August 31, 2009

Hiatus and Farms

If you would notice my two previous posts, there is a span of two months between them. It has been quite a long while that I have made updates on this blog. Anyway, guilt has finally struck on me and so here I am, refreshed and hopeful that everything would be back in pace. Wow, I missed blogging so much and no words could ever explain right now how ecstatic I am just writing this post.

Well, the reason I have gone "lazy" on blogging was that I have been inflicted with the facebook addiction . . . and its many applications. Are you familiar with Farm Town, or Farm Ville perhaps? They are an application on facebook, which enable players to create their own farms, plant and harvest crops and earn coins along the way. There are different levels one must achieve, and when you get to the higher levels, they unlock various crops for you to purchase and plant. Sounds exciting? Well, they surely are!

I have known a lot of people who are hooked into these games right now and I am amazed how popular they have become. There are some who signed up with facebook for farm town and farmville purposes only. Even celebrities and other famous people with facebook accounts have gotten themselves into the web.

Here's a scap of my farms from farm town and farmville, respectively.

So, do you have your farm yet? We can be neighbors . . .

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tx sweetie September 7, 2009 at 7:17 AM  

same thing I did to my blogs when I got addicted to farming... what's ur farmtown name so we can be neighbors?

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