January 13, 2009

Don't Be Left Out With I.T.

I admit I am not an expert in information technology. As much as I wanted to get well-versed with computers, the internet and the new technological innovations, I really haven't got all the time to familiarize them by heart due to time and financial constraints.

I was just a little fortunate with the office that I am employed because they usually conduct information technology seminars and workshops for their employees. I was able to attend a seminar on Basic IT and was able to understand its basic and intermediate features. It really helped a lot in the course of my work, especially those more enhanced courses that were conducted subsequently.

I guess I am like father. He is very much interested in IT. I mean, he was not born in the modern world, but he seems to be in awe with what those new technologies bring. He has no qualms obtaining new knowledge despite his present age, and I wondered if he could absorb everything. Anyway, he is gradually applying these new IT enhancements on his business. The thing is - - our place happens to be a little bit backward as far as technology is concerned. And that is why my father is pretty excited for the innovations he applied on his business because that meant he would belong to the pioneers in his field. Well, if only manhattan it consulting is available here, he would have gotten their services.

Oh well, the best of luck for my father.

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