January 29, 2009

Digital Photo Frames

My wedding happened more than 7 years ago, a time when digital cameras were not yet very popular. Back then, cameras with films were still used, so all the pictures that document that very special event were not stored in any hard drive, but only on some rolls of film. I took a few nice pictures and placed them in a frame. Being in frames make them kind of preserved and I thought everything would still be wonderful - - until the kids were born.

I don't have any idea if kids in general are somewhat destructive in nature, or just my kids. The frames I properly displayed within the confines of our house were now damaged and the pictures crumpled. The pictures of my eldest kid's first birthday were nowhere to be found, I wonder where they put them, and some were already filled with pens and crayons all over. Sigh, those evidences of happy moments were gone.

But fortunately, with the age of technology rising at an impressive pace, special moments can now be captured in digital cameras. At least now i could view them anytime I want, without the worry that the kids might play with them and accidentally get destroyed. And I could put them in frames too - - with Ceiva digital photo frames. Digital photo frames is unique in such a way that they automatically displays photos sent by family and friends and even without PC or internet connection. They have a wide variety of frames, even 8-inch high definition display.

Now here's a good new way to preserve pictures!


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