October 22, 2008

Shield From the Rainy Days

The weather nowadays is so unpredictable. One minute the sun was shining so hot that could make you sweat in an instant. Then the next minute, rain come pouring down so hard that you could get soaking wet in seconds! Think how unlikely that would be, but it's really happening (sigh!).

One weapon for such a uncooperative weather is the umbrella. I see a lot of people (ladies especially) bring one with them wherever they go. That is such a wise thing to do since we do not already know how the skies perform.

I am also going to bring along an umbrella with me then. I have already suffered a number of times (getting wet and hot in one setting) because of the weather. I wanna buy the sprout umbrella because it is so convenient to carry. The canopy and all its hardware are all enclosed in the handle and a knob on its face turns to unlock its insides. Here's a preview:

Any idea where to buy this one? Hope its affordable.

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jHeLea October 22, 2008 at 11:44 AM  

tama po kayo the weather is so unpredictable....haaay!!! somtheting wrong na talaga sa mundo natin...

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