September 3, 2008

Seafoods. . . Wow!

Everyone in my family loves seafoods. My kids would prefer to eat fish rather than pork or beef and for me that is a good sign. Seafoods have no complications for its consumers and aside from its sumptuous taste, it is also full of nutrients and proteins. With that, I am confident of their health now and in the future.

One favorite that my kids and even my husband would love to always have are the shrimps. Whether being cooked together with the noodles, vegetables, etc., they would never fail to consume them with gusto.

Well, talking about shrimps, there's this recipe that looked so much delicious I could hardly wait for hubby to try cooking it. The food looks so tempting and upon knowing that its main ingredient is shrimp, whoa!... this I gotta try. It's named Texas Gulf Shrimp, by Chef Mark Holley from Texas. This recipe is an entry to the greatest cook off contest at and I would be rooting for this one. Here's the preview of the recipe's output:

Well, isn't that mouth-watering? If you think so, then join the fun and cast your vote to the great seafood recipes and get the chance to win a trip to New Orleans!

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