September 17, 2008

Belly Dancing

What can I say? But this is my latest fascination!

I have already written about this few months ago HERE but that fancy has now become a fascination. I was so challenged upon watching the dance instructor in our dance exercise sessions doing her belly dance moves and I really was impressed how it made her body look great and slim, despite the fact that she is already a mommy too.

I have studied the dance eventually and I like it. Well, I haven't mastered the basics yet and I am still struggling to learn everything, but hey, I also found some great results too. Now I felt my waistline inching off a few. And just a mere 7 minute belly dance song could already loosen out the sweat within me, not only on my belly but even on my arms and legs. I usually drink Fit n Right before I do the dance exercise and it feels great doing the whole routine.

Here's a video that I play again and again over at youtube, while learning the basics of belly dancing. Enjoy!

2 fancies:

AppealingIntellect September 18, 2008 at 11:31 AM  

hala nao, ganahan ko ani..hahhaa..
Thanks for sharing...

neiyomee September 18, 2008 at 11:38 AM  

hehehe...nice gyud!

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