September 18, 2008

Sports In My Life

I was not brought up as a sporty person. In fact, I was a child who just wanted to lie down and watch television or listen to music all day. Even on household chores, I was spared because I have cousins who lived with us.

My first encounter with sports was when I was in Grade 6, and somehow that became the turning point in my life to love the world of sports. It was our school sports fest and our teacher picked me as the captain ball of the volleyball team of our class. I was horrified at such thought but fortunately, my classmates taught me rigidly and I was surprised to myself that I have made it through. I remembered I even skipped a family gathering just to practice volleyball with my team. Every year since then, I played the game every sports fest until I graduated from high school. I stopped during college but became active again when I got employed because I belonged to a sports-minded organization.

In college, I got fascinated with basketball that I even spent my allowance on NBA cards, magazines and books. I knew all the game schedules especially those of the Chicago Bulls. I even skip classes just to watch their game live on TV. I kept track of their stats and was so delighted with their 72-10 record! Oh well that was the past but reminiscing about them brought some smile on my lips.

Now I watch some online sports videos whenever I get the time. It is such pleasure watching sports vids because you get to get some insights from the athletes themselves and observe their moves. I got to watch this video from and thought of sharing it here.

Top 10 Basketball Dunks - Click here for more sports videos

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