January 27, 2009

File Backup

It is really very frustrating every time distractions come in between your work. The moment you got your momentum, bad circumstances also butt in, which hinders the excellent work flow. Well, that happened to my office mate last week. There was something wrong with her CPU which needs to be repaired as soon as possible. With our deadline coming up in just some few weeks, panic was surely written all over our faces.

Good thing, though, that she had her laptop and could continue her work on it. But since all the files were in her CPU, she has to do some back up to be able to work on over her laptop. If only there is a backup software she can use, so that she can easily restore all the files in her hard drive while the CPU is on repair. Being an internet buff that she is, she came across a site that offers backup software for sale, called the EzBackup. We checked it out and was amazed with its impressive features like generating complete image backup, keeping multiple dated copies of backups, or making the backup to any external and internal drive. Plus, they will be having a great EzBackup promotion, with huge discounts as high as 51% off from the original price. Well, that would happen on the February 9th.

Interested? Download free trial now!

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