November 24, 2007

Is Your Child Ready for School?

I stumbled across a web site about parenting. After browsing through their pages, I have read several articles which has caught my fancy. One of those articles is about pre-school kids.

I have three kids. My eldest, 5 years old, is already at kinder two. My second child shall also be starting to go to school by June, as a nursery student. This son of mine, he is still 3 years old right now, so he will turn four within the next school year, the age suitable for nursery pupils. However, his speech ability is quite delayed, although I don’t consider it a vital hindrance. Moreover, I already taught him some academic basics just like what I did with his elder sister. He takes those lessons well, but there were times that he tires up easily and would prefer to watch those cartoons on TV.

So, is my son ready for school? Here are the details of what I have read on the net.

Age - appropriate age for incoming nursery pupils should be 4 years old. Anyway, that factor really depends on the school whether to accept the kid or not.

School program – Parents should assess whether the child could meet the school program requirements. The kid may be developmentally ready for a class with a bunch of playing games, socialization and action-filled learning, but not for structured desk work. See whether the kid struggles to sit on his chair long enough to complete his school work, because if not, the next year might be best.

Language Readiness – Does the child already ask questions? Convey a need? When asked, does he or she already answers you back? Does the kid follow simple instructions at home e.g. “go to sleep”, “eat your food” or get your slippers”.

Social Skills – the child may be ready for school if he or she is already comfortable in a group, plays and works with others, and follows directions and routinary activities.

Motor Skills – I don’t know if my son is ready on this aspect… it’s about whether the kid could cut with scissors in a relatively straight pattern, or able to copy any shape or alphabet sign.

Cognitive Ability – Be able to draw a person with at least five body parts on it… (hmmm… let me try this one!)

Well, I think my son shall pursue his nursery curriculum this coming June then... how bout your child?

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