June 24, 2010

Reminiscing Summer

This post is already overdue. I should have made this earlier during summer but then again, I was busy with so many things that blogging took a backseat for a semester. Anyway, I would still like to feature our summer escapades, as they were so fun-filled and exciting.

I have been to three very nice places during summer and I would really love to go back there again. Going to these places may not be as costly as going to other countries or the like, but it was really fun to watch nature unfold right here in our own country.

Well, our summer took us to the following:

Britania Islands, San Agustin, Surigao del Sur

Britania is a group of island locally found in our region. They are still very raw as far as beauty is concerned and that what makes them amazing and superb. The white sands are so fine, they really felt good underneath the feet. Although it was hot during the time we went there, it was nonetheless fun to behold such beautiful creation. Our trip to Britania was our office's way of celebrating our over-all championship of the Mindanao Palaro held last April. I brought along the kids, too bad hubby was not able to join us since this trip was a working day and he was not able to take a leave of absence. This day was also my youngest 4th birthday, so the trip was my birthday treat for him. The picture on the right was proof enough of the kids' good time at the island. The sands were indeed so nice to play with.

Tinuy-An Falls, Bislig, Surigao del Sur

This is my second time to personally see a falls. The first was the Maria Cristina Falls in Iligan about 5 years ago. Anyway, I really love this falls and it was just truly amazing. The waters flowing from above were so powerful and yet so smooth and cool, it was really fun dipping into the water. The kids loved it a lot too, which could evidently be determined on their faces. My father also loved the water that he wished he could have stayed and dipped longer. Mother was also very impressed that she really went through the falling waters. I had fun lying down on the rocks with the water flowing underneath - - it was like a body massage and sun-tanning rolled into one, lol! See the magnificent waters at left? They would certainly render you speechless when seen in person (well, for me, it did). This trip was indeed memorable.

Bluejaz, Samal Island, Davao

Bluejaz Resort is just a 15-minute trip away from Davao City - - by boat, that is. It was a treat for our volleyball team for being the champion during the recently concluded Mindanao Palaro that we had last April, as mentioned above, that is. We went there as a team, together with our husbands and it was such a blast. We enjoyed dipping into the pool, while sliding our ways through their giant pool slides. There was also a fire dance at night and other forms of entertainment. (By the way, that's me and hubby above, taking a break from the slides to make a pose.)

Fun times are so nice to reminisce, and my summer was definitely one of those fun times.

3 fancies:

Verna Luga June 24, 2010 at 9:14 PM  

taga davao ka? salamat sa laag sa akong blog..

Hope you can visit my other blogs too!
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deejay September 20, 2010 at 4:10 PM  

britania islands is my next destinations. thanks for sharing.

neiyomee September 20, 2010 at 4:47 PM  

@vernz: nope, i'm from butuan city.

@deejay: yeah, you should check it out. it is really amazing!

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