January 24, 2009

Movies I Watched The Past Week

I have seen three movies during the past week and I should say I enjoyed doing it so. These three films were not a disappointment as far as I am concerned, so I would give a thumbs up for them. Here are the flicks that has entertained me in one way or another . . .

Bedtime Stories

It was a kids' flick alright, with Adam Sandler in the lead role. This movie gave my kids a good laugh and got giddy finding Zack and Cody on TV on one of the scenes. Well, for one Keri Rusell is really pretty and really looked nice on screen. The little kids were so much adorable too, even their guinea pig Bugsley. I also was happy to see Courteney Cox again, looking slim and beautiful as ever. Hmm . . . it brought me back to the time when I was super hooked with the Monica-Chandler love story on Friends. Oh and one more thing, I liked Adam Sandler's cellphone ring tone. I wonder where I could get one like that.

Love Me Again

A local movie here in the Philippines featuring the country's heartthrob Piolo Pascual. This is his first big screen partnership with Angel Locsin, who I came to like so much since she transferred to ABS-CBN. Love Me Again is another romantic film which has never failed to make me feel good, and I like its more mature sense, than the past Star Cinema romantic flicks. It also made me catch a glimpse of Bukidnon, which was indeed very beautiful and scenic. Watching this movie also made me want to catch more Angel-Piolo tandem in the future. They really look good together.

Transporter 3

I saw this movie just today and I am thankful to have watched it. Hubby already saw this film so I was off to watch this alone. Well, it was really entertaining in a sense that there are a lot of action scenes, although at some points I doubt if they could be realistically performed by any ordinary individual. I first came to like Jason Stratham on Transporter 1, and I liked him all the more here in 3 because of his romantic side. I never realized he could be as romantic as Romeo or Edward, lol!

2 fancies:

ark January 25, 2009 at 1:35 PM  

Oi, I didn't know na may transporter 3 na pala. Hmmm, macheck nga sa sinehan dito sa amin.

neiyomee January 26, 2009 at 6:45 PM  

hehe.. Transporter 3 is nice. I love the action scenes although may times na talagang impossible na, pero it was really entertaining. I had fun watching even when I was alone.

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