September 20, 2008

How Do You Eat Fruits?

So do you eat fruits? How do you eat them?

Just recently, I happen to read some postings on the bulletin board in our office. One article that caught my fancy during that time was about fruits and when to consume them. Usually, I eat fruits after meals, as a dessert.

Well, that was not right all along. Fruits do not stay long in the stomach due to its sugar content which can be digested easily, unlike the food we take during meal time like starch, fats and protein. So if we eat fruits after meals, they will be stuck inside the stomach because of the previously eaten food, and would eventually ferment thus causing discomfort on your stomach.

It is recommended that fruits be eaten on an empty stomach, so they will not be trapped inside as they are digested.

Well, this was indeed a great tip I learned about health and fitness.

2 fancies:

jHeLea September 22, 2008 at 12:59 PM  

ako po before ginagawa kong dessert fruits pero when I learned na hindi proper i eat fruits very morning yon nga on an empty stomach for detoxification...

neiyomee September 22, 2008 at 11:09 PM  

yeah, good for you. i also wanted to do it that way kaso minsan lang ako makabili ng fruits eh...

but everytime we have one, i see to it that i eat them on an empty stomach...hehehe...

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