September 22, 2008

A Deficient Salesperson's Story

This story is about me.

I remember one time I applied for an online job few months back, before I became part of this blogging world. The ad said that they were in need of a virtual administrative assistant, to which I believed to have a job description of sending emails, making appointments and other usual stuffs one assistant are supposed to do.

Well, the employer contacted me alright, through yahoo messenger and so we had a few lines of chat until she asked me if I have a headset because she is going to call. Fortunately, my brother's headset was still functional during that time and so the said employer called.

I was so nervous during that night because it was my first time to talk to a foreigner over the phone. But somehow I managed to answer her personal questions and so I thought everything would turn out smoothly until she asked me for any experience I had with sales.

Sales?! I am not so much of a marketing personality to begin with. I have to admit I am inferior on that department and I usually struggle to find the right words to say to a prospective client. But then all I managed to say was that I had some little experience and I am willing to learn everything it takes to be good at sales. Thought that was about it, but the lady further questioned me something that has left me startled...

"How do you sell orange juice to a blind person?"

What kind of question was that? On my mind, that was so easy but when I figured out the words I have to say, I was lost. Yeah, how will I describe the orange color to a blind person, much more describe to him an orange juice? That I do not know. And it left me thinking until this very moment what the best answer would be.

So, did I get the job? You guessed it right...nah! Well, fortunately another employer hired me few days later and the whole interview thing about sales was all part of the past.

photo from Infosecplace

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