September 20, 2008

Hospital Gowns Out, Healing Threads In

It has been more than two years since I had undergone surgery, that is, when my gallbladder was removed due to gallstones (Cholecystectomy). I stayed in the hospital for about a week and all I wore during those times was a hospital/lab gown (with an open back, haha!).

To add, all my three birth deliveries were done in the hospital and so it was inevitable to wear the hospital gown, most especially during the labor and delivery.

I find it uncomfortable to wear a hospital gown. Maybe I still consider myself conservative, that I don't want to display my skin for my visitors to see. Or maybe I am just ashamed that my "chubby" body would be exposed. Aside from that, those gowns have no sense of fashion in them, which would make hospital patients all the more sick and cold. I just hope that hospitals here in our place would consider having healing threads as the official apparel of their patients.

What are healing threads? Healing threads are the dignified and comfortable recovery clothing that are to be used specifically during and after medical treatments. They are dignified in a sense that they are stylish yet functional - - a great alternative indeed for those thin and old-fashioned hospital gowns.

The Healing Threads were conceptualized by sisters Peg and Claire who were both diagnosed with serious illnesses and were forced to stay in the hospital. They started making four hospital gown designs with two pants styles, which were truly accepted and admired.

At HealingThreads dot com, great products are for sale like the The Original Healing Threads Casual (photo shown at the right). These clothing have an ingenious arrangement of soft closures in such a way that only those body parts that need to be exposed are exposed, thereby modestly covering the other parts.

So after knowing all these, I hoped hospitals would try them so that patients would not feel defective.

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