April 9, 2008

Long Distance Love Affair

Since Monday, I was already suffering with fever and colds which made my nose clogged. Then, later my blood pressure got high at 129/106 at the most. So I took some rest from work and the internet and managed to let down my bp. This morning, I underwent some laboratory tests as per doctor's orders and was worried when I found out that my sugar went to 103 while its borderline is only 100. What made it worse is that my cholesterol count also went up.

Well, enough about this because this is not what my title is all about.

My hubby has finally received his memorandum to assume office at Cagayan de Oro branch (CDO is about 4 hours away from our place). I am very happy for him because after six years of being a contractual, he was finally absorbed as a regular employee. The sad part is, he will report to CDO branch because that is where the vacant item is. Tomorrow, he will be going to CDO already.

Oh well, this is another long distance love affair for the third time around. The first time we were literally apart was when I had my review way back in 1999. We were still bf/gf then. The second time was when he was assigned at CDO to perform his on-the-job training which took about one and a half years. It is really hard to be away from the family, especially with the kids.

Nonetheless, what matters now is that my hubby's income is increased threefolds since he is now a regular employee. I guess this is just a blessing in disguise since his job application with our office has been disregarded and put on hold due to interventions from envious persons whose reasons are very inconsistent from the actual scenario. Well, at least my hubby still got what he wished for, and much much more, haha!

Guess I'll start singing this song again... "wherever you go, whatever you do, I will be right here waiting for you...whatever it takes, or how my heart breaks, I will be right here waiting for you".

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honey April 10, 2008 at 10:42 AM  

hello now, dalawa na tay...kaayyysss..kamingaw sa payag..LOL...

Have a blessed day there...

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