don't know why but I should say that getting slim is so very difficult to do. Thinking about it already made my mind go around, left me feeling like I lost about 20 lbs...(well, feeling lang).

What should I do in order to achieve my desired result? Currently, I am participating in a dance exercise class, although not regularly but only one hour per week. I guess I have to increase the hours then, but the problem is if I have the time. Then, I guess I also have to cut down my rice intake, but then again, I am a rice-person. I am so fond of pastries, and I hate to bid adieu to these sumptuous creations.

We still have not thought of the reward yet once we get the accomplishment. But it should better be irresistible considering that this is a hard challenge.

It shall be very complex for me as I undergo this deal. I hope I could make it through and I know I am doing this for my own good. Wish me luck guys.

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