December 3, 2007


I don't know when I started to like chocolates... but right now, I could say that I am really a chocolate fanatic. I just recently consumed the three bags of kisses with peanut butter I ordered from an officemate and now I am awaiting for my other orders to arrive. This time, I'll have Ghirardelli and Lindt.(yum...)

And so, while awaiting for those delicious items to arrive, I just browsed through some chocolate trivias which somehow has made me say ah...

  • Chocolate contains phenylethylamine, which is a natural substance that is believed to stimulate the same reaction in the body like falling in love.

  • One plain milk chocolate bar has more protein than a banana

  • The botanical name of the choco plant is called Theobramba Cacao, which means "Food for the Gods".

  • American and Russian space flights have always included in them chocolates.

  • Th world's first choclate candy was made by Conrad J. Van Houten, during 1828.

  • An average person consumes about 10,000 chocolates in a lifetime.

  • The largest Toblerone bar weighs about 10 pounds.


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