January 29, 2009

I Love My Family

Family is the basic unit of the society. It may be by blood relations, or even of close relationship, as long as there is love and understanding, as well as respect for one another. Just like the other basic necessitites of humans, our respective families poses a significant part of our being.

I have been married for 7 years now and I must admit that married life is not at all times sweet and pleasant. In my own little way, I strive hard in order to keep it going and uphold our promise of love 'till death do us part'.

A lot has happened on our surroundings, which alarmed me in a way. People whom I thought has the perfect marriage in the whole world has gone separated. I even admired those couples for their relationship and held them as personal examples. But to my dismay, all those wonderful years of togetherness were put to waste.

One couple close to us who parted ways even came to a point of filing for child custody. I feel sympathy for their 3 lovely girls who has to suffer the most out of it. They even transferred to another school just to keep out from the shame of it. Isn't that horrible? That case alone was enough lesson and guidance for me.

Well, for those who are having family problems, it is not yet over and chances are still knocking at your doorsteps. Wonderful and experienced individuals are available anywhere to provide you with insights about family law and even provide solutions through their services.

photo credits to National Family Solutions

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yeokeehui@gmail.com January 30, 2009 at 9:38 PM  

Mutual understanding is important for any relationship. But marriage bond is forever - don't commit if not ready.

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