September 25, 2008

When I Grow Up

Back when you were still small, have you thought of what you will be when you grow up? We may have a lot of ambitions we wanted to attain in our younger years and they are good motivators to pursue education.

So what did you aspire to be back then? Teacher, nurse, actress or writer? What are your reasons for such choices? There are lots of possible professions one could land to, and now I have become an accountant.

Being an accountant was not initially my wish to achieve. Back then, during my elementary years, I have thought of becoming a scientist, because I was curious about a lot of objects and I loved science. But that changed when i was in high school, when the thought of becoming a journalist crossed my mind. I had decided back then that i would enroll on mass communication for college, but everything did not materialize because my father did not allow me to. Instead, he suggested that I take up accounting so that I could be able to help him out on his accounting firm. Hence, my profession now...

But unfortunately, I was not able to help out my father full time because I got employed with the government.

I am happy with my profession now and it got me thinking that if i took up mass communications back then, how would I fare now? I really have no idea. I have always wanted to write (even now) but I just don't know if I could put up with the standards of journalism and broadcasting, since I am a shy type of person. And shyness has no place in that field.

How about you? Have you attained your initial goal? Or have made a detour?

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